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RE: Announcing the Steem Developer Portal!

in #steemdev5 years ago

This is really funny - I was looking through the Steem 2017 Roadmap and noticed the section on the developer portal. As a relatively new Steem developer I've been having a tough time finding good documentation and figuring out how to do what I need.

Then right after I was done reading that I come here and see this post! I've said many times that third party sites and services built on the Steem blockchain will be the future of the platform and will drive future growth of the STEEM token.

It's really great to see that SteemIt, Inc agrees and is doing so much great work to support the development of such sites and services. I have made a significant investment personally in STEEM and would like to do everything I can to help support the future of the platform.

Recently I made my first pull request to update the documentation for the SteemConnect V2 JS API, and I am working on some new apps that integrate with Steem which I hope to release in the near future.

So I want to say a bit THANK YOU for your hard work to support developers like myself, and to support the future of Steem, and please let me and all the other great Steem developers know how we can help!


Our pleasure! We agree that 3rd party devs will be critical for taking Steem to the masses. Thanks for your support!

Community Liaison, Steemit

Thank YOU, @andrarchy! Is there any way to see an update on the progress of other items on the Steem 2017 roadmap? One of particular interest is "Feature: Moderation and Community Namespaces". Any info on the progress of that or if/when it might become available?

I would like to know too, some kind of public progress bars would be awesome.

Nice suggestion

This is like candy to our eyes ... developer portal is a must have and you deliver.
Thank you and we will be using the dev portal.


Looking forward to seeing what apps you come out with.

Sounds very interesting. Hope you guys make better future here. Good Luck and Cheers !!

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