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RE: Announcing the Steem Developer Portal!

in #steemdev5 years ago

Excellent! I was just looking for an active list of steemd API nodes recently, and I love that this is open source so it can be maintained and updated by the community via pull requests. Great stuff!


That means a lot coming from you Luke!

I've resteemed the last two @steemitdev posts because this is exactly the kind of communication we need. I hope it represents a new normal as we continue to work together as a community to make STEEM, Steemit, and all the other related projects more successful.

Yes, "the kind of communication we need." Thank you, it seems as if maybe you did get that Idea Concept through to the people that needed it. I myself am like @everittdmickey, just a normal, non programing steemian, I feel like we are now being kept in the loop.

I like the distinction between @steemitdev and @steemitblog. One is for the devs and, to me, it's okay if much of the content doesn't make sense for most people. To me, the more technical and detailed, the better because that's what the devs need to be successful. @steemitblog, on the other hand, is a great place for talking about things in non-technical ways. That's my thinking and preference, anyway.

@lukestokes thank you for your insight.. I am new to steam and I am a blogger but not really a developer (although i know some elementary dev things) and do develop by way of outsourcing w freelancers. Looking for freelancers and developers in this world who know and understand the #Steemit platform and how to make third party apps and standalone sites on the #Steem blockchain. Are there any pages for networking and finding developers for creating new projects? Thank you in advance.. please upvote and give me a follow! My first post and some of my questions for the developers out there @Bashadow @Andrarchy Hope you are well here is link:

Yes, and the important thing is, where one group starts to communicate, then the other will also, i hope. I feel yours, and many others voices have been heard, we want to be kept informed. Even if it is above our heads. One day we may learn, but only if we know there is something to learn.

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