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Today the Steem Followers server got a bit more RAM, so the site should be available more reliably for the time being.

The database is growing in size, added to which I have two extra workers importing data. This led to the MySql database running out of memory every few hours.

Currently the data is up to date for January 2018, and staying up to date.

The backlog of follow data is quite huge though, so I have made changes to my code and am running 2 additional workers, reading off of the blockchain for separate months.
One of these is working on December 2016 and the other is on February of 2017.

It's going to be quite a few days still before they have fetched all of the data.


No one seemed to care too much about the historical data, leading me to believe that everyone is looking at the most recent stuff only.

Loading a full month's worth of data is a bit overkill then, so I added a few more choices to the drop downs.

The default is 1 week, then 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and finally all time.

Hopefully this is a welcome addition, I am still going to add the additional profile information as was requested.

Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully it's stable from here on.

See the updates at

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not working for all time

Never heard of this site. Sounds useful.
Thanks, I'll try it!

Awesome, hope you find it useful.

What is the domain name?

The url is

I am planning to have a separate domain for it in the future, once I have completed some other 'features'.

Thanks for asking, I have also updated the post with a link :)

:) Thanks. I was on the site last weekend, but it was down. Good to see it up and running again.

I just published a list of Available Dot-Com Steem Domains. I bought one last week and thought I would share my other ideas. Maybe you like one on the list.

The additional profile info will make a big difference!
Keep the good work!

It will!
I started with something a while back, but freelance work and life...

Ok, so it is Workin right now, kind of?

Yes, some data is still missing, but you can see who has recently followed / unfollowed you.

Very useful! Thank you for your work!

I really enjoy using this tool you have created. As a regular user if I could make a suggestion in the form of a question. Would it be possible to set up folders inside the program that would allow us to file the followers into a particular grouping? Then as new followers appear we would be able to group them. I belong to a few different groups and it would be beneficial to see where my audience is either gaining or losing in numbers. I think it would really help us users and I have discussed this with others who are users and they also agreed that such a feature would be very useful for them as well.
Thank you and your work is very much appreciate by folks like myself.

Great site! and unlike some other sites that analyze the blockchain activity it has very good performance, for me at least.

Good work,

Thanks for this great tool! "Makerwannabe" was recommended yesterday in the German forum and I will certainly recommend it again. Follow you :-). Greetings from Bali

Hello @shaunmza, can you tell me why the tool is not updated anymore? The last 2 days are still not displayed. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your support :-). Many greetings

It looks to be stuck on a block. I have not had a chance yet to see whats wrong, will have to try and figure out what the bug is.

Thanks for checking in.

Thanks for your answer :-). I'll try again in a few days. Sunny greetings

What a surprise, I had hoped it was an issue with the witness node I was connecting to.

When I checked now to start fixing it I saw it was in the process of catching up!

A few more hours and it will be up to date.

Many thanks for fix it :-). Now the app works perfect and i am happy :-). I wish you a nice day.

Thank you, a nice useful tool !
It makes it more easy to maintain overview.

This is a vital tool for any serious steemian. I find myself using GinaBot on a daily basis and your website on a weekly basis just to run through and get an overall picture of follow/unfollow events. I visited the site today and there is an error code 500.

Thanks for the great tool.

hello... a nice tool but just shows till Mach 15 :( Maybe you can fix it? 😙
Therefor you may look at my peeks at @peekbit 😉 Thank you...:)

Thank you for this usefull tool ... but its' OFFLINE ... very sad

Well seems longer maintenance work again ... Down again :(

Sorry, still not working. I found this through google, so it must be raining people :)

I followed and upvoted, feel free to follow me, and upvote.
I 100 percent followback.

This is greAt. Thank you. Why it is not working anymore?