DrugWars delegation application

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Project Information

Company name: FutureShock

Place of Incorporation: Strasbourg, France

Token name : Drugwars Dollars (DWD)

Token Type : Steem Engine


What problem is the product / project solving?

In many ways, the gaming industry is turning into a "recurring revenue model" and capitalizing on increased demand. Samantha Greenberg, ex vice-president at Goldman Sachs said: “The initial purchase of a game is just the beginning of a game's monetization". While this is true and the gaming industry is generating billions of revenue, many gamers do not have a real incentive for their plays and time spent ingame.
To be able to earn some rewards from a video game, the player can for the best, get into a team of pro-gamers and start a career in esports. Those esports gamers are the new rockstars and they are becoming traditional sports celebrities, yet the odds of becoming an e-sport athlete are very low and for the most gamers it isn’t possible to realize that dream.

We see blockchain technologies and Steem as an imminent part of the gaming world, incentivizing daily users, trading gaming assets, and as a converter of a wider audience to the new technologies.
By giving an alternative and complementary way to reward gamers, DrugWars incentivizes gamers to earn from their passion. Such an incentive system not only encourages gamers to feel rewarded after their gaming sessions but also opens the way to a new era of gaming on the blockchain.

Core Team Details

Please limit responses to 500 characters for each team member.

Write short summaries about each core team member including their achievements to show they have a strong track record. Add links to their LinkedIn profiles to this section.

Aytac Ozden CETINKAYA is highly technical CEO and a veteran blockchain developer with hands on experience who worked for famous companies like Microsoft, Socotec, etc... wiring up dApps to Steem, EOS, TRON, Byteball (now Obyte), Cosmos. He has been devoted to Steem for 2 years not only with his own platforms but also with participating to open source project like d.tube or steemstem.io.

Lê Mimee is a psychologist with a Master degree in clinical psychology from the University of Strasbourg. She is working under the french government in an addictology service since her graduation 4 years ago. Under Drugwars, her role is to support the community.

Petra Milašin is the editorial director with a background in physics and computer science with more than 10 years of experience in performance tracking, statistics, analytics, and management activities. She is a writer, educator, and a transcriptionist specialised in web content creation, customer service, problem solving, and tutoring.

Attila Ayyildiz is a crypto and blockchain enthusiast since 2015. He has been meticulously following interesting blockchain projects and ICO since then, having a legendary account on the famous Blockchain forum - Bitcointalk.org. On DrugWars, he is in charge of the community support and a Blockchain advisor.

Camilo Ferrúa has a degree in Music and a Higher Technician in visual communication and audiovisual production. He has worked more than ten years in creation and art direction of diverse projects of graphic identity and graphic design in general. In Steem's blockchain he has contributed with different projects such as @celfamagazine, @votomasivo, @actifit, @fundition and more, and the tribes Neoxian City (Neoxag), Hispanohablantes (Spaco) and PhotoStreem.

Pennsif has worked in internet development for the past 25 years. He has had a long term interest in community development. During more than two years on Steem @pennsif has hosted around a hundred social broadcast shows on MSP Waves interviewing almost 500 steemians along the way. He also set up the successful charitable project ‘A Dollar A Day’ which raised over US$ 5000 in seven months on Steem. He has also produced over 150 editions of the daily Steem News.

Product / hardware and software developer, engineer, prototyping, 2d and 3d design and printing, interested in a wide variety of things, but most often they are related to computers and technology.

Minimum Viable Product

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Provide links to your minimum viable product and describe it. If it is not available, please describe it and include how you plan to build it and when it will be built
Link: https://drugwars.io

For the first time, a simulation & strategy game has a real life valuable reward.
Drugwars (in early access) was launched on february 2019 and since then it has been played by more than 25000 people with 2000 daily active users (valid numbers from september 2019). It’s the first simulation & strategy game built on the Steem Blockchain and has been attracting new users everyday.

Business Strategy

Please limit responses in this section to 250 characters.

Fiat Revenue Strategy:

Ingame Purchase (items, upgrades, etc...)
Subscription Model
Alternative revenue Stream

Fiat Revenue Projections in $/user every month: 5$

How will this increase the amount of STEEM being powered up?
Investment from fiat and crypto into Steem
Investment from fiat and crypto into DWD
Influx of new users on Steem platforms (so new potential holders)

What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc.? Revenue shares

How will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed?
Drugwars plan to become sustainable by selling different items such as buildings and units as well as collectible cards. By the removal of the Steemit, Inc delegation, Drugwars will have a solid base of players and a growing market inside the game.

KPI Progress Measurement

Please limit each KPI description in this section to 100 characters.

Suggest at least 3 KPI’s with which to measure the progress of your project in its current phase. KPI’s must be measurable and objective (a percentage or numerical value), or binary (yes / no or completed / not completed).

KPI1 description: Drugwars is a way to onboard new Steem user which can be measured with the number of Steem account creation.
KPI1 target: Already onboaded 1000+ users to Steem and we plan to onboard 1000 new players before the end of the year.

KPI2 description: Growth in revenue
KPI2 target: The DrugWars team is generating revenue when users purchase items and buy tokens. We already gathered around 250k Steem since our start and plan to do even more with the release of our NFT's (collectible cards).

KPI3 description: Unique visitors & Daily active user
KPI3 target: Over 20M impressions and 55k unique visitors in the last month, we have around 2k daily active users, we plan to double or triple this number in the coming months.

Token Offering

Please limit responses in this section to 10 characters.
Token Launch date: June 2019

Total Token Supply at launch: 10M

Fundraising target :NA

Yearly inflation: NA, fluctuate with the ingame rewards and purchases

Percentage of total token supply that will be airdropped to ALL Steem stakeholders (a/k/a SP holders) in proportion to their SP:
We have already distributed 20% of the whole supply to the Steem community.

How many tokens will you offer Steemit Inc. in exchange for the delegation? We would to discuss about this privately

Do you plan to launch an IEO, ICO, or other public token offering? No.

Do you plan to raise money from other investors? No.

What is the vesting period for the following:
Team members: N/A
Early investors: N/A
ICO investors: N/A

% token distribution to:
Team: N/A
Marketing: N/A

Delegation Request

Please limit responses in this section to 10 characters.
How much of a delegation are you requesting? Limit your requests to one of the three tiers:

Specify the desired time frame for the delegation in 6 month increments: [E.g. 6 months, 1 year, etc.]
1 year in order to create a wide and stable base of players.

Which one of the following answers best describes how the delegation will be used to add direct value to Steem:
It will be used to create new accounts
It will be used to incentivize the creation of content that promotes Steem on external platforms
It will be used to provide limited trial or discount services to clients to encourage them to hold Steem and delegate in the future

We agree that our business will continue to leverage the Steem blockchain as long as we are receiving a delegation and 1 year following the removal of the delegation. During this time we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that delivers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. to this effect.


Great news that @drugwars is asking for a delegation. Let’s hope you will benefit from a positive outcome, in any cas I fully upvoted in order to bring more attention to this project often undervalued.
Best of luck !

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