Coding Diary Entry #3 - Jumping into the Command Line, Node.js, NPM and Express...I Feel Like a Kid Again!

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I was one of the lucky kids who were able to use a computer even before the advent of the user interface like windows 93. The very first word I typed in my life was "ENTER" by copying what I was seeing on the keyboard into the command line.

That, my friend, even though I'm 31 years young, make me feel old. 😉

Yesterday, I Got Into The BackEnd of Web Development

So, I'm now through 60% of the class and I'm (re)learning the command line and learning what Node.JS, npm and express are. I'm very happy that I get to use one single language across the board.

From there, I only have to learn about MongoDB and API to start the "BIG" project of that class: YELPCAMP.

YELPCAMP is a full-stack development project where I will have to create a website that is like a YELP for campgrounds... it has comments, ratings, authentification, etc.

So that's very exciting and I can see that what I'm learning there will in some way apply to what I want to do with steem.

STEEM NPM - Can I use it with Cloud9 IDE?

$ npm install steem --save

I checked with the steemdev if npm was a good way to start playing with Steem-JS (the javascript library for the steem blockchain) and I was told that it's the way most dev go about doing it.

Through the course, I was able to have an invite to a free version of Cloud9 IDE. Basically this allow me to do everything without having to install node.js / bash and all the other stuff onto my computer and simply plug and play online without bugs.

It is actually quite neat...but I don't know if I can interact with the steem blockchain from there. I'll keep you updated on that :-)


Let me know about what you think of that coding diary. If it gets boring to you, I might just do that every other day. Otherwise, I'll keep recording my progress here as day after day, I'm learning something new.


Uhh are going very fast man ...2 -3 days before you are at javascript...and now you are at man ....Its good to learn node js express and npm ...both the Express and npm tools focus on things like code reusability and development they provide a well-designed foundation for your application code....keep learning and keep sharing your coding experiences daily.

True that 😅

This is absolutely brilliant. I am learning through your articles. Can I give you a small suggestion?
Can you please share us links to videos, materials (I mean what we want to download) and what are the computer requirements likewise details from day one onward at the bottom of the article?
It's very useful thing, because I want to follow all steps, specially STEEM JS, NODEJS and etc. Hope you might consider about my request!


You are welcome!


You are so lucky that in you childhood days you have your own computer, I first used computer in eighth standard. Happy to see you improving day by day. Keep on practicing and keep going. Good luck.

@cryptoctopus - Sir I'm not a coder & my knowledge of coding is really lack... But your articles gives me an idea of them... I'm not going to say I'll be coder or a developer... My husband do, but I hate to that life style... But with your articles I'm learning how hard they are... I started respecting my husbands job too Sir... :) Keep this good work up... You are learning well Sir...


So nice to see the dedication you have.. how many hours you make a day? For sure I am going to follow the yelp project. keep us updated and I would love to give you some feedback once you have some test up and running!!

Almost 4 hours a day of coding and learning at this point. :-)

but a great investment in time.. but things you like then time doesn't matter ;-)

Well done you progress..I thought this would be a good place to start to build full CRUD apps so you can write a variety of sites for your portfolio. you will pretty familiar with them and you are looking to REALLY understand them... You can look to learn something like REACT later. you understand the patterns as libraries and frameworks evolve.

what are CRUD apps?

CRUD stands Create, Read, Update and Delete. An example of this is a Basic ToDo List Application. on iOS Notes & Reminders applications are examples of a CRUD Application.

Yeah! another diary🕺🕺

So, I'm now through 60% of the class and I'm (re)learning the command line and learning what Node.JS, npm and express are. I'm very happy that I get to use one single language across the board.

Wow!! It's so good to hear this. It simply means you're learning and improving very fast.

This means you'll start coding and deploying useful steemit tools soon - I can't just wait for it.

I was one of the lucky kids who were able to use a computer even before the advent of the user interface like windows 93. The very first word I typed in my life was "ENTER" by copying what I was seeing on the keyboard into the command line.

This is the first time and hearing this from you and I'm wowed! You're a old timer to computer system then. No wonder you have the inquisitive mind about it and also the passion for coding.

We'll, I can't say I had the same opportunity you had. The first computer I ever used and operated was a Compaq desktop computer running Windows XP.
I remember opening exe files with notepad and then seeing unreadable and sometimes readable text all over. That's way my passion for coding came from. Tho I didn't start coding then, but it was quite fascinating seeing those unreadable texts and hex codes all over and then I decided to know why it was like that.

Today, I'm coding and I'm still learning

this is my 1st time reading the pages of a coding diary :) well done

You earned an follow :), this is up my street I'm new to steemit & the steem blockchain and which I am a programmer. Since Ive done my research on steem & steemit I am interested in making a steemit app using my knowledge in web development don't know what it will be but this post got me interest even more in this platform :) thanks you and cant wait to read more posts from you.

there is a steemdev discord chat and slack. That's the place to be. :-) Glad I got someone motivated!

Thanks I will take a look at the discord :)

I was one of the lucky kids who were able to use a computer even before the advent of the user interface like windows 93. The very first word I typed in my life was "ENTER" by copying what I was seeing on the keyboard into the command line.

hehehe the only thing i was able to type back then was my name and that was all. i am not a programmer, just got to learn the basics of java programming in collage but i must commend the speed at which you learn. Seeing you make use of all these terms gives me the chills and makes me feel youv been into programming for quite a long time...should i call you a genius???

Yelpcamp is a great idea. It would be interesting to integrate the SMTs when it launches into the commenting etc. There's certainly a camping culture. in theory more complicated things could be trading tokens to reserve spots. Or getting people to hold spots. Good for you for taking on something new...especially coding. everytime i sit down to try...I get distracted by other stuff.

This great your programming diary, I enjoy seeing your anecdotes and what you learn every day, continue to share with us your new knowledge of what you learn. It would be great to watch a video on Dtube practicing its class

Command line madness , Linux made me feel like the boss . Back then i had Linux installed in a spare system, then i showed off to my friends the little command line tricks i knew.

Yeah that's possible. You can interact with the Steem blockchain directly from running scripts in the cloud9 environment. Also, I would recommend to avoid usings your passwords directly in there.

Also maybe use a secondary steem account. Make one coding error with a 300K SP account and you could see some weird things...

hahahaha...yes for sure! I wouldn't play with my personal keys just for fun.

I always wanted to be a computer engineer!
I'm still dreaming. Maybe someday I will be! :/

Computer engineering is awesome. I am studying it.
if you like Coding you can be a coder without studying engineer.
you can learn this from online. Also i can help you if you want.

Definitely interesting reading for me. I'm hoping to go down the same road as you, using Javascript to start dabbling with blockchain dev - possibly on STEEM too. So, watching and following along with your journey would be AMAZING for me!

I don't have as much time to spend on learning Javascript as you appear to, so won't be developing & progressing as quickly, but I'm really looking forward to following your journey - and who knows, one day asking for your help and/or to collaborate (time will tell)?

Good luck with your journey!

That's awesome man. Keep me up to date. Where are you learning javascript right now?

through udemy course, Javascript - Understanding the weird parts. I replied to your first coding post a few days ago & recommended the course to you. You said you had it, but was struggling. But it seems you're over your initial hump now (with whichever course you're learning through), so congrats on that!

Keep posting about your coding experience daily.It really helps to people to learn something about coding who belongs to non tech background.We definitely want to know your coding journey.

Let me know about what you think of that coding diary. If it gets boring to you, I might just do that every other day.>

Nope, keep sharing your journey with us you will surely become an expert in the coding world!

We have a similar story, only I am younger. I just love computers. Even when I don't work with them, I just love having them. I give my computers pet names.... Haha hahaha. I speak C language, python, react native, react js, js, and html and css.

ohh no its not boring i find your diary always good and hopefully with new learning some things and really feel glad to see your better work everyday and share some with us after your daily work share your thoughts on it and share next plan is exellent job and motivate others who work with you and learn coding like you and aslo learen from you daily from your diary
i think your all followers who are learning coding, sure every one should be share thier daily diary and results with each other and here in coments like you,
and you have a good job so keep it up always till you complete your course and launch a web of steem or like this a big project @cryptoctopus

It is good to have the diary, but how about you elaborate more on the theory/concept behind your actions? This would also be good for you to fixate some of them.

Thanks. I will consider that

Your progress report is an encouragement to many. There are lots of people here who are also learning to code. By writing about your ups and Downs and how you persevere, it makes them know they are not alone. Personally am learning to speak Chinese as a foreign language. Its tough especially with all these character stuff but your work here gives me courage to move on.

dang! Good luck with your chinese!

@cryptoctopus I think you might be as old as I am windows 93 lol, surprisingly our school was the first in our town to teach computers in class such a shame I didn't stick with it, im like most now I know how to drive just don't ask me how the engine works! lol
I have recently started getting interested in coding as it seems like the flavor of the month in terms of jobs although im just starting out really so this article will come in handy! I most read your earlier posts so i'm a bit more up to speed! great post looking forward to your next article, upvoted resteemed and followed!
Peace and Love my friend!

look up Colt Steele web development bootcamp on Udemy. It's like $15 right now. A total steal at that price.

@cryptoctopus wow thank you see much for upvoted you have no idea how much its appreciated! Iv been hearing a lot about Udemy recently I must check it out! I will most definitely check out Colt Steele cant go wrong with just $15 bucks!
Thanks again my Friend!:-)

You feel old? I started on a Commodore 64 in Middle School working with Basic. Naturally, that go boring very quickly.

As for the post's, I personally find them enlightening. The learning process is applicable to any topic. Simply because I am not into coding does not mean I cannot learn from your persistence, self-questioning, frustrations, and successes. We all go through the same thing with subject matter, especially when it is new.

Often, the drive to just stick with it is the most important. Do not quit 3 feet before you strike oil.

You're quite fast at learning, wish to catch up with you, just that am in a hospital now taking treatment, can run as fast as you now, I'll join up soon.

It's alright man. We are here to help each other in the journey. :-) Hope you get better soon.

Thanks man, you're a good family here

That's awesome. You got me even more excited because I'm just starting with steem dev and getting into node npm. I've doing before this. I'll check out cloud9. Is it better than vs for this?

That's great man. I can't really compare. It's my first IDE, but so far so good!

Definitely keep doing the coding diaries on a daily basis.

Good deal on that free pass but you should install all your tools locally anyway. Knowing how to manage your tool set is an important basic.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

So glad you’ve not only overcome your frustration, but seem to be finding joy in your journey.

You used a lot of terms I am not to familiar with so I could only follow your report conceptually, but I did understand you feeling good about it again.

I guess my role here is as encoorager. Yay you!

C9 is great for playing around with the code without having to do npm install everytime on the systems/machines you work, if you are accessing from multiple location/systems then online IDE is amazing. You can use SteemJS API to interact with Steem Blockchain.

I enjoy reading the diary because I can see how it could be for me if I start a similar journey when my new laptop arrives.

How many hours per day are you putting on this?

Coding diary is great. I will definitely follow your progress and try to learn something along the way. Btw you are doing amazing job.

It's ok by me, learning and seeing your progress daily is a motivation for me to start a course on coding. I am impress to on how you are now enjoying coding after the other day of forgetting almost all.

Love the diary. You seem to be picking this stuff up quick. I'm lost on what you are saying though. Is it possible to provide some screenshots of the coding?

Free version of Cloud9 IDE, will good work

First of all, the age of software is not important. You have also included in your previous discussions about this age. Software is like space. No end. It's not fixed. That is why anyone who has an idea, who really wants to do it, can do it. And you are doing a true and beautiful sharing. This is certainly not boring. I thank you for this.

You are the real Hero 😜👏

Keep learning.. Good luck

really good at what you do for this post to have grown

I really like your post and I will follow you

it was a very informative sharing. your horses are really great. I am very happy to follow you as a computer engineering student. Thanks for sharing.@cryptoctopus

I understood the old man but he did not understand this.

((((STEEM NPM - Can I use it with Cloud9 IDE?
$ npm install steem --save
I checked with the steamdev if npm was a good way to start playing with Steem-JS (the javascript library for the steem blockchain) and I was told that it is the way most dev go about doing it.))))))))

I myself hope to be a developer, so let me explain this by saying that I can take some knowledge from here.....

Your post just reminded me old days where I often just do a console.log(object.method.toString()); which simply prints the text of the function out, which is often good enough to learn about it. hehe :p
@cryptoctopus Thanks for the post :)

I read your articles with admiration and it inspires me. Thank you for sharing.

I am a web developer and i know HTML JS. PHP.
But i did not know about NPN before.I did know many useful information frome your post.Your post is really helpful and informal.I really like it @cryptoctopus
Thanks for sharing.

Always wonderful thanks. If it was possible to help vote for my publications because my account is new

Good information sir

wuaoo !! It has always happened to me that I would like to operate a command line.

You will laugh, but your forced me to google... windows 93... Thanks for the epic moment. My geeky culture increase by two units :D

Keep up with the diary... It's not getting boring atleast not yet. Big ups

Waiting for YELPCAMP. Your skills in computer are making steemit better. And we the users have more reason to keep enjoying this platform because of the hardwork from you guys. We are grateful.
We shall share Ideas on this huge platform on how to get it to interact with the steem blockchain.

@cryptoctopus...really a nice articles bro..i will try to learn from your article..thank you for sharing with us..your codeing experiences are really very help to us..keep work on it and share your thoughts to us for helping to me..

Wow @cryptoctopus, you must be really good at what you do for this post to have grown so quick.. Shoutout homez..

Good job on your lessons, sir. Though this is just a diary, it sure passes some info to your readers though indirectly. Who knows, someone might just get motivated by these to undertake some course in java and the likes too. Meanwhile i appreciate that little hint concerning ultimate aim with course. Anther great project on steemit doing pressup if I'm not mistaken. I'm eagerly anticipating...

you post an interesting will reach your goal... because you diary is soo good that impressed me..... i think you should be maintain that you are pick off on your post.... your post is helpful for me.... i waiting for your next post....

It's really useful and helpful. Thanks for sharing about your learning the command diary.
I really appreciate your work.

Wow amazing
God bless you

wow great post sir ..i also like your post...thanks for sharing .. @cryptoctopus

If you have learned Java, you will go too far
you understand the patterns as libraries and frameworks evolve.
Cloud9 is very good to be invited to develop your own there

It is always a plus to learn new things. I will keep tabs with your post to know how far you have gone in achieving your goal

We would love to see another dairy, try to watch some YouTube video too

wow! getting there man keep up the learning, loving your journey!

Weldone boss. Its very interesting. Keep on updating us. I'm learning a lot from you

Learning new skills is one of the best ways to make yourself happy...

Love the commandline :)

A good explanation I'm interested in your story

Wow, I respect your speed at learning, this is greatly impressive, I really love to learn like you but for now school and work is taking my great time, kudos.

I fitst you the computor when Iwas 20 in my first year at the Unversity doing CS but with time have come to lean vry many things

Interesting following your progress. Seems to be coming along just fine. Keep the faith brother programmer!

i am a beginner sir help me


Really you must continue share with us about your work, know that the language codification it's not nothing easy, that's not my specialty but my family's, and I only see with disbelief that number of codes that they handle. I feel stupid 🤣

Actually these diary may be good for people who want to gain some additional information about development especially with Steem. It is pretty hard to find examples of how to interact with the blockchain...

keep up with the coding diary, It's really cool to see your progress every day, and the things you are thinking about and working with.

At this point I'd say keep doing this, but learning to code is something I aspire to learn so I may not be the norm when it comes to your consumers.

I have no idea what this means, but I'm excited that I might and will be able to help people on steem even more.

So what does NPM actually do?

I mean, obviously I'm a newbie to all of this.. but it wasn't super clear... I feel like these diaries will be something I look back on once I start coding myself.

i am a newcomer in steemit, i want to learn a lot

your journey as a developer from a to z can be found here. a good idea. it's like a diary & people will & at this moment too, refer it. any person who wish to be a developer, can refer it, because you write it on a blockchain. in a decentralized blockchain. impressive idea & keep writing. very interesting article @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

if it makes you happy you should do it !!!
i feel your passion for that :)

@cryptoctopus You can't expect to remember everything in your first go!! That's why we have the concept of repetition. Make yourself a chart and write down what you have finished on what day and make sure you're revisiting everything after a certain time period. You can try Anki software which is a spaced repetition programme. I found it quite useful. thank for shear

especially! you have written this post well mangely and great to see your journey from an ENTER word writting to here on steemit writting blogs keep it up and also support newbies like us because like me there are lot of newbies who are frustrated here on Steemit as no one reads there Blogs and none appreciate them for writting!
@shahidshah here!

I also need to relearn.. Its been quite a long time that I haven't done any programming... lol.. Well, Good Luck to you brother :)

Informative post about Web development. Great project.

I always love to read about what people are doing. Nothing can be boring than real life stories. Keep it up!