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Seeing as we're approaching a new update for Steemify and an Android release, we thought that this is a perfect moment for a refresh of our Steemify app Icon. Since we know app icons are a visual muscle memory when launching an app, we decided to change it sooner rather than later, so you can get used to it asap.

We have received requests to make the icon stand out more, make it less washed out, so that it stands out in the crowd between all other great app icons. Therefor, we had it redesigned by blockbrother @eqko (read more here) so we can use it from here on out.

So, without further ado, the new logo:

Main Logo.png

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Makers of Steemify. The dedicated notification app for anything happening on the Steem blockchain
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It looks great!! Thanks for creating such an awesome product. I can’t imagine using Steemit without it anymore!

Nor can we. Thanks for being so enthousiastic about our app 😊

Agreed, It’s the only really useful one I seem to be able to find on Apple Store!

Perfect! You are the Superman of steem apps for iPhone! I support your cause completely and eventually I plan to do a post on the apps I use, how, and why!

I have found a few bugs though, such as getting stuck on a webpage with no back button for the browser just back out of browser! Sometimes instead of listing an alert as a reply it is listed as a post, so for someone I want to follow their posts I often get alerts of reply’s labeled as posts.

Suggestion, allow selection between and for the website you jump to on the internal browser. I like with the Dlive & Dtube videos play in feed along with Youtube of course, No need for jumping to another site, plus a few other nifty features!

As always, Love the App only thing I really use on my phone!

The new update will include a number of items on your wishlist 😉

Right on! Never doubted you.

Not bad at all guys ,i personaly love it you guys have been doing a great job , am looking forwsrd to using this app , congrats .

Logo looks great! Happy user from the app, keep up the good work. Voted in return for you at the witness list.

Looks really good. Let's chrome that bad boy out. Resteemed

Thanks. We appreciate it.

Love the Steemify font. Very professional :)

@blockbrothers Can I create a t-shirt design to help promote Steemify? I will run the design(s) by you first of course. My blog post would have more info about Steemify and a mention of all the developers. Designs would be tasteful and no tag lines. Simple and artistic.



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