SteemApp 1.1 - Android [BETA]

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This is an App for Android (iOS coming soon!) that allows you to explore


The app is a wrapper that brings on your device. In addition to the classic experience, all the features from Steemit More Info are included in the application!

That means you have access to:

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see a Vote Power indicator on top (next to the name and the reputation), with the reward that a 100% vote from that user will give in SBD ($)

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see the number of votes that user has done today

  • A new tab 'Votes' is added, where you may see the latest upvotes done or received by that user.
    It shows the estimate of the votes in $ too!
    You can filter the votes between incoming votes and outgoing votes

  • Added a dropdown menu with links to external tools to get more info about the steem account. Please let me know what tools you'd like to see here ;)

  • When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears, not only you see the percentage of the vote, but you also see the amount in $ that upvote will be valued

  • For downvotes, it shows also the total reward of the post after your downvote

  • When you are looking at a post or comment and you click "votes" to see the list of people that voted that post, you now also see what was their contribute to the total reward!

  • You can see the posts with two different layouts: list (default) and grid! You can change to grid layout using on the buttons on the top-right corner of the page.

  • On the blog page of an user, you now see an histogram of the posts of that user based on the creation date. You can scroll horizontally to go back in time.
    Posts made by the user are shown in blue, reposts in green!

    By clicking on one of the bars, you can open the list of posts made on one specific date. This makes it easier to look at old posts of an user!

    You can choose to show the histogram automatically on page load (default) or if you prefer to load the histogram on request if you find it to be too invasive. To change this setting, hover on the histogram title and select "On load: hidden"

  • The followers and following pages have been updated to show a table of the followers/following, with more informations (Reputation, STEEM Power, Upvote Worth). You can sort by the different attributes by clicking on the table's column.

  • When you read a post, now there is a floating bar with the tags, date, author and upvotes of the post, so you can easily access this informations and upvote the post if you like it!

    If you prefer a less intrusive way, in the setting you can choose the small floating bar layout

  • The markdown editor used to write new posts now shows the preview at the right side of the editor. While you write the post, if you scroll through your textual content, the preview will automatically scroll to the right point. This feature is available for screens with at least 900px width

  • If you want to better see the avatar of an account, just hover on the user picture to open a bigger version of the avatar image

  • GIF Picker for your posts and comments! You can search by keywords or see the trending gifs of the moment. Powered by Giphy

  • Boost your posts easily with the Boost button next to the "Promote" button. You will be able to easily transfer SBD to @minnowbooster for an upvote of the whale!

    You will be prompted with a confirmation form where you will see the estimated worth of the upvote you will receive. No more copy and paste of the url in the memo field of the transfer and risks of sending a wrong transaction

    Special thanks to @reggaemuffin and the @minnowbooster team for the support in making this feature possible!

  • Steemit More Info Settings. You can now choose to enable or disable each of the features provided by Steemit More Info! Just go in your account settings.

For a detailed list of all the features please visit my "Steemit More Info" extension page:

Please take into consideration that this is a new project that I just started, and the features are limited to just a few so far! I'm planning to add more and more features in the next versions. Every suggestion and idea is very much appreciated!


This is the first beta version of the app. So please consider it could still contain some bugs

Download the APK on your Android smartphone or tablet:

iOS Coming soon

The iOS version of the app is ready! I only have to create a developer account and publish the app. Apple will need to review and approve the app before it will be accessible to the users.

Bugs and new features requests

Please feel free to comment here or contact me on if you have suggestions or features requests!

Please help me spread the word by resteem and upvote this post!

I'm doing this project in my free time. The more interest I get from the community, the more I'll be devoted to improve it!
So if you like this project, help me in letting everyone know about it.
And follow me! I will post any update on this extension and other projects I'll work on! And you will also see some beautiful picture about myself 😹🐾


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Man I Love your work. I want work with you on making steem better. How can I contact you?

you can find me on steemit chat 😼

OMG somebody give this guy a medal!! Amazing work Armandocat. Thank you so much for your hard work! Absolutely love it!

wow thanks, i will try it!

You need sunbathing again tomorrow brother @armandocat. I guarantee u will give us more surprises...:p

Great work bro...:)

would this work during a DDOS attack?

The current version is using so no, it will have the same problem of the website.. I'm working for the next versions on a way to prevent that problem by not using a sever at all. The steemit server work is very limited, so a similar website could exist without the need of servers

question: if it works without servers (widely distributed) will it BE a website?
how bout writing a stand-alone program to download to my machine...better yet write a program to run on a raspberry?

no need to provide it for free either.
charge for it...payable in SBD.

if possible make it user customizeable..

I'm thinking of making it a single page web app that totally works client side, so once you have the HTML and js and CSS you don't need a server anymore because it updates using the steem nodes.. I guess it will also be possibile to make it work as a computer app.. I still have to work on it 😉

make it so that a browser is not required...machine code.
I'd pay a reasonable amount of steem for it.

Stay tuned 😼

certainly will...with baited breath.
I've been thinking about it some more.
Aren't there different kinds of 'witness nodes'?
Would this be something similar?
A piece of dedicated hardware whose sole purpose is to access the blockchain?

hello, @armandocat

Cool job man, can't wait to get the app on iOS!!

Put yourself on witnesses, i am definitely gonna vote you... BTW i found some bugs in your extension and i have discussed them on this post -
PS - Post Upvoted and Resteemed...

Needed this! All available apps doesn't have resteeming capabilities. I just have one question though, why does the app screenshot looks like it is simply the steemit website itself? Otherwise, great effort and thanks!

Is there a steem delegation app yet? Is there a program you would recommend for sharing steem power?

I also just voted you as a witness assuming you are one...

This is brilliant! @armandocat

Congratulations @armandocat, this post is the eighth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superuser account holder (accounts that hold between 1 and 10 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superuser account holders during this period was 827 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $5508.97. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

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You are doing an amazing work in simplifying the user experience.
Thanks for the info :)

Simplifying Steemit for the general user, to my mind, is the next step in it's evolution 🔔

Nice....... Please help comment @hadimemories. Thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well done @armandocat and your team for the new Android Steemit software development.

Thank you! I downloaded it. Very usefull app!)

Awesome news, can't wait to try it out! keep up the great work @armandocat

Good Post

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for sharing!

iOS very update for science.


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THIS IS AMAZING POST @armandocat .

good luck comrades, keep working, I pray for your sustenance increases

Sounds great!

I almost upvoted this, but saw the Minnowbooster collaboration part. You're doing some solid work otherwise.

You are not the first one that is not happy about the boost button :(
Happy to talk about it on the steemit chat if you want

I has read your post, i has resteem and i has install this application, The app is a wrapper that brings on your device. In addition to the classic experience, all the features from Steemit More Info are included in the application!

Fantastico gattone!
Ottimo lavoro... già già, qui ci vuole una medaglia, son d'accordo anch'io.
Saluti dalla Svizzera
Steemitri The Mannequin (amante dei gatti)

Great news, dear friend! Yay! Steemit is now in my smartphone. Now even during the walk I will be able to read the blogs of my friends and add my news. Now it is possible to travel more around, not disappointed that there's no computer at hand.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice work ma i like your posting please follow and upvote me i am a new steemit user


God bless you.

Every time I go to Steemit on mobile, I do it through the browser because I just like the seeing it that way. But each time I do, I get frustrated because I love your browser extension so much but I don't have it on my phone.

Thank you. Keeping a permanent link to this in my post signature as well.

Please upload the beta version to the Google Play store too. Thanks!

Thanks to you @armandocat. I suggest you add schedule posts to the app. Would be a treat for us who are very tied up and must also post at scheduled times...#ThumpsUp

nice app, thanks @armandocat

Thank you for everything that you're doing to help your fellow Steemians, it is greatly appreciated.
I am now following you so I will no longer miss you're awesome posts.

I downloaded the app and I'm using it right now for browsing Steemit and writing this comment, but none of the More Info features is showing up.
It works for me as a plain Steemit interface. There's something I can do for fixing this?

It's possible that the new steemit interface broke the app.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. When it's not working, I logout, then relog and maybe it works, if not, I repeat until works.

nice good job

Mahalo for your work! I will try it out.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment