[Results] Steemit Decathlon #1 D1E03 "In the Weeds" - Theme - 'Ambrosia, Food of the Gods" - Food Photo Recipe Contest

in steemdecathlon •  8 months ago

Congratulations to everyone who played

I have to say this was a very hard decision to make....
two entries were way out ahead in this contest.

But the winner was Guthi vankaya
by bhavyalakshman 30 contest points


Second place but very close was: vegetables biriyani
by lavanyalakshman 20 contest points

And third place goes to the person that made every college students scrape the cupboards standard under $1.50 recipe look good
Vegetables Spaghetti

by the resident millennial competing:
Meme-Nexus 10 contest pts.

everyone receives 3 participation pts.

Money will be distributed this evening with the first leaderboard...

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want to help out and winner part of the judges reward pool...
contact me on discord in the steeminati group.

I am in second place its OK, thankyou very much





its so much competive to win..its a excellent event...
@resteem done