steemdb 0.3.1 - timelines for new followers, reblogs, and witness votes

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The most common thing I've been asked for in my projects is the ability to see new followers. In a social media based community like we have here, many people want to observe when they have new followers so they can learn a bit more about them, and possibly follow them back.

After spending a bit time figuring out the proper way to do this, I'm happy to announce these features are now available on

Timeline of followers for an account



Ever wondered who is following you and unfollowing you? The new layout for the followers section of each account on steemdb tells you just that.

This list will show you chronologically who is following and unfollowing you.

Timeline of who an account is following


Just as above, except this is a list of who this account you follows and unfollows.


Reblogged content, written by an account



This new page found under Social -> Reblogged on each account will tell you who has reblogged any content written by the account you are viewing.

Content an account reblogs



Yet another new page located under Social -> Reblogs on each account shows every piece of content that this account has reblogged to their authors.

Timeline of Witness Votes for an account



The last new section which can be found under Witness -> History now also has a tabbed interface. The first tab is now a timeline showing all witness votes cast for that account.

The previous two sections of active votes cast, and active votes received are behind the remaining two tabs of the page.

That's all for today! These updates were actually partially deployed with the 0.3.0 update last week, but they were still analyzing the blockchain and collecting data. Today I'm confident the data is accurate and new data will be recorded going forward.

As a final note, I'd encourage you all to go check out the introduction my business partner just posted today. If you've been following my weekly witness updates, you've probably seen random musings of my attempts to encourage his post. He finally did, so jump over and say hello! :)


Great post @jesta. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the updates to Steemdb. I think the follower features will be very useful for me along with the reblog stats. Also thanks for the link to Max's introduction post:)

Very cool. Thanks @jesta!!

Question - Why is the number of followers on my blog lower than the number on steemdb? It's only by 3, but still... curious.

I will have to do a comparison to figure exactly why the numbers differ.

Part of it might be the lag between updates - steemdb only updates accounts once every 6 hours, has live updates. So there's a bit of a delay :)

likely you just need to clear your browser cache and this will fix it on to do this just press ctrl shift r

Thank you! They're the same now, so I'll check the cache when they're not. :)

Nice tool, been waiting for this. Now I dont have to worry about checking my followers. Although we can see it at but it was not arranged according to date.

Very helpful new features. I have resteemed.

Good job.

I was thinking of a user-centric approach since we lack notifications in Steemit. Right now, I need a lightweight "one-page-for-all-my-notifications" tab... Steemd is adequate for most of the things I want to see, except

-curation reward accuracy "0M vests", when it could be, say 0.111SP. Actually, thinking about it, I'd rather see SP than MV. Or see both.
-current value of a post, after the last voted was added

Is it possible to have something like that? I think it'd be a smash.

SteemDB offers most of that right now, except mentions. I've been looking for a way to do that for a while now, I just haven't gotten it completed yet. The site however doesn't offer notifications at all. does offer notifications on votes/etc though :)

I'll capture these ideas and see if I can further improve both of these sites though!

it would be fairly easy to run a piston python script that monitors mentions live. If this is something that would be helpful to you I would be happy to write it. Just let me know.

This is amazing, thanks so much!!

Nice! this is awesome. This is an easy way to look at all the people who vote for a post. Vote for @jesta as a witness y'all it is a great way to say thank you.

Thanks @jesta! These are some really awesome features :)

Congrats for steemdb @jesta! I love the overall design and UX, things are crystal clear! Now I can follow my progress with just an F5 :D
-- @develcuy

ha! was just discussing this today with a steemit boss. Very's already here. Thanks so much.

Almost missed this but managed to get my cent on time! Nice tool!

Thanks to @elyaque who posted about your tool and told us about in "50_votes_plus" channel I found you and this great tool.
I'm still learning about Steemit, but although I can see how useful this tool is and can be!
Thank you very much for it!!! :))

This is awesome - thanks @jesta

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That's cool man, thanks.