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Introducing SteemData Notify

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Email and Telegram Notifications

SteemData Notify is a free blockchain monitoring service, that sends you (the account owner) Email and Telegram notifications when Payments and critical Account Changes occur.

Example use case

Alice has $10,000 SBD in her savings wallet. Unfortunately, Alice trusted a 3rd party app with her Active key in the past, and this app got hacked recently.
Alice is on her summer vacation, and doesn't monitor her Steemit web wallet on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the hacker triggers a 3 day process of withdrawing the $10,000 SBD from savings, with the intent of stealing it.

Fortunately Alice uses SteemData Notify, sending her immediate notification, which alerts her to cancel the withdrawal, and change her keys, locking the hacker out.

Dust payment based Authentication

Every change of settings on your account in SteemData Notify is authenticated by a dust payment to @null, containing an unique hash as a memo.
The memo hash is derived from a cryptographic signature of the serialized settings object. This ensures that the account owner has authorized a precise and verifiable change. Furthermore the integrity of settings in the SteemData Notify database can be verified at any time. Your private keys are never exposed to any 3rd party in this process.

Screenshot from 2017-07-05 18-36-24.png

Try it:

Please note that SteemData Notify is a free service, provided on an as-is basis, with no guarantees of uptime or correctness. Source code is available on github.

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This is a great idea.

Unfortunately, it seems like it isn't working right now. I tried using it and haven't gotten a Telegram message confirming my settings even though I sent the correct memo to @null.

Looking through the code I found the likely issue. (Also please consider enabling Issues on the forked GitHub repo so there is an official place to submit these bugs. Furthermore, I noticed there is no license specified in either your repo or flowfree's repository from which it is forked.)

In this line of the code, you require that the memo be exactly 24 characters long, but the memo generated by the service is always 40 characters long.

I have also discovered another issue when experimenting with the service. I first saved settings with some set of options. Then I changed it again with another set of options. In both cases I am pretty sure they are still in an unconfirmed state in your database because of the above bug. But when I try to change the settings back to the earlier configuration, I get an internal server error. My guess is that it is because of this line. I believe it tries to insert a document with the exact same _id as a previously inserted document and that causes an error.

I think what it should do is if it finds an existing item with the same _id, it should first check to make sure that the _id does not match the _id field of find_user_settings(username) (i.e. you are not trying to set the settings to the currently active one), and if those _ids do not match then it should replace the existing found object in the database with the new one (most of the fields would of course be the same but it would have a newer created_at time and confirmed would be set to False). On the other hand if the _ids do exactly match, then it should return a user-friendly error message letting the user know that the settings they want to save are exactly already the currently active settings.

Finally, I think your service should warn users that their settings are completely public. Since they are potentially entering in email addresses and/or Telegram public channel links that could be used to find Telegram handles, it is important users are aware of this fact before entering in any data.


The bugs have been fixed.

As far as privacy goes, the server now sends garbled email/telegram id's.
Screenshot from 2017-07-07 11-30-41.png


I appreciate the time and effort you've put into catching bugs and making this report. Thank you @arhag.

I think that the service should never, under any condition expose emails or telegram handles, except for the first and last character. This means that the user would have to re-enter their email/telegram with each setting change. This minor inconvenience however is well worth the privacy.


Wow, good looking out. This was a good article but the bug-checking and warnings you've provided have been at least as helpful as the article. These guys should be paying you hahaha. Thanks again!


very useful,,, thanks,,, follow me @musliadialasyi


Dang. That is a detailed follow-up comment

Well done


I think its' going to take me a while to understand this platform, but I find the information very useful and interesting


It is good Steemit has voluntary developers like you, @arhag, however if Steemit Inc doesn't stepup to do more of the development and management of Steemit, it might fall to a new potential killer >


Thanks for you contributio and observation. With people like you,steemit will survive
And the author of this post may God bless you. For trying to create a grate way of notification for we steemit users.
As for me below is the post about my believe for steemit.

Would you like me to add your app to ? Would just use that as the desctiption, unless you want to suggest something more succinct.

SteemData Notify is a free blockchain monitoring service, that sends you (the account owner) Email and Telegram notifications when Payments and critical Account Changes occur.


Sounds good to me. Thank you :)

Telegram Guide

  • create a 'New Channel'.
  • set a public name on the channel, for example @steemnotifyfurion
  • add steem_notify bot to the channel Administrators
  • link your channel with

Screenshot from 2017-07-05 18-42-49.png

Screenshot from 2017-07-05 18-43-13.png

Screenshot from 2017-07-05 18-43-27.png


@furion thanks for sharing this would helping me so much. Really appreciated!!


I didnot know how to do ....Can u explain more about this in simplified way


Nice post thank


Thanks for the useful app @furion!

But I still could not figure it out ((
I feel stupid)))))
What i did wrong?

Goog luck!

Amazing work. Free service from reputable author! Thank you @furion!

Nice info. Thanks :)

This is great but can I ask you @furion, why would Alice hold that much money in SBD? If she kept it in steem power the hacker would have to request a power down, which I would imagine would be much more common and much more difficult to pull off without Alice eventually noticing. Can you tell me why it seems like my wallet balance is constantly dropping? These types of hacker transactions all show up on the blockchain correct?


Your wallet balance is constantly dropping because the price of Steem is fluctuating. The wallet has an estimated value on it based on multiple things, including the Steem pool and the prices over the past 7 days. Also, maybe Alice just got paid for multiple posts that paid out 50/50 in SBD and Steem Power. Obviously $10K is a lot, but it was just an example.

thanks. You have introduced something useful and very good. Glad to be able to visit your blog. I am very interested dwngan your posting this. I think it's very good and deserves a vote. congratulations guys, hopefully we can become good friends here. On this platform

Amazing. Truely amazing feature for the steemit platform.
This will be extremely beneficial for the old users that have a lot of funds and investments here on the platform.
Tanks for sharing this with the community and i would like to wish you all the best my friend :)

@furion this is great info you have sheared here on @steemit with us ,we are so lucky that people like you shear such a nice thing on this great platform. The sucess you have achieved on @steemit u deserve it and you keep shearing such articles you will have an enormous sucess over here. I wish you all the best for your future on steemit . Thanks

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This seems to be a great service to use to some extent save account from the hacker, the usage of it will actually determine how helpful it was incase of a hacker attack land on your account, can you please also specify the time it actually take to act? as i know it take 3 seconds for a block to occur and i think once a transaction is triggered, it can not be canceled?

Nice work guys keep it up :)

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.


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This is a great idea. To me it bothers on the security of the account owners. It makes a whole lot of sense to sign up for this and I know it will receive massive adoption for the following reasons:

  • It does not ask for any of your keys during sign up
  • It will just send you e-mail alert when someone tries to tamper with your account.
  • It is very mobile friendly as I was able to setup on an a android phone.
  • the authentication method is easy with just sending 0.001 sbd to @null.

@furion is a great developer. I admire his dexterity and wisdom in app development especially how he factors what most people will like in designing his app architecture and features.

I expect more self enhancing steemit apps from him and like developers.


Because of my awareness of my own ignorance of the mechanisms requisite to using cryptocurrencies, and errors, either pilot error (account holders, in this context), or bugs that potentiate hacks, I have refrained from ever investing in cryptos before Steemit.

Further I have also simply not used my Steem, or SBD, in any way, no matter how trivial, because I do not want to compromise my account. I have experience with being hacked and virii aplenty, including paypal, email accounts, and in many other circumstances.

While I don't have much to lose in Steem, and much to gain from using cryptocurrency generally, and Steem in particular, I remain confident that I should have no confidence in my ability to not screw things up.

This seems like a great idea, and I hope it is as useful as it seems likely to be, but, sadly, the general opacity of cryptocurrency to my meager ability to understand the mechanisms requisite to it's use, preclude my inclusion amongst those able to employ it.

I will continue to wait until I have far greater motivation to handle the Steem I have garnered, when I must no longer avoid the learning curve that management will entail.

Nonetheless, your work is laudable, and, despite my inability to take advantage of it, I am grateful that you have undertaken it.



I recommend you buy a chromebook for 100-200€/$ and get a hardwallet (ledger s nano or trezor are the most used ones). You can store youre cryptos on them and the use is easy. But make sure the hardwallet is the right one for your coin.


Hey, thanks very much for your advice!

Unfortunately, made my very first crypto transaction today, inspired by discovering the internal market, and lost somewhere between $40 - $70 of my Steemit account (I think that different things, the internal market, my steemit wallet,, etc. each use a differnt method of assessing value, and this has left the amount ambiguous). sigh.

Perhaps I should lurk moar.


Is possible to receive a notification when I receive a new reward?


I don't think this app does that.

It's a brilliant idea. I didn't realize that was what the 3 day waiting period was for.. Can't believe I didn't think of it. It's so obvious when you think of it after LOL! It's a smart idea. Keep it up.


.....But when will SteemQ be ready? :)



Can someone explain me in more detail :) thanks In advance


Since the blockchain on which steemit is built is public, every change on the blockchain, so whatever happens in your personal account is visible. This app notifys you about important changes , for example if someone had access to your account and wants to withdraw your steem.

Looks like we could use this to monitor whales cashing out too? xD

Could you make it also so that you can get notified when certain users comment/post etc as well?

Even though I never trust 3rd party apps to give out my active key, this is still helpful taking in consideration that I am always skeptical with my crypto wallets that could be hacked someday.Thank you a lot for this post!

Thanks for this guys, upvoted :)

Steem Data reminds me of RSS Feeds.

Good information @furion

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post and service was included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem S-Z. Thanks and good luck again!

This will really save a lot of Steem users! Thanks! I have posted my first Introduction I really appreciate to have a guest :)

I have been looking for something of this kind and thank you for sharing such a great TIP, You have saved me a lot of time. Looking forward reading more tips from your post. Please follow


Sounds fantastic, Alice was very lucky. Is it because of hackers Steemit has a three day withdrawal process. Thanks mike

So much informative post ! Thank you for your effort !
thumbs up steem with akkha.jpg

It does seem tricky to give out your active key...I'm still hesitant to do so but this feature could just be a lifesaver indeed

Nice Idea.Is this a new feature here.And great share from you.Thanks and please upvote.

Great idea

Nice post!

Upvotes you, resteem and following please do same in return :)

This looks really cool (although I will probably never use it myself)! I know, this is just one more useless comment to the list, but thanks anyhow, for all those for which this will definitely be useful (and I know some)! ^^

The idea is legit but it ain't liquid yet. I'm down to get in on it, would try after an update maybe? Thank you! Cheers!


Definitely a good idea. I'll wait for the implementation of some of these bug fixes before I jump on. Please keep us updated! Good luck!

Yeah thank for the info

Good Security is a must.

This looks very useful

So if I give out my key on one of these apps that are available, it remains there? I had the idea that it was just for logging in once to Steemit and then it was eliminated, now you have me thinking about joining any of these apps.


This is why I have not joined any apps.

Thanks for explaining that

this is great :) everybody should try this

Good job, #steemdev is a good tag for that

Oh wow
That you for offering a safe solution to all steemit users
I must try it
Best Regards

thanks for the sharing....upvote and resteem

nice information i really thankful to you :-) @furion

Thanks for the valuable information!

This is truely amazing and i am happy that people like you are working diligently to help grow and protect this community.
It is very essential what you are doing and i believe you will get far here.

oh wow.. Something to be relaxed about.. That's awesome..

A great idea to make my account safe. Steemit needs such kind of apps

This is awesome... Unfortunately blockchain h as given rise to new types of advance hackers, especially when money is involved.

this is super awesome. thank you for building this, i'll be totally using this - would this work if for instance on my @texttosteem account someone sends me some funds to do the audio recording? that would be a great notification thing for me. also do you think you might support something like pushover in the future?

Hey, this could be really very useful and helpful app. Going to try for sure. Thanks for sharing.

ReSteemed! Great idea, I'm sure the bugs & kinks will be worked out.

Cool, just signed up for this. Let's see if it works :)

Is the fraudulent transaction stopped until I acknowledge it in the e-mail?

Excellent innovation. Security in steem is really good to go by. Thanks for posting.

Very cool post and info :) I go and look now :)

Never share your accounts detail with anyone and don't get involved in such investment where you can't claim the fraud. Thank you....

this is innovative, i read horrible stories of how people got their steemit account hacked. guys! be careful.

Thank you for the information. I like your post so I upvote you.

You dont even have to provide the blogging key? Useful service for everyone not checking steemit on a daily basis. If it all works as promised, extremely good work!

Sounds interesting!
Will try it am kinda new and was concerned about the apps and using the password in these apps
Good to find trusted ones on steemit itself.


Thanks, Great information, I'm not at the point of needing security yet, but I will be someday soon!

Thank for informations @furion

That seems to be very useful for the safety prospective. Thanks for sharing and introducing to it.

Heck yeah. Great service. I hope to need it badly someday real soon. Checking it out now.

This is great, one cannot be too careful nowadays. Better to take precaution

Useful and very informative

great work:!

@furion, Steemit needs more development and attention from Steemit Inc than from volunatry developers, else might go due to the potential Steemit killer >

Thanks for sharing

good information, thx

Great post!

Very interesting tool, will check it out this evening. Not that I earn anything right now but who knows in future haha

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So your the SteemSports guy ;)

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i will follow you and you can follow me thanks

OMG nice information awesome post

Awesome @furion!
I learn something new everyday :-)

Nice information

Thanks for sharing!

great idea...please dont rule out the opinions on the comments. i had read tru and agree with most

Sorry for the inconvenience @furion.
I do not know @lazarescu.irinel how to fill
in the field: Telegram Channel ID ?

Email: is fine ?

I've tried some options and I can not find the right one.

Nice, excellent initiative

Good idea @furion this is amazing

Very nice info.... Thanks!

Nice post

Muy interesante!

This is a great monitoring service! It provides great alerts and good security. Hopefully more people get this so we can make Steemit a better place. Thanks for sharing :)

Great info thanks!