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Hi Friends!

You know what's coming up soon? The Steem Creators Conference in Toronto. I literally can't event wait (and not just because I get to go on a trip with my sister @maryjaney) but because It is going be an epic event filled with so much connection, fun, learning and all crazy shenanigans.

I recently heard that my good friend @anomadsoul was going to be attending/speaking and I literally LOST.MY.MIND. It is going to be so awesome to meet him in person and I know everyone attending the event is super stoked to hear him speak.

We got to chatting and decided to run an epic contest to help even more people attend this event! Basically... we just want to hang out with as many of you as possible!

Two Event Tickets and Help with Accommodations??

Yep you heard it right... we are not only going to give you TWO tickets (so you can bring your partner, friend, or someone else to make the trip even more enjoyable for you), but we are also going to help you with paying for accommodations!

We want people who are seriously stoked about this event... so we are sending you on a treasure hunt!

Contest Rules

  1. First... you have to go read the first part of this post... written on @anomadsoul's blog. Click HERE to check it out. He goes into way more detail on the contest there!

  2. Only one person per post.

  3. You have until August 29th at 21:00 PST to submit your entry.

  4. You have to re-steem this post. I have literally never asked people to re-steem a post as an entry requirement in my contests before - but we really want a lot of people to find out about this contest!

  5. You have to tell us WHY you want to attend the event, what you hope to get out of it, and what value you will add to the event dynamic. (This can be either a blog or video entry)

  6. You have to follow the below treasure hunt and include your responses in your entry!

Aaargggh Matey ... Let's Find Some Treasure!

Ok, here are the items on your Treasure Hunt.

  • Head to
  • Which speaker were you most surprised to see on the list? Why?
  • Which speaker are you most excited to hear speak?
  • Name one of the artists that will be performing at the Steem Creators Concert.
  • What is the name of the building where the event is being held?
  • Who is a speaker that you don't currently know or follow - but sounds super intrigued by and are excited to learn from.
  • What famous musical comedy pop duo will be performing LIVE at the event?

One More Step to the Treasure Hunt!

  • Head to THIS post by @coruscate to find out what tags you need to use on the contest. (Hint - it's in the comments!)
  • Head to THIS post by @anomadsoul to find out what title to use for your contest entry! (Hint... also in the comments)

The Prize

We are giving away 2 tickets to the Steem Creators Conference and SMT Summit In Toronto - Sept. 5-9th and accommodation stipend!

The deets...

  • Two event tickets ($300 value!) so that you can attend and also bring a friend/partner. You could totally give the ticket away to another steemian friend that wants to attend too!

  • Accomodation Stipend. We will send you 50 steem per night (2 nights - so 150 steem total) to help cover the cost of accomodation.

What a super deal! We want to give a HUGE shout-out to IJ (@steemcafe) and the entire Steem Creators crew for donating the two tickets in this giveaway! How generous!! The 150 steem is being donated by @anomadsoul and myself. You must prove you will be physically attending the event in order to receive the accommodation stipend.

That's It!

Ok... maybe that was a lot of things - but we can't wait to see your posts! Don't forget to include your treasure hunt answers and follow the criteria outlined in the Contest Rules section.

Also - don't forget to read @anomadsoul's POST before making your entry!

This contest is an idea by @coruscate and @anomadsoul and we are organizing it because we want to see you there, not because someone asked us to do it.


Good luck to everyone on the contest! Looking forward to Steem Creators! See you there!

Woohoo!! Can’t believe it is coming up so fast! 😃

Absolutely Awesome!!!!! @coruscate & @anomadsoul did an amazing job. What fun. Great PRIZE!!! You 2 are so creative. This is so exciting. When each of you take the stage at the conference you will blow the doors off. We know that. Encourage anyone who is on the fence about going to the conference to come. You can learn from the best & meet so many incredible people. Love it all. See everyone in Toronto. -resteemed-

Thanks for all the support and for donating The tickets in this giveaway!! So awesome of you!! 😊

I can’t belive Toronto is already coming up so soon! It’s going to be epic.

You’re so great about the contests! I wanna enter too!!

Hahaha you should totes win. It would be hilarious.

Can’t belive I get to see you in a few short weeks! ♥️

I would have loved to join you guys in Toronto, but I didnt make enough after 2 years of blogging to go... steemfest I think I will be at this year.

OT : I did KARMA yesterday, you can join KARMA in telegram :

Oooh your going to Steemfest?? That’s awesome! I’m about 97% sure I’m going. Will be fun To meet you! 😃

Thank you for the friendly message, yes could be some fun to go to the steemfest.. I am not used to these conferences and big parties.. so again thank you and yes would be fun to meet you too ... so many new projects all the time, so lets see in November.

I wish i can come from nigeria, but the cost for flight is very costly.. Omg!! Dont wanna miss this, crying already

Aww well maybe one day there will be an awesome Steem event closer to you that you can attend. ♥️

Useful information dear @coruscate

Incredible work friend ... Luck to the participants, but I am from Venezuela and at this time travel is not a luxury that can afford me. But soon!!

[-]rhondak (63) · 1 minute ago
I tagged this right, but still--just so you don't miss it:

Love this contest! Thank you guys for doing it.

Thank you so much for the AWESOME entry! I totally loved reading you share a little bit more about yourself and your excitement for the event.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you, and best of luck in the contest!! ♥️

Yes! Crap is getting real! My wife Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) is getting so nervous! We are both so excited!

Good luck to everyone in the contest!!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

* Accomodation Stipend.
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.

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