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Peace be to the Parishioners of the great @Steemchurch

I am glad to make an official submission on "Steemchurch Telos Village". I must commend all @steemchurch parishioners that have so far made amazing designs to show the world our great expectations of the Telos community of @Steemchurch.

From the outset, @Sirknight's position concerning Steemchurch presence on Telos was to better the lives of the @Steemchurch parishioners and usher them into the abundance that had already been secured from the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here are a few statement from the Steemchurch Telos Proposal:

Once our community has established itself on Telos, we will be looking to form blockchain based trade and distribution networks. We plan to increase the living standards and prosperity of all our parishioners (members), and their local communities.

The bulk of our membership is located in Venezuela, Nigeria and Ghana. Three countries which are dire need of trade, economic and politic reform. We are already providing financial relief for many in these nations.

Telos is now being described by some parishioners as the gift from Heaven which we had been so eagerly praying for.

Now our Christian community has a chance access to the industries described above, through Telos, at a time when resources are still plentiful…

There is no doubt that the Steemchurch Telos Village shall surely come with the fulfillment of the promises stated above. To me, our settlement on the Telos platform is indeed a territory claimed with blessings such as the milk and honey promises of Canaan. Thoughts of this helped me capture the Golden nature of the community which cometh.

In my reflections, I see Steemchurch Telos Village. beyond a "conventional village setting." As captured above by @Sirknight in the working proposal, Telos Village is a community for the prosperity of the community.

Being a community, Steemchurch Telos Village will afford parishioners of the unity environment of polling their knowledge, skills and exposures to the profiting of all. With such collaborative efforts, much will be achieved over a small time span.

Below is the design I made to picture the Golden state of Steemchurch Telos Village that I see. The design consist of the Church of Steem, the wealthy places with amazing golden lights, Acorn Tree with fruits, a dove and A Golden Knight - @Sirknight.


From the above design, @Steemchurch becomes the gateway to this prosperity that the village promises. As pictured, parishioners of @steemchurch could pass through Steemchurch and would have a beautiful view of the wealthy mansions of the village with amazing golden lights. The lights is that which shines from within and reflects to world the life of Christ in us. As stated in Matthew 5: 13-14, we are the light of the world. We have to let this light shine forth for others to see and glorify God on our behalf.

The design sites the village to be located around a mountainous region. The mountain side is not for everyone, but for those who determine to make a difference. The mountain empties it flows into the valley pictured on the right side of the design. This river of living water flows to make the Acorn tree to be fruitful thereby bringing forth amazing golden fruits. Remember, the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree. Our dependence for fruitfulness should be on God and Him alone who is the fountain of living waters.

We can also picture our very Golden Knight - @Sirknight crested with golden blessings of #beatitudes and #telos with his staff of vision and leadership. With him on the fore, the journey would be amazing.

The dove pictured, signifies the peace that the Telos village would bring. With freedom, prosperity and love shared, the parishioners of Steemchurch and the entire members of the Telos village shall rest in God and have their peace.

A Poem Dedicated to the Steemchurch Golden Village

Our Lead Knight is Golden;
He has a Golden Heart;
He created a golden community on Telos;
To complement the love and freedom that Steemchurch shares;
Steemchurch Telos Village is Golden;
Because our Sirknight is Golden
There will be golden blessings for all;
When the golden love of beatitudes meets #telos;
The Golden Knight's heart is crested with Golden blessings

Take a view of Sirknight's call for Steemchurch Telos Village which contains an apt worded description of that Golden Village

Visit this post, and do well to curate all the featured posts with resteems, upvotes and comments. Let's spread the love the more. Besides, I made a 2 STEEM bounty call to @steemchurch parishioners to join the "Telos Village Campaign". With, Bounty is a way to reward comments. Simply make a an excerpt of your "Telos Village" submission with link as comment to this post


I am UYOBONG MBABA, your brother, teacher and analyst



It requires a lot of sacrifice to make a publication with its own designs. Good design and good writing from the steemchurch priest @Uyobong.

Thanks UY.


Thank you EC. Am honoured!

Wow! That is wonderful performance brother Uyobong. Thank you for this great job.

Thanks brother

Priest @Uyobong, this piece is beautiful. I never knew you could be this amazing in graphics design. Catchy poem lines.
Truly, @Steemchurch Telos village will be golden.
Please permit me to extract the batch for my TelosVillage submission

Thanks Pretty. Keep sharing. We need to tell the world about @Sc-telos

Live it Uyobong - nice recap and great images.


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Thanks SN

It is truly a home of blessing @uyobong.

Keep on steemit .

Beautifull post Sacerdote @uyobong. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you