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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen of SteemChurch, the first ever Church of the Blockchain.


We of the SteemChurch appreciate our following here at #steemchurch and the work of our favourite sons and daughters over at #celestialchallenge.

We know that you have all been busy blogging your challenge entries and we note that many of you are already taking up the community spirit by posting directly to #steemchurch. For this we thank you.

Our Apostles are now lifting SteemChurch to new heights with their sermons, in particular this vocal dedication to our Church.

The Church thanks Brother Abiye! Please support his work here.

And we give thanks to our Lord who has answered our call here at Steemit for Christian representation. Here on the Steem Blockchain we can unite in our fight for freedom, liberty, capitalism, small government and the return of Christian values.


We now seek your generosity to help build the coffers of the SteemChurch to ensure our long term survival in a world in financial and social upheaval.

Upvoting this post will help.

A regular pledge directly to the Church would be better.

Be sure to resteem and follow @steemchurch.


As you are aware Celestial Challenge has been a project of the SteemChurch to discover new talents within Steemit. And we have most certainly found talent - plenty of it. However, the Church will soon set up new projects for our many talented followers - be sure to follow us for further information. At this time in the future, support for Celestial Challenge is likely to cease.






This project is a great one. It is fun to learn about God on the blockchain. Thanks to @sirknight for this.

You are welcome jaff8 and thank you. Hoping to see more of you here at SteemChurch. SirKnight!

where are you brother? i will miss you and your post. @sirknight

Brother @sirknight, I will love to contribute to this congregation for I trust your admirable intent.

A welcome development...... Upvote, Resteemed and I have also followed steemchurch

Thank you bniode. The Church appreciates your support. As do I.


i indeed appreciate this good work, learning about Christ and his word(bible). big thanks to @sirknight for creating this platform and in the future with our support,i see steemchurch in an higher please steemit friends let us all support this good work in anyway that we can because togetherness we will achieve greatness, THANK YOU

With thanks hboi - your support for our Church has been noted. So too has the improved quality of your blogging. Keep up the great work.


Greater heights to be attained. Long live the church of Christ!

You better believe it Tikhub. One day children will be studying the works of 'Tikhub Apostle of the Blockchain' as they once again learn about freedom liberty and God.


looking forward to it!

May the name of the lord be praised both now and forever! for he has broken the gates of brass and put the bars of iron asunder . Oh that men will praise the lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men

Who is on the lord side........ God bless the steemchurch


And may God bless you Brother Abiye.

Im Blessed to know that there is #steemchurch in steemit,some have information about anything and everything but most important to know Jesus and the word od God

We all should strive to love Jesus - but each of us must discover and rediscover Jesus in our own way. SteemChurch seeks to be a platform of discovery lornalovellhope.


Thank you @sirknight for this new project steemchurch. I pray it goes a long way to bless the lives of steemians

Thank you ayevbosa - I do too.


It's nice seeing the church uniting on the great platform. Great success lies ahead!

This is the plan Johnesan. For too long has the Holy Trinity played second fiddle to consumerism, selfishness and apathy. Time for a change this Knight thinks.


The church is marching on, even on the blockchain. Thank you @sirknight.

Especially on the Blockchain sahrodion! Blockchain is capitalism and capitalism can't exits without the Church. We are definitly in the right place.


This is abSOULutely BeautyFull. God Bless the First Ever Church on the Blockchain :)


No reiki-trail - YOU are Beautiful!

God bless.


Never once when wejoined steemit did we believe that we would be able to fin a church on the blockchain, well done sir you have our support.

Truthbeyondlies - thank you for commenting and I look forward to your contributions - written or otherwise.


There are no doubts that it's one of the most greatest projects of steemit. What ever help you need I am going to help :)

Taimoorahmad - one of the greatest projects of Steemit? My friend, one day folk will look back on SteemChurch and say it was 'one of the greatest projects on the planet!' And SirKnight can't do it without you my friend.


I'll Support your project by all my means :) Because you are my Sir! and Knight!

Great Post SirKnight I will be following you on Steemit and I will try to join SteemChurch.


Hello Umpire! I must say it is nice to have some kids running around Steemit and you strike me as a polite and ambitious child. You are most welcome at SteemChurch young man.


I really like this project, i am a graphic designer and i put my skills at your services. I follow this initiative

Excellent edserverus - let's see what you've got.

This project is a great one.Indeed appreciate this good work, learning about Christ and his(bible). big thanks to @sirknight for creating this platform

Thank you @steemchurch and @sirknight for your great collaboration to all of us, for helping us to grow spiritually and to follow the perfect path: The way of God.

I am merely laying the foundation taty17 - it is up to all of us to grow spiritually together.


Awesome, the name of Christ must be heard all over the earth ,God bless #steemitchurch

I like the way you think iksilva. ; )


PS. 'SteemChurch'

Tank you sir

I appreciate everything you are doing, in the challenge I have read and learned more about GOD from my perspective and that of the other brothers, this is a great blessing. Thank you @sirknight

Hi Xioran - I have been enjoying your cellestial challenge work of late - liked your colour autochthonous tree drawing too. Plenty of untapped potential here me thinks.

That's my friend and my brother, let's go for more.

It is the best project of the community, God bless you all.

SteemChurch is the best project and community!

I agree 100% darlenys01.


beautiful this community, with the noble Apostles, I'm sure I'll be an example to follow.!

I am sure you will be a fine example for the Church to follow xiore. As is Jesus. ;)


great post

Thanks John. Glad you liked.


May thw God be with us

I appreciate all this work that you all had put in this celestialchallenge and for steemchurch. Nicely done through outly!

Thank you shahidshah.


Mention not legend!

I have been a recent follower @sirknight and am posting regularly in celestial challenge, you my great and generous @sirknight have done alot for the untalented, i have followed and witnessed you please continue your great work

I don't believe that anyone is 'untalented' as such - I will have to have a word to surpassinggoogle about this. At SteemChurch we seek to discover the 'hidden' talents of our congregation and assist them to shine.


Thankyou @sirknight for giving a chance to show hidden talents of many like me. You are really an ideal, who you can look up.

Someone said once that steemit was not for religious posts. That certainly dulled my drive to join this community. Now i know better.

Welldone @sirknight, your work here is much appreciated and loved and thanks to everyone else who have the good work going

I am here to put in own quota.

Long live the steemchurch

Looking forward to seeing your quota metro and thank you for your support.

I mentioned to @sahrodion earlier that the Church actually belongs here on the blockchain. The most prosperous societies of the past have achieved this through the combination of Christian ethics and capitalist spirit - and one can not be successful without the other.


Congratulations @steemchurch, this post is the third most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Newbie account holder (accounts that hold between 0.01 and 0.1 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by newbie account holders during this period was 5095 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $5682.43. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Thank you bitgeek - interesting statistics.


This is a great one @sirknight. So good to have a great church in our community. I will greatly be a part anyday. Welldone sir

Goldenheart - SteemChurch is a great community and we would love to have you be part of it.

Good initiative, since the word of God and the teachings of Jesus touched many hearts, through this channel!

Thank you daniellozada - I appreciate the comment.


I have written many posts focused on Bible teaching. However my motivation to continue lost steam when I wasn't seeing anyone being reached.

This seems like an interesting initiative. What denomination of Christianity does @steemchurch fall under?

Sonofthunder - we are the SteemChurch and we discuss all aspects of Christianity along with the principles and values it represents. You are welcome to post your thoughts here friend. However, some Biblical posts I have noticed at Steemit like to quote passages from the bible - with little to no relevance to today's world. If you want to be successful in teaching the scripture you must keep it relevant to your audience.

I look forward to your posts.


Is true the Bible says there is more blessings in giving than to take @steemchurch and as promised your pocket will never be empty.

Yes Bigssam - it is better to give than to receive. Though sometimes it is nice to do both isn't it?


Yes practicing both is just perfect

Dis is really Wat I actually been looking for. I will do my best

Excellent cjsonia - this is all anyone can ask.


There are no doubts that it's one of the greatest projects of steemit.

Brothers, count on my support so that Steemchurch continues to grow as a Christian community in steemit. I love the initiative. This is our thing I really liked the interpretation of my brother @abiye, my beautiful song, blessings for you.

Great work done by @sirknight may God bless you all in your work. I'm very glad to see this type of project. I'll try to give me 100% contribution in this project.

A good post @steemchurch . A good piece of information about god on the blockchain. Hope you give us more information about this

i am only but a newbie,still trying to set my feet on the ground properly and @sirknight you are more of the main mentor i have had since i joined....
may the good Lord continue to strengthen you.

I hope it is a clear platform for newbies. Hoping for a great start

I quite appreciate the good work you are doing in Steem church of God. I said praise the Lord, Alleluyah. The photographs are awesome. I follow and upvote you.

I'm a little slow on the bandwagon, but just sent my first pledge!

You have been a great blessing for my life. Thank you for everything you do. God Bless you.

Somebody help me how to get involved in steemchurch please

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