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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch

'Peace be with you'


For many, many weeks, the SteemChurch, the first ever Church of the Blockchain, has lived in the shadows of Steemit. Unseen. Unknown.

However, in our time here at SteemChurch we have shared our views on God, on Jesus, on the Bible and we have built a strong Christian community.

In this time we have discovered parishioners of great talent and built an effective administrative team.

We are now growing our presence and influence here at Steemit as we initiate new and exciting fund raising activities.

Our parishioners have also grown in STEEM POWER as they are rewarded for their beautiful and creative blogs - some of the most beautiful creations in the whole of Steemit.


The growth potential of our Church and the reward potential for our parishioners is enormous, however this Knight cannot drive this growth alone. As of right now, this Knight is on the search for new Church leaders who will propel our Church to new heights and its full potential - watch this space.


In the meantime however - it is time to make a name for our Church. It is time to become the most recognised community within Steemit. It is time to... design a T-shirt.

Not just any T-shirt mind you. It is time to design this T-shirt...

Let's celebrate our love of Steemit, by gifting to Steemit a design they will cherish!

We have until April 20th to submit our top designs to [email protected]

Let's support one another to ensure a SteemChurch parishioner WINS this prestigious competition.

I am... just like you, a parishioner within the great SteemChurch


AWESOME SteemChurch concept logo above by @estheromoyiwola
Original publication



Very true sir STEEMCHURCH is yet to leave her presence and influence here at Steemit it time for the STEEMCHURCH legacy to known all over the blockchain as one biggest and more influencing community
The crusade for freedom must be held by everyone

Most of us didn't know where to go with our Christian stuff on steemit due to many beliefs and religion. The coming of the steemchurch has indeed paved a way for many hidden talents to surface. @sirknight you truely deserves commendation, thank you and God bless you. I will gladly partake in this contest.

This is the highest level of blogging to create a church =)

Fantastic Elviento - thanks so much for dropping by.

It feels like we haven't spoken since the Great Steem Wars.

How have you been? How is that Whale Sonar of yours? Got any new apps available or in the pipeline?


Yes, you're right @sirknight, we havn't talked for a long time. I don't develop my apps because I spend a lot of time working. I'm glad to hear from you!

Lovely..... indeed the church is marching on!!!

Indeed Brother Abiye - the Church is MARCHING on!

The Growth of the Church brings true satisfaction - i'm proud to be among this Movement!

Btwn, does the design have to be on this very Picture or any other similar Picture?

JEHOVAH JIREH, MEANING: The Lord will provide. Application: Just as God tasted a ram as a substitute for Isaac, He proved to be his son Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice. God will supply all my needs.

JEHOVAH JIREH, MEANING: The Lord will provide. Application: Just as God tasted a ram as a substitute for Isaac, He proved to be his son Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice. God will supply all my needs.

Bit by bit the church is matching on.. We the #teamghana await to participate in bingo the coming Sunday.

What's going on Bigssam? Are you copying Brother Abiye's typos?

Sorry I never looked at that...

Shirt designs, hmm this seems like another concept that will really usher in a whole lot of entries, creativities and a whole lot more, I gloriously await.

Don't await Jose. Participate!

The blockchain waits for no one.


Certainly @sirknight it beckons I must answer

Am not very good at designing but I will try like always, most of my design for bingo were unnoticed because of the amazing design other parishioners did, I will try because you never know, I might be the lucky winner this time

Awesome concept leader!!! We have so many creative designers in the church and I also look forward to seeing lot of beautiful t shirt designs

The talent here at SteemChurch amazes me prudent lady. And your work is a fine example of this.


A blockchain church never sounded real at first but now it is becoming a church of the crypto-world

The new Church logo is beautiful.
I would submit my shirt design soon.
I'm so glad to be a part of steemchurch.

Looking forward to it adedoy!


This is great. @steemchurch keeps showing the light everyday.
I know @steemchurch is taking this community to next level

In the name of SteemChurch let us resteem this post so that everyone can join and submit their logo design for the T-shirt. Long Live SteemChurch. Join the Crusade!

Oh my goodness, it's Speedy Gonzales! Sniff and Scurry will be thrilled to see you here. ; )


I think they will not easily see Speedy Gonzales. He's faster than Flash.

wow that great, thanks @sirknight for being a great leader, I know that here in @steemchurch there is good export talent, and I can check with the design of Bingo. I will put all my effort to make a great design for this contest.

always remembering that God honors those who honor him, God bless you gentleman SK

my dear friend @sirknight,very awesome post,the new church logo is beautiful,Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold,

Did you know Sibbir - Steem, Silver, Gold are 3 of this Knight's favourite things?


wow great post @sirknight thanks for sharing with us i always follow you for more good blog thanks brother @sirknight

Thanks for this initiative @sirknight forever bring the best for steemchurch, I will be very pleased to participate in this contest

thanks @sirknight for always being on the lookout for the best in the best things, we will go to design that shirt to leave the name of @steemchurch on high.

No thank you Darlenys for always being the Church's number 1 comment contributor. We wouldn't be where we are without you.


excellent dear friend, I am not very good with the designs, but trust me to help you continue to expand the love of Jesus on the platform

Roseri - I will take you up on this pledge to help build the SteemChurch.

Those who do not design can be out commenting and promoting our Order. And there is always Bingo - we need to round up as many participants as we can get.


Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Nice one Ruben. I will take 1,000. They will have to be in extra, extra large though to fit over my armour plating. ; )


With pleasure not 1000 but 1000 master, and with disposition to carry out any activity that you entrust me. Os

This is so great, and awesome and cool. Upvoted and resteemed.

I will go and start my own designs.

Amazing post...dear @sirknight and great writing..i really love your post.thanks for sharing with us this i just resteem and upvote...... ♥♥♥

Thank you for the kind words and resteem amranahmed. SK.

very true Sir steemchurch
the shirt design is steemchurch

This is wonderful.. Im full time part of this movement.

Hands on the job, my dear Sirknight. Blessings .. Steemchurch is in honor.

Thank you for your blessings lorennys. SK.

I love designing and creating I am very excited to start God guiding our steps and give us all the best creativity and design. Thank you my dear apostle

No, 'thank you' for your enthusiasm Michelle.


My design for you master and your two little friends. Os!!

Hahaha, another design Ruben. Love it - I am sure SnS will love it too.


am excited about this usually, my posts about God are not usually viewed by people but steem church is here to boost the people that love God and by the way, do we have a discord channel ? so i can join about the designs honestly am not so good. Just in case you guys need any help am so much available
may the grace of God fill you all

Thanks for this initiative. I'm excited about this. There are very creative people in this community. May the best win. Regards!

Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer pepitagold.

I'm new to the platform. I have published some post, my English is not very good but I try, my native language is Spanish. I invite you to go through my post. I have a lot to share! Thanks for taking the time and answering my comment. I'm happy to be here. Blessings brother!

Yes, to create ... As always available to execute the requested, we go for that number one for our church ...

Hello friends of steemit is my collaboration for the initiative of @sirknight I hope you like it.

Hello friends of steemit is my collaboration for the initiative of @sirknight I hope you like it.

Thanks for posting this, its a great initiative

You are welcome ayoyemi.

Hello friends of steemit for the initiative of @sirknight. I drew a design logo for steemchurch

Here are some of my designs sir. @steemchurch is taking over, long live steemchurch, long live freedom crusader.



These are my two designs,my submission for the steemit gear.



These are my lovely and unique designs:



I will gladly work on that dear brother SirkNight. Thank you for assessing the flyer I made for bingo. When there is an opportunity, help us in Venezuela.

My pleasure Emilio and I am looking forward to what you can produce for Steemit. You are one of our best and brightest.


Hello, how I hope you are well here I present my design, I hope you like it. Greetings.

mi diseño mujer.jpg

Hello, this is my first shirt design, I hope you like it. Greetings.


Creative way of making God known and offering great opportunities for mind blowing creations....... Way to go Steem Church

Working on a design already for the church.

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