SteemChurch Venezuela impacting lives through sports.

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Steemchurch Venezuela, Vastago foundation, the A dollar a day project initiated by @pennsif and its collaborators that are making possible projects in many parts of the world, all united in the same effort, have made possible the donation of soccer balls, and dispensers for hydration to the foundation San Celestino football Club. see project in the following link.

Team sub 6 of San Celestino Football club and @sc-v

It has been a wonderful day, it is indescribable what it feels to bring joy to the generation of relief that will impact the world. San celestino is a modest foundation, a family, so it was not felt today by its Technical Director, who showed his gratitude for such noble work.

The parents and representatives of the children, showed their gratitude to the team of @ sc-v and foundation Vastago, so we did not pass the opportunity to promote the platform and spread words of blessing through Steemchurch.

In this way we become the official sponsors of San Celestino Football club.

Steemchurch Venezuela shows its gratitude @pennsif for the trust placed in this project, @sirknight, our leader of Steemchurch, and Vastago foundation, to all collaborators, especially sister @rypo01 who traveled from far away to bring your donation.

Finally, thanks to the team @ sc-v who worked in this activity @xioran, @taty17, @mildreuh, @kenaliz85, @jorgelis23, @xiore, @giacamila777.Many thanks for supporting this project.


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A very special day with these beautiful children, their sweetness makes us smile again, first thank God for allowing me to live these moments, to feel that we are useful to others is something that can not be explained, thanks @Sirknight without you would not be reality Thanks to Vastago Foundation, thank you @pennsif for your support.

Thank you for your kind comments about the A Dollar A Day project.

We are very happy to be able to continue to support the great work you are doing with the children.

SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v has been chosen to receive another donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @cecicastor, @cryptocurator, @deliberator, @goldendawne, @mother2chicks, @redrica, @steevc & witnesses @aggroed, @quochuy & @steemcommunity

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

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Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Thank you, @pennsif and collaborators for such a nice gesture.


This is a great job from SteemChurch Venezuela
You are really impacting the lives of people through different means.
Building children up through sports is a great initiative.
I really commend the brains behind this.
@pennsif your efforts is greatly appreciated.
@sirknight thanks for your vision

Wow! I can tell from the pictures that the event was really interesting and you guys had a great time. Steemchurch Venezuela, you doing great work, well done and keep it up, we are solidly behind you

Delighted to contribute my grain of sand to this cause and to all those who come, grateful to @sirknight @pennsif and @darlenys01 for the opportunity they give us to be able to collaborate with these noble causes. Blessings to all, let's continue working together.

Arriba SteemChurch Venezuela, excellent work, we go forward with the help of God, we achieve the dream of building a better country. Thanks to @pennsif for their great collaboration so that these efforts can be carried out, thank @sirknight for being an excellent leader, thanks to our dear apostle for being a tireless warrior of God and thanks to all the Steemchurch Venezuela team for their dedication, for its arduous desire and disposition of work in all time infinite Blessings.

Steemchurch is touching every part of the world .
steemchurch Venezuela is doing a great job.
putting smile on all thare children and impacting their lives is amazing.
long live steemchurch

Congratulations dear @sc-v, for this great contribution for the children of Venezuela. Thanks to @sirknight and @pennsif and to vastago fundation for this great support. In the same way to all those who collaborated to draw smiles on the faces of children and parents. I know Leader @darlenys01 will do a great job

I'm glad that you are promoting the sport and more in children, this is great, SC-V is doing an amazing job. thanks to the apostle @darlenys for a beautiful work done with excellence.

Congrats dear @sc-v, for this incredible commitment for the offspring of Venezuela. Because of @sirknight and @pennsif and to vastago fundation for this extraordinary help. An exceptionally uncommon day with these delightful youngsters, their sweetness influences us to grin once more, first say thanks to God for enabling me to experience these minutes, to feel that we are helpful to others is something that can not be clarified, expresses gratitude toward @Sirknight without you would not be reality Thanks to Vastago Foundation, thank you @pennsif for your help.

An exceptionally uncommon day with these delightful kids, their sweetness influences us to grin once more, first express gratitude toward God for enabling me to experience these minutes, to feel that we are valuable to others is something that can not be clarified, says thanks to @Sirknight without you would not be reality Thanks to Vastago Foundation, thank you @pennsif for your support.Arriba SteemChurch Venezuela, superb work, we go ahead with the assistance of God, we accomplish the fantasy of building a superior nation. On account of @pennsif for their incredible joint effort so these endeavors can be completed, thank @sirknight for being a phenomenal pioneer, because of our dear missionary for being a resolute warrior of God and on account of all the Steemchurch Venezuela group for their devotion, for its burdensome want and air of work in untouched unending Blessings.

Glory and Honor is always mainly for God, He provides the seed to the sower, The accompanying ones in the donation, @elpastor and @mamidalia totally convinced that together we can achieve many things for the benefit of our Country Venezuela. Let's continue Apostol ... Next season, CANTAURA, firstly God.

@ sc-v hand in hand with our beloved @ darlenys01 is destined to make significant changes in our society, the blessing of @sirknight and @steemchurch are a symbol that God through his holy spirit touches people and gives them the conception of that this world must be better and that is achieved by making contributions and helping those who really need it.

Glory to God, I am happy for each of those achievements that are testifying to the truth, seriousness and commitment of this great project, which is already being felt in our country. God bless all those who are part of these donations. The children are happy ... Blessings

Congratulations, this is how a country moves forward putting a grain of sand to help those who want to get ahead despite adversity, sc-v is doing a great work, thanks to the leader @ sirknight, our apostle @ darlenys01 and the foundation scion. It is a dream come true. May God bless you and thanks to @ pennsif for his great project.