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Children's Day in each country is celebrated on different days and in Venezuela it is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. This celebration is in force in the country since 1990 and this year was celebrated today. For @sc-v it is a privilege to be present in some way in the lives of the children, we did several activities in four Ministries, today we will share the celebration from Cantaura State Anzaotegui, @elpastor and @mamidalia along with their team were the hosts of this activity, they sent us their management report, this special collaboration was made by the mother church @steemchurch, with the support of our Apostle @ darlenys01, we thank @sirknight and all the members of this great family.

This day is very special for Venezuelans because it celebrates the day of all the children of Venezuelan homes, especially because they will be the future of the country, but it is also celebrated to honor and emphasize the needs of children around the world Once demonstrating that strength is the union, teamwork is paramount to achieve common goals, the church worldwide has in its hands the responsibility to empower the young people who will mark a nation.

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"Every day God is adding value to this human network of love that is Steemchurch, thanks to these people that the Lord has raised to do his work, be fishermen of souls."


Recreational activity "International Children's Day.

48 boys and girls, 22 young people and 45 adults from the community of Puerto Colón Cantaura Sector and from the local church, enjoyed during the early hours of the day a varied program with recreational, educational and cultural activities, carried out in the internal areas of the church local Getsemaní. All this in order to celebrate the "International Day of the Boy and Girl"

The cultural and educational work entitled "The Creation of God" was presented by young people from the @Steemchurch International Ministry and by young people from the local church to the delight of the children.

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The children were also able to enjoy sweets, party fare and their favorite "pizza" dish.

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It should be noted that the realization of this recretive activity called "International Children's Day" had the collaboration and support of the International Ministry @Steemchurch, through its leader and apostle @darlenys01; who with all his heart and love did what is humanly possible for this activity to be carried out, despite the crisis situation in which our country Venezuela is. Likewise, also thank the parish @ sc-v and its leader, our sister @ricci01 who from the heart continues to support the action plan of @sc-v Cantaura.

The team of @sc-v Cantaura, remains committed to the implementation of the Action Plan submitted to the Ministry @Steemchurch International and @sc-v, with the best intention of continuing to develop recreational, educational, cultural and sports activities that benefit children, youth and adults of the community.

Soon we will have the official inclusion to the Telos platform, our children from the city of Cantaura, a lot of work ahead.

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In the same way, @elpastor, thanks all the members of @ sc-v Cantaura who made it possible for children to enjoy various recreational activities on this day.
Thanks to: @mamidalia, @dali13, @carlis20, @ennimariana, @oscar20, @carmentita, @gloriana071, johalys48, @gressy, @kimbi09, @elisonr13, @emil01, @fany, @jacobbendice, @merry01, @luxiannys01.
Special thanks to @carmentita who was in charge of preparing the pizzas. @gloriana071 and @dali13 who prepared the cultural works for the enjoyment of children.

God continue to bless the Steemchurch International Ministry to continue supporting activities of a social nature.


What to do now?

@Sc-v, will be in the communities and rural areas implementing social work and our educational campaigns, to which we will integrate Steemchurch Telos, this is a wonderful opportunity to grow, to bring hope to many people, children are the fundamental pillars to build that desired future.

SteemChurch Telos Expansion:

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The SteemChurch Telos expansion is about establishing ourselves on a new platform capable of facilitating commerce, banking, trade and logistics' - opening up many more opportunities than social media and blogs.

Telos is one of the most advanced blockchains on the planet. Incredibly fast and highly scalable. Built from the same blockchain architecture as EOS, Telos can do everything EOS can do. At the moment, however, Telos is relatively unknown and resources are cheap. Which means that we are establishing here at an ideal time.

For the first access to your account we recommend that you download SQRL to your PC.

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We are about to begin our challenge in the "Goldencenser", initiated by @maxdevalue in our infrastructure Telos Steemchurch, you can read all the information in the following link:

Blessed are those who work for peace, because they will be called children of God. Matthew 5: 9 | NVI

Support this project on!/@sc-v/wx2n2agr9

We thank our collaborators

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This message has the support of @steemchurch International Ministry, the community that leads the crusade for freedom through the love of Jesus, freedom of the body, soul and spirit to impact the world. Created on the blockchain steem and expanded to the improved blockchain Telos.

Read more about our vision here

Steemchurch is a community that establishes social projects in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines, educating and training children, so that they are men and women who change history tomorrow.


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world

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I am very happy with the way in which these young people are working, continue doing the good work I believe that in a short time we will have the official parish @sc-v-Cantaura, personally I love the people who believe God in little and is faithful, because I know that it will expand quickly like the light of the Aurora until the day is perfect, great work @elpastor, @mamidalia, thanks @ricci01 for carrying @sc-v as God expects, a kingdom work.

We are working for the children of Venezuela and the world, what a pleasure it is to serve, thanks @sc-v, forward always.

Excellent work sister @ricci01, blessings to your life and to all who were present.

There is hope where there’s love! Sacrifice is an eternal, please keep that act alive!

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Wow! This is very great day, I love the idea of this celebrating empowering our younger generation, motivation and support to enlightening future success. Thank you very much @ricci0 for this good job!

Great work the guys of Cantaura, thanks to all the leaders in action, God bless you.

Great @sc-v, what a beautiful celebration with the children of cantaura this beautiful day From a distance, my greetings and blessings.

Excellent work @sc-v, God bless all those who made the life of these little ones happy in their day. DTB

Congratulations to the people of @sc-v who work every day and have stayed in action believing God, @elpastor and @ricci01.

Greetings @ ricci01. Beautiful publication. Thank you for supporting our Cantaura community.

Blessings for the entire team @ sc.v. From Cantaura we remain committed to our social program. Interesting publication I enjoy it.

Important smile that @ sc-v brought children in Cantaura. Congratulations and blessings.

Glorious recreational activity for children in their day. Blessings @ sc-v

Thanks to @Steemchurch and @ sc-v for all the support given to carry out the activity of the International Children's Day, which took place in our community of Cantaura. Greetings from the entire team and from the local church. Blessings

Thank you very much to all the members of @steemchurch, for all your support, God bless you more, especially @darlenys01 and @ricci01

Thank you for all the support provided for this activity to take place, God bless you more every day.

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