Promo-Mentors Partners With Fundition to Show The World What Steem Can Do! #Steemchallenge

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with @Fundition on our project to massively spread awareness of Steem on social media. We can not be more excited about this as we have been preparing this project for the last four months (link to initial post) and with the support of @Fundition, today we are proud to present to you:

Getting Steem to the masses by spreading out videos about Steem on social media. We want to spread awareness to people all around the world, about what people can do with the same amount of Steem. We will start out with 5 Steem, which is around 5 US dollars in today's prices. Some people are only able to buy a Starbucks coffee with the current value, and others are able to do their groceries or buy a nice present with that amount. It doesn't matter, what we want, is to show people that it is possible to earn cryptocurrency (Steem). However we don't want to send out the wrong message that everyone can be rich through Steem, but just that Steem is here and that it has real monetary value.


  1. Create a video showing how you can spend 5 Steem (you don't have to sell your Steem for fiat)
  2. Spread this on Social Media
  3. Make a Steemit post, and submit it to us through our website. Submission page

The Steem doesn't actually need to be sold for fiat money. In many places this is not possible, but it would be a cool addition to the video to show people how you can sell Steem for your currency.

More details can be found on the submission page. The challenge is ongoing so there is no dealine.

Naturally, we want to support you guys with the video creation which is why:

  • We will feature videos on our blog and website for which you can earn up to 50% of the post rewards depending on how much traction your video got and other actions. More details on the Submission page.
  • Fundition will give your Steemit post a nice upvote of $2 if you have met the minimum requirements.
  • We have weekly workshops and courses on how to promote your social media blog in our Discord server. Invite link

To start this off with a bang, there will be a (very friendly!) contest with a time frame of 2 weeks to enter. We are going to hold multiple contests with each a different theme and Steem prizes to help you all with thinking what to do with 5 steem. The contests are an addition to the ungoing challenge, and will allow everyone the opportunity to sponsor the participants and the project itself.

The first contest will be announced after this post!

To give you guys an idea on how this project could look like on the web we have linked a few videos below of Steemians on how they approach the Steem challenge!

Note: the videos below were made with different requirements than the ones on the Submission page.

Cooking food for children in Venezuela by @cindycam


Buying a present for fathers day by @kaizag

How much 5 Steem can mean in Indonesia @mariska.lubis

Do you need help to start? Do you want to offer your help? Join our Discord community (invite link) to get in contact with others!

For collaboration you can contact @futurethinker#8830 on discord.







This is such a great initiative! Not only does it promote steem worldwide, but it also creates some awareness about the economical realities of each country and the people of this platform. It also helps the participants in the form of upvotes. I'm happy to be part of this, and expect a video from me as well, even though I may just show a Starbucks coffee lol =).

Starbucks lol... I'm very pleased to be a part of promo-mentors.

If you are reading this you can find me in the newcomers workshop on promo-mentor's discord server

We going global now


I'm having fun creating promo videos for Steem. Won't miss this one :) Can I make an animated video?

Interesting project can't wait to try to enter :D

Can't wait to see your entry @maya525!

We can't wait either ;)

You guys always have great ideas to make people understand and use this Steem blockchain in a good way, for a better world and future. I am so proud of you guys... Keep the good work! God bless you... Huge hug and kiss from Indonesia...

Thank you for your kind words @mariska.lubis! We were very humbled by your entry, and hope to see more of you!

Hi @promo-mentors, a recent topic has been raised about dropping the focus on the idea of "quality" to Steemit as a blogging platform and start making it appeal to the masses as how other social medias around are.

Will the project affect the "quality" to contents published in the platform once it brought many users to the community?

Hey @imawreader, you are referring to the post of taskmaster right? I had seen that post.

Will the project affect the "quality" to contents published in the platform once it brought many users to the community?

If I understand your question correctly, you wonder what type of "quality" posters this project could attract. That is a good question. I agree with that not everybody need to spend a lot of time in making quality posts. In fact I think posts that focussed on friends and family, and that are not "quality" are perfectly fine. But we have to avoid people spamming steemit just to get votes. Which is why I wrote this in this post:

However we don't want to send out the wrong message that everyone can be rich through Steem, but just that Steem is here and that it has real monetary value.

I hope we will send the right message to people with this project and that we don't attract the spammers.

Good question.

I was indeed referring to taskmaster's post. He has some points but I kind of don't like his way of thinking. As someone who was welcomed with the culture of how Steemit and other authors are maintaining the foundation of the network, I couldn't do anything but disagree.

I believe his points may be applicable to DApps as they are likely more similar to other social media, like how DTube is similar to YouTube. However, it may be better for DApps to have default (first) tag to identify their content.

Nonetheless, it's good to know that Steemit is now working on SEO for Steem and Steemit website. It's about time that contents made from the platform should be identifiable from contents made from DApps.

This is a great idea - I'll enter a video for this. About time I get back to vlogging!

that's awesome. You should get back to it

Looking forward to your entry @eftnow!

Haha nice! Looking forward to your entry !

This is huge @promo-mentors! Congratulations on the partnership.

I love the contest and ideas are already poping on my head, gotta wooooork now. Let's see what I can do with 5 Steem in Brazil.

Perfect. Love this initiative. Getting the Steem message out in the open by showing everyone how it can help everyone. Even in this bear market 5 STEEM still has a lot of value especially in developing countries. Looking forward to the entries!!!

It's an amazing contest. we should take part in this project let's try and see😎😎

You should definitely join us in promoting Steem! ;)

beautiful project. I hope that many more want to join this great initiative.

Thank you @roseri, we hope to too!

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