How we want to grow the Steem blockchain

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Authored by futurethinker

As we are stakeholders of this platform we feel it's important to take part of growing the network. Last week we set up specific plans in our roadmap. In this blog we will discuss one of our plans in detail, which aligns with our mission to impact lives positively through blockchain technology.

Our plan is to spread awareness of Steem through small initiatives. These initiatives could be anything such as a charity deed, direct promotion of Steem or any creative ideas that benefit the society and the Steem platform and will be required to be recorded in video form. We will fund these initiatives through part of our the earnings we receive from our post rewards.

By having many people initiating projects for the good of Steem the awareness for Steem will not only increase through the initiatives themselves, but we believe when we posts the videos on other social media like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, the chances are that a few of these initiatives will get picked up by a large audience, and if we are lucky go viral.

The good part is that this won't costs much funds to set up. With 5 to 10 steem (about $15 to $30 in current prices) people can do a lot, especially in countries with a weak economy. With our current support we will be able to fund several small initiatives each week.

We believe that people who put in the effort need to be rewarded, so their video will be posted on our blog post and they will receive part of the posting rewards. By posting on our blog we will also create one place where people can see the impact of what people are able to do with a small amount of steem.

To ensure our funds will not be misused, we require the following from our participants:

  • To be verified and genuine users. This will be decided by us through their blogging activity. In case they have not posted much they can submit verification to us in the form of a photo or video.

  • Show their face in the video

  • Mention the date and promo-mentors in the video, so that we know it's not an older video

  • Show what they have bought with the funds

  • These requirements are not final and will be adjusted if needed

First of all if you have a small initiative that you want to start contact me (@futurethinker) on Discord.

You can join our team and help with making people aware of our offer.

Support our blogs! The rewards goes to our fund and the team who work hard to build promo-mentors.

If you want to directly help fund the small initiatives you can donate to us in which you "donation for initiatives" in your memo (the other part of our fund is used to find promising steemians).

If you are a big stake holder and want to see certain initiatives happen, contact us and we will discuss with the whole team how we can make it happen. Our core team consists of 15 members from different English and Spanish communities.

Reward distribution post:
Account 35%, author 25%, fund 30%, graphic designer 10%

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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100% vote + resteem

totally support this concept. I have been chatting with @donkeypong on a very similar concept ;P


Thank you for your support! @cryptohustlin


Thanks man! Haha that is good to hear! Glad we are not the only ones thinking of this.

I will connect with you on this.

Hello! @promo-mentors I'm Pat from Philippines. I created 1 video for steem promotion in my country, and another one for a short Steemit How-To. Recently I created a video ad for the agency where I work to.

With all those little experiences, I humbly apply to be part of your team.

May I know your discord tag? The discord invitation link you provided here redirected me to your steemit profile and not to your discord link.

Thank you! Hoping to hear anything from you.


Weird! The link should work. Here is it: ;)

You can contact me on there @futurethinker

This a great initiative. I have been recommending Steemit for some time and helping new steemians to integrate into the community, with courses and conferences. I have done it with little money and I am really happy with the achievements. With some support I know I would do bigger things. I hope to get good partnerships to further boost the work I've been promoting Steemit.


Hello @danielvehe! Send me a DM on discord! We can have a chat!

This is a GREAT use and management of resources! I look forwarder to this! I would like to submit @Oracle-D at some point, once you have a few blogs already running for this initiative!


Thank you @starkerz! Looking forward to work with your new company!

I have also been thinking about doing something similar and incorporating it within my projects. I will be contacting you directly

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Looking forward to talk to you!

We shoud definitely work together to make this benefit Steem the most!

@steemitachievers members and @steemph.cebu will love this!


The Cebu community is familliar to us! We are less familiar with @steemitachievers are you able to contact them?

We should have a chat about this!


Thanks for mentioning us, we'd be glad to support this. Great idea you have here, @futurethinker.

I'm so glad to be member of this incredible staff, whose aim is to boost people not only in their blogs but also in their individual projects.

I'm definitly so lucky. Thank you staff!


We are lucky with you too! ;)

Very interesting initiative... I have been referred to this by @maverickinvictus and he is very excited about it... I can see why! Very good group with noble mission! I will talk with Mav and see what I can do to help you :)


Awesome! Thanks a lot! Speak to you soon!



Wonderful iniative!! Proud of you @futurethinker



Hey @ashleykalila! Thank you very much and for the support you have given us!

I hope you are doing well!

Good idea but at times I feel discouraged to talk to people about steem yet because the discovery of good content is still limited and those who take in so much effort to put up an original content that inspire and add value to the community don't get good rewards because they don't have good steem power while those with good steem power either donate it to bots or use it for their personal interest only.

I have alot of people who are tired of the platform because they don't get good rewards to their post and some have even abandoned their accounts, so bringing in more people without settling the issue of rewarding quality write ups will result to bringing in people that will eventually leave out of frustration.

Most of my posts are in cents and highest 4 dollars when @teardrops picks my post and @surpassinggoogle votes it as he on the trail.

Am not against the initiative but if the problem on ground is not solved then we might only be creating more problem.


@inspiredgideon1 I understand your frustration. And it is true that due to bots that curation has dropped, however like every platform only posting good content is not enough to be discovered, yes there are lucky ones, but in these cases these person kept putting out quality content. Steemit is more than just posting, it is a true "social" media in which you interact with people. If you compare steemit to other platforms like youtube or facebook, I am quite certain the changes of being discovered there is much lower, and even if you are, you won't earn as much as on Steemit.

And there are many ways to get noticed on Steemit. You just have to research where to look. For example if you join promo-mentors we have curators there that will look at your guaranteerd if you join one of our workshops.

And sometimes if you have posted for a long time, you might need to reflect on yourself if you are truly putting out quality. If your posts are indeed are enjoyable to read to others. If you join our community you can get honest feedback on this. And there are many more people and communities that are aiming to support each other.

Maybe you should look a little bit further :)

This is a very good initiative. Are team members included? You know what I mean :)

I thought it was interesting. Do I need to be good at English to participate?


No necessarily! If you can make yourself understandable is fine!


Thank you. I participated in @promo-mentors discord group.

This is a great way of getting the platform involved, support some initiatevies and promoting steem this way!

Love it FT, resteeming/.

Hae @promo-mentors. Why is it that when I click your discord channel invitation, I am redirected to slothicorn discord channel?


Hey @morken thanks for noticing it. We already updated the discord link. All the best.


You’re much welcome! Lovelots!

Promo-mentors always ensuring promotion at first hand. I think this is one of the best initiatives so far on the steem blockchain to support steem promotion and mass adoption. Keep it up. Kudos to @futurethinkers


Thank you for the kind words! @tj4real

The purpose is to be people capable of creating awareness, of humanizing, of achieving the good, of making life look differently. United by this change. @futurethinker


Hello @cindycam! Yes hope we can work together on this change!

great job... it will incourse to new steeminer...

Am in @futurethinker. It's a Great initiative

Great initiative!I will try my best to support your Mission.. regards

Can't seem to find you on discord. You can contact me at @entrepreneur916#4645

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I send you a message. However it doesn't show a picture. You can always contact me by joining the promo-mentors discord community or through the promo-steem community.

I resteem this post because i love the concept

I will try and support you to the end

Perdonen que emita mi opinión en castellano, pero es que mi inglés no es muy bueno... soy testigo del trabajo que han venido haciendo y me parece que están apuntando en la dirección adecuada, sin mezquindades y con una visión amplia que fomenta la calidad con un esquema ganar-ganar... Excelente trabajo

Bravo! This is a great idea. I'll always be supportive for all this innitiaves who seek to help people to build business models and projects on STEEM...

I just send you a DM on Discord @futurethinker, thank you for this...

This is a great idea. You guys are awesome!!

Wow this is amazing.. Big thanks to those behind this including @futurethinker.

I pray @backtoschool project will be considered for this.


We would like to talk to you about your project!

Send us a DM ;)


Okay, I will do that ASAP

wow.. what a brilliant ideas you have. I have an idea to growing up steemit members in around the world, will contact your discord ASAP


We are looking forward to this!