May's STEEM transfers and June's first received donations

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Hi steemians! Last week we announced the List of wiki collaborators with a right to receive a share of the STEEM collected in May and as proposed in the project's Rules yesterday we just made the transfers to the participants @someguy123 (29.432 STEEM), @inertia(29.982) and @seablue (100.882). And the participants @paolobeneforti and @wagnertamanaha prefered to donate their total amount of 78.100 STEEM to be shared to this month's collaborators.

Thanks again to all participants, donators, followers and suporters, we invite you to continue collaborating and keep working to make in the wiki about all Steem related things! With the Hardfork 18's new features maybe you could use the new tool (as explained by @heimindanger) to include us in rewards splitting or steem power delegation as new alternatives to support us. But just creating new wiki articles about these Steem recent features would be great :-)

Project's Balance

After the distributions and donations now we have 78.100 STEEM in our wallet. We hope the token value continues its spike and as we did yesterday, all STEEM collected in June would be shared among this month's participants. If you're interested, check our project's introduction and rules proposed and join us if you like. Or just upvote and resteem this post to increase the collected amount as an incentive to new participants.

Thanks and good luck for us all again!

Join the project!

If you too want to create an useful source to new steemians and transform in the wiki of all things Steem related, here is our invite to join the project. See the rules to know the proposal of rewarding the project's participant monthly. If you want to be in the next distribution list to earn a share of the STEEM collected here in June, please follow us @steemcenterwiki, register in with your Steemit username. Then start collaborating!

You can find suggestions to start new pages in Articles for Creation or choose one existent wiki page to update in the List of All Pages. If need help you use the MediaWiki tutorial as a guide to create and edit pages in wiki, wich works with MediaWiki, the same code of Wikipedia or ask for a personal response in #wiki channel.

You can also support the project with donations, just transfer any STEEM value to @steemcenterwiki. Or follow us, upvote, reply or resteem this post.

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the price of the Steem is growing so much, it seems. More new users will join, and they do need good tutorials even for the simplest things :)

Thank you for collaborating to make our wiki articles and its translations useful for new and current steemians from all over the world! Thanks and good luck again!

I'm looking forward to making more contributions this month.

Thank you! In May, with your collaboration, we had a record in new created wiki pages and updates. Thanks and good luck again!

Steem is great for storing and rewarding post-reply style content in a blochain. There is an opportunity for the first developer who can manage to create a blockchain based wiki...

As Steem blockchain and Mediawiki projects are in open source maybe our work can inspire an integration of both platforms in the future. There is also the Lunyr ( initiative that want to build a Ethereum based decentralized world knowledge base in blockchain that looks like Wikipedia with its own token. Thanks and good luck again!