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Hard Fork 18 implemented a feature when posting on the blockchain: to set a list of beneficiaries that will receive a percentage of the posting rewards. A very good change in my opinion as it allows new monetization options for developers working on/with STEEM.

This system has been used by a few apps already. ChainBB by @jesta takes 15%, or eSteem (the mobile STEEM app) by @good-karma takes 5%. These apps automatically set themselves as beneficiaries when people use them to post on the STEEM blockchain. After talking a bit with @fabien recently, I wouldn't be surprised to see Busy.org doing the same soon.

While these apps do it for their purpose, none of them actually let the user define his own beneficiaries. The only way to do it right now is to use the command line and follow this good post by @abit. Quite a challenge for most Steemians I believe...

So today, I decided to help out the community with a tool to post on the blockchain and set your own beneficiaries (and other posting options) easily:


The tool is pretty easy to use. You need to fill a big form:

  • Post Title
  • Post Permlink (will be generated from title)
  • Post Content (HTML/Markdown) - you can safely copy/paste the code from the steemit markdown or raw html.
  • Tags (the first tag will be the main one)
  • Your Username
  • Your posting key (can be found in Wallet -> Permissions, and by then clicking on 'Show Private Key')

  • Beneficiaries: Click on the add button and this popup will ask you some information for the beneficiary :

  • Steem Dollars %: This is a bit confusing to understand, but if you set it to 0% it is the same as the 'Power Up' feature in SteemIt. 100% is 50/50 like the default on SteemIt.
  • Max Accepted Payout: Self-explanatory. Set to 0 for 'declined payout' like on steemit. Or you can set like '100' if you want to make 'AT MOST' 100 SBD on your post. But who would want that?

This tool uses SteemJS, probably the best javascript tool to interact with the blockchain. For SteemJS, and his idea to add this feature on SteemWhales, I grant 10% of the rewards of this post to @fabien.

I also grant 2% to my temporary room mate @fayetristan who had to listen to shitty music while I was working on this.

If you see any problem, or any possible improvement, feel free to comment below. Needless to say, if you find the tool useful, feel free to add @heimindanger as a beneficiary, even for 1% it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise you can upvote and follow for more useful tools.

Happy rewards splitting to all,

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Nice, I thought of adding this options with recent changes planning to expand Advanced section on submitting post in eSteem...
Btw, chainbb is developed and maintained by @jesta, not @furion.

Oh LOL my bad

Please do, its a very nice idea!

This is so cool! Such a great idea to expose this functionality for anyone to use.

I keep thinking about how fantastic it will be to have worthy charities on Steemit gaining funds via donors which experience no loss aversion. I posted just last night about how I've "donated" to ChainBB without actually donating anything.

Thank you for building Steemwhales! IMO, it's one of the most useful tools for the steemit community. I use it often.


I hope we can fund charities like this. Imagine the good the Steemit community could do!

That would be amazing, love to implement charities on some posts....great idea

Working on it : )

Is so good

I would like to see teams and communities produce and curate collectively. This is the kind of tool we need to see for more quality and activity. Thank you to the devs and all others involved!

Follow back

You guys are way too savvy for me, but I'm listening. Hope I can learn a thing or two :)

I need this! I'm running a donation post currently and will have to handle it manually, so this would be so helpful. Thank you for putting this together!

There's one day left to build up post earnings, and currently the funds will be going to the Flint Water Fund. Given i was not able to use this tool, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could upvote, resteem, or reply to my post with the charity of their choice: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steem.engine/steem-donation-vote-for-the-recipient

Thanks again @heimindanger!

very good!

We're almost nearing HardFork 19 already and i didnt know about this cool little feature until now.

Will be using your editor to post stuff now whenever i wanna add beneficiaries! Wont forget to give you a teensy-weensy piece of the pie too!

Love this idea! Will be using this a bunch as par of my efforts of sharing wealth which this ability will greatly help. Thank you for your good work!

Very cute

hey heimindanger. I need to chat with you! Please reach out to me on steemitchat?

The form does a 404 when I hit submit :( Such tease!

DOesn't do it on my browser. Which one are you using? I can probably fix it quickly

Hmm strange, I'm using firefox .. Just refreshed and tried to do a test post and it submitted the form without errors, but I can't see the post yet..

fixed ;)

Interesting......the ideas just keep on coming!

nice....your post deserve my upvote and resteem....

Thankyou for this , super handy tool :D Big vote and resteem, keep up the great work

Cool tool! And interesting to know that eSteem takes 5%, did not know that. Thanks @heimindanger, will follow and upvoted

Who was the shitty musician you listened to? 🙂

I like this idea and will be testing it out.

The best use case I can think of is a post that requires two different strengths from two steemians. This allows for in depth project posts and should increase the future post quality.

Not really a shitty musician for me but I've been listening to Amy Winehouse quite a bit recently :)

Ahhh. Well sounds like it will all end well. 🙂

ChainBB is a good platform and if you are trying the same initiate. Its good news for all steemians. .. keep up the good work..

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Any chance you will develop something for easily delegating SP? :)
Also, can you elaborate more on the safety of our posting key when using this function? Thanks!

I could easily do a tool to delegate SP based on SteemJS. But I'm not 100% positive on this feature, I don't really see why we should give tools to inactive users, instead active curators should get rewarded more. I made a post about a curation bot recently that I consider a good alternative to delegating SP. Maybe I'll do it still, I agree it would be used a bunch and it's quite an easy job.

Good question about security. I should have talked about it in the article.

Your key is never sent over the wire (of course), and you can check that with any tool you'd like (chrome F12-> Network), or even WireShark if you are paranoid . Still, even in that case, losing your posting key is not a huge trouble as long as you control the owner key (or password) as a potential stealer could only upvote or post for you, not steal your coins.

For the delegating SP feature, I believe it would require the active key, and that would be a bigger security concern for users.

However, I need to mention that any app that currently asks for your password (steemit, steemconnect/busy, steepshot, esteem, etc) is a bad security practise for STEEM in general. We should be using our posting keys or keys in general to stay safer. As a general rule, my tool will always ask for the lowest credential required for the action requested. That's one of the reasons why I opted for a simple posting key solution for this tool (instead of using for example steemconnect).

Wow, thanks for such a detailed comment! I don't know everything you said but I feel safe and that's enough for me.. :)
I agree with your logic of not giving convenience to inactive users but for most high-stake users they normally have easy access to get this done, so this may only makes less resourceful inactive users less convenient. While SP delegation may still be useful for innovative usage of accounts, not just curating for rewards.
Thanks again for steemwhales.com. It's one of my favorites!

that's cool

I think this is a really good idea ! I'm a new user and not very technically minded at all so not really up to speed with the ins and outs of basic stuff right now but I look forward to seeing how this works out and using it myself in future!

Not sure if this is relevant here or not but there are a couple of things I would like to suggest for the steemit platform such as seperating the posts and comments into seperate tallies to give a clearer view of content creation by each user and also some way of bookmarking posts to read later. @tarazkp suggested a star system which I think could work as it does on many other platforms.

Thanks a lot!

What a great tool! This came out of nowhere, thanks!

Awesome idea and a useful tool for steemit. Well done !

gret job!
the more the merrier :-)

Finally. I think this is the missing feature to increase development on Steem ecosystem.

Bookmarking this post. Nice explanation @heimindanger.

Thanks for information and advice.

Valuable information. Thank you.

Error! Expected version 128, instead got 38 in getting this error repeatedly, can you tell me why.

This means you are using your public posting key instead of your private one.

What an amazing idea i really appreciate your thinking !

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I'm a little tipsy to get this in entirety, but I think I Love you LOL

When I'm more sober :-)

Ha re shitty music!

Totally agree !!!

Do I have to include every person who I want the app to vote on ? Or does it vote on everyone under the "new" tab? The app doesnt seem to be working?

Concerning the Steemit Upvote Chrome Extension ?

The author list will always get upvoted, otherwise it will upvote organically contents from the new tab. Can I see your settings?

Great idea , keep it up with the nice job done

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@heimindanger Hey there,

I was going to test this myself but there seems to be an error.

Here is a screenshot for you:

http://imgur.com/a/fRn1v (firefox)

I appreciate the work you've put in!

how do Past Payouts $1,092.55 ?
can help me why >?

like that

Great explanation, that pretty much has answered my question :) Thank you for your time @heimindanger ! Probably pretty soon there will be another platform using steem blockchain for photography community that will ease their lives :) Cheers!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Nice is post you..
Please follow back..

Man thanks for this. It's exactly what I need!!! Bookmarking this page.

Hi heimindanger, just a quick question about "Max Accepted Payout". When this is set to zero, does this mean none of the beneficiaries receive their SP payment, or is it just the author of the post?

How can you tell who the beneficiaries of a post are?

@hanshotfirst Add .json at the end of a post link and check for yourself (Search for "beneficiaries":).

Example, for this post we have this URL -

and the beneficiaries are -


Sorry for the off topic question. Where did you find this template for the app? I'm trying to develop some app and I see that lots of people using the same template but I couldn't find source of it. Thanks!

I come long after payout time but,
is there a possibility to get full coe of this page ? on github for example ?
I am willing to learn it and maybe use it on a future informative bot