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@FreedomAdvocacy Steemit guide to delegating STEEMPOWER.

Hello Steemians, @FreedomAdvocacy again here today to give write a handy guide on how you can delegate some of your upvote weight/power to your favorite authors and bloggers on Steemit automatically!

First the what and the why of delegation.

When you delegate your STEEMPOWER to someone, you are allowing that account to borrow and utilize your STEEMPOWER. As an example, if you set your account to delegate 20SP to @FreedomAdvocacy, your account loses that voting weight, however the FreedomAdvocacy account gains it. Your Steemit account keeps all delegate STEEMPOWER set to the side, so you aren't giving anything away, and you can revoke your delegations at any time.

This handy service is provided by SteemBotTracker. Allowing access to a service like this grants you the ability to loan promising and rewarding steemit accounts STEEMPOWER, so when that account votes it adds the delegated STEEMPOWER to the weight. Delegation combined with Curation Trails can have a very powerful effect on Steemit. If there is a creator on Steemit you enjoy, and you wish to assist their efforts but you find it difficult to log into Steemit every day to do so, delegating STEEMPOWER is a great way to make sure that your Steemit account still has an impact, never missing an opportunity to show your support in the form of a increasing upvote weight and power.

Reasons to delegate to @FreedomAdvocacy

Why support @FreedomAdvocacy with SP delegation?

@FreedomAdvocacy is a semi-automated account designed to upvote any post which promotes freedom, liberty and equality. All accounts within Steemit utilize STEEMPOWER to increase the amount of voting power their account has. By delegating STEEMPOWER to @FreedomAdvocacy, you are lending your account's voting power over for @FreedomAdvocacy to use.

By delegating to @FreedomAdvocacy, you will be supporting many authors and content creators automatically. Through delegation you will increase this account's ability to help curate other liberty minded accounts through an increase of voting power and direct payouts. Increasing @Freedomadvocacy's STEEMPOWER directly correlates to higher payouts for the authors we curate. Delegation increases our accounts power, and allows you to not worry about missing an opportunity to help us grow.

Delegation service provided by SteemBotTracker

Delegation setup:

  • Goto SteemBotTracker and SteemConnect.com and sign up to use these services. (SteemConnect is a secured way to allow automation of account activity.)
  • Click the Tools dropdown, click Delegation Manager.
  • In the delegatee, type in "freedomadvocacy" in all lowercase. Select the amount of SP you wish to delegate and click Delegate!
  • On the delegation screen, you can update the amounts of SP you wish to delegate or remove the delegation entirely.

It should look something like this.

Once you are set and enabled, your Steemit account should automatically delegate the amount of STEEMPOWER you have set.

We thank you for your help with promoting Freedom, Liberty and Equality throughout the Steemit ecosystem.

Please check our other guides on how to follow the @FreedomAdvocacy Curation Trail, as well as our guide on how to follow the @FreedomAdvocacy fanbase.

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