SteemBet Weekly Report(March 5th)

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Hi everyone, welcome to join SteemBet, the next-generation Steem-based gaming platform. In this SteemBet weekly report we will update our project development, data of game and status of community. We will publish the report every weekend so that you can know the state of SteemBet and the latest updates.

Reward Situation

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Development Updates


  • Fixed a few minor bugs on Mobile View
  • Adding refer award list to referrer’s dashboard (Ongoing)
  • Added several accounting methods and monitoring metrics

Community Data

There are 2 main community groups in SteemBet, Discord and Telegram.
The member’s amount of Discord group is:178
Discord link:
The member’s amount of Telegram group is:19
Telegram link:

Game Data

  1. Number of bets this week:47830
  2. Daily average trading volume:8,212 STEEM
  3. Number of active users:531
  4. New users:233

SBT Tokens

Total SBT Cirulation:4,400,000,000 SBT
Mining SBT:2,648,079.771 SBT
Reward SBT:33,800 SBT

Upcoming updates

  1. Add referral reward list in account dashboard.

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Hi @thomasgutierrez!



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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 33% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

ATTN ALL NEW STEEM-BET PLAYERS: @Steem-bet has made serious changes to the amount of SBT tokens there will be, however they have taken 1000's in Steem bets under the token distribution rules of 880M tokens. There are now 4.4B tokens apparently. Please DO NOT use this Betting site until they are "PROVABLY FAIR" to every single person who has already played here. They must award all current token holders 4x the SBT tokens they currently hold and then continue the game at current payouts OR refund every single Steem they took in bets and then start over with the token distribution posted correctly on the website. This is not fair to players and I would like all your help to maintain the integrity of gambling type games on the Steem blockchain. Please give their team a chance to make this right and we can all learn a lesson from this and continue on this great journey with each other. Steem on yall!

I wrote a post a week ago about why SBT is better than magic dice and my main reason was because SBT has significantly less tokens.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 12.22.55.png

I take back those words!

smh @crypticat, I'm starting to feel the same way... have you tried @bookkeeping?

for example:

!bookkeeping SteemBet

Hi @donald.porter!



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Last time I checked on your web, the suply of tokens was 880 mil .... now is 4.4 bil ....more than 4 times incresed .... also no data on percentage of sbt distribution ....all of this doesnt create trust...

I love the @magic-dice upvote you got. they understand a mistake has been made but they don't want to put it on blast and get in the middle of this business. They know I am right and The FACTS speak for them self. This is the reason I play @magic-dice but, I thought I would support a cometitior as well......and i still might @steem-bet If @steem-bet wants a future here, they must admit this mistake, own up to it, learn a lesson, fix the issue, credit those affected properly and strive to do better for the blockchain. If they do those things I will back this project 100% and be a big cheerleader for their integrity going forward. We will see how these people's momma raised them very soon when they get back to us about this mistake that they made. This is not the Federal cant have Quantitative Easing on the blockchian and expect people to accept it.

We will update the dividend function and support users to stake SBT.

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No need to rush things .... just be consistent

Yep. We are developing SteemBet according to our plan.

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I just made lots of bets under the pretense that there were only 880m tokens and now there are 4X as much???????? This aint right first of all.....let alone the fact that i made every bet a 49% chance and lost 88% of the bets. Feel like i got jacked on the diluted SBT tokens i have now. Unless you award me more SBT or Change it back to 880M tokens.....I can never recomend your betting site and i will tell others in my videos here and on youtube you changed your mind in the middle of the game after you let people bet steem in the game. You website CLEARLY SAYS 880M SBT tokens and i bet large (and lost) under those rules. I snap shot all the pages for my records. This @jplabs is one of my alt accounts. My main account where I do Youtube and videos is @broncnutz

Hi. Sir. We are welcome to accept your feedback. You can use the PROVABLY FAIR on the top of chat table in SteemBet. There is a dice game our platform will release 5 different kinds of games to users. We will release the white paper and show more details about our game. Have a good day.

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I'm not disputing that is was not fair!!!!! your missing my point. I gave you a fair chance at my money (steem) under the rules of 800M SBT tokens to be mined. It says that on your website i get some SBT for the THOUSANDS i lost fair and square to you.....and then you decide to dilute my SBT share by changing the token cap to 4.4B which is 4X more? This is borderline theft!

I wrote that @jplabs post above. These are both my accounts. If you dont acknowledge that you changed the token distribution from something you advertise on your gaming website, I am going to spread this message all over social media. This is wrong to do to your players. I lost the Steem fair and square but you diluted my shares.

OK. I see. Don't worry Sir. Our website doesn't have updated. Yep we will release the white paper to describe SBT function. And now we have new mining ratio decrease for the fair. So even the total number of SBT is changing. But you will get more dividend than before. And the game is fair. Take it easy Sir.

Posted using Partiko Android

There should only be 880M SBT because that is the rules you launched the game under when you took my money as a bet. This is only fair......if your game is ACTUALLY PROVABLY FAIR"......because its advertised that way on your site.

On the other hands, we will have 5 different games in SteemBet that ming SBT. So we will have levels system to protect your benefit and fair. All of the game data pls check our latest weekly report.

Posted using Partiko Android

I was hoping the 4.4b was a typo (:

Although the percentage distribution is in the FAQ on their website; I agree, it should be mentioned above since the circulation was increased.

its flat out wrong to accept bets under one set of rules and then change it 4x the number of tokens. i saw this change AFTER they accepted my bet and i suspect you did to. If so they owe you 4x more SBT

one thing is FOR SURE....the 880m SBT listed on the gaming site is NOT A those are the actual rules to the token to be "provably fair".

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 11% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Thank you @magic-dice for not only running a "provably fair" game but also honnoring your token distribution published rules from the start. Right now you are the clear leader in the Steem blockchain gaming world and others should take notice.

DrugWars.... DrugWars is the leader now, by far.

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Drug Wars is not even in the top 5.....the site barely works

You were saying?Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 12.54.18 AM.png

MagicDice is not top 5 bro

oh yea its top five dapps.....go try to play it. Good luck. I am the 3rd largest investor in Drug Wars. I invested over 6k steem in the game. i have spoken to the dev....he even know there is trouble. the site barely works like it should. i am on it everyday about 20 times a day. Check the stats on the game and see for yourself. Steem-Bet is now worse than they are.

wait... wut? Who cares how much you have invested bro. That's a totally irrelevant and egotistical statement.

Everyone has spoken to the devs (in Discord).

What does that have to do with the fact that it IS THE LEADER NOW and you are wrong.

DrugWars site is now fun as fuck and everyone is playing it, the devs have made it work. I have been playing every day for the past week, thanks for suggesting that anyway.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 12.38.03 PM.png

Not sure why you're so negative towards your own investment, when it is clearly doing an astounding job past couple week or so.

You should be proud and not contrarily spreading FUD.



Just leaving this screenshot here from their website, clearly not a mistake.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 12.24.34.png

What part of "Total SBT token issuance: 880,000,000 (880 million)" is not clear?

They must make this right or this community will burry them before they ever get started. I have already been talking to several others on Steemit who agree that they have made a mistake and need to rectify it,

opps....something happened to your post (next is your nice reputation score of 62) all you gotta do is make this right with everyone and I'll call the dogs off and help you move have my word. If you do nothing, your done on this blockchain forever. its a dumb move because there is lots of money to be made here. you got a nice idea and a good gaming site, it would be a shame to see all the hard work going down the drain. YOUR mistake.....YOU must make it right. Maybe you could start a new account? oh but i would find out about it along with my other steemit friends who are watching you and then we would shut that one down too!!!! hahahahahaha. You must make this right because it's impossible to do business on this blockchain if you dont.

They fucked me too. Big time.
I almost never use downvote but I will on this post.

I NEVER downvote anyone!! These guys are gonna get a furry of votes and will never be welcome back here if they dont fix this situation. You cant hide on a blockchain, we just follow the money and the people because the same developers will just resurface on another acct. Everyone's radar is up on this acct now. I know several people watching what it going on here. All they need to do is own up to a simple mistake and make it right and then they are all good. They either owe everyone 4x SBT in the wallet currently or the must refund the steem that they took in be "Provably Fair". Thanks for the support @oldtimer me and you go way back to the beginning of this whole blockchain. These guys have no idea what they are really dealing with if they don't correct this. I have accts on EOS, VIT, Whaleshares, Scorum, and about 5 others Dpos blockchains, and all of them have large token balances powered up. They cant make a move anywhere and do business because I WILL regulate!

Thank you for your support. I'll follow how this plays out but you're right. 4x coins or steem back. That's the only option they have if they want to survive.
We'll sleep with one eye open.

Why 4x, shouldn't it be 5x? 4.4b/880m is 5. So 50 SBT per steem should be 250. I hope this is rectified, did bet like you guys but I supported them early on and feel cheated.

Posted using Partiko Android

You're right. Its 5 fold.

We did get cheated and now these little bitches @steem-bet are hiding and have said nothing. I took video of the site and still shots. They are about to be a regular on my videos across my social media platforms.

@broncnutz and @oldtimer did you hear about epic dice the house edge is a lot lower than steem-bet so the odds are higher. I'm sure they'll do better

Yeah @epicdice is the shit!! Seems more fair than all the games combined

To everyone visiting this post: please check this video. They have been changing the rules of the game after people were already making decisions based upon the claimed distribution of tokens.

You owe us all 250SBT per steem bet, since SBT tokens were inflated 5 fold. I'm not settling for this 4x nonsense. 4 400 000 000/ 880 000 000 = 5x inflation. So multiply our tokens by 5. Fair is fair!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for the mention (and the rewards), you can expect another bounty soo :)

Also, looking forward to the referral list and other updates. You mentioned 'Mobile View' above, is there a supported mobile browser that uses KeyChain or are you adding #SteemConnect?

we are adding referral list feature. It will come this week.

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Ok. Got it we are following it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Guys, you better get your shit together and fix this mess.

I shared on Twitter

Posted using Partiko Android

@bonfirepit... your reflink looks something like this:

More effective to share on Twitter ;)

I saw you gutless cunts changed your "rules" to token distribution on your website today AFTER YOU TOOK MY BETS UNDER DIFFERENT RULES! You don't reply now because you have been caught and exposed.....things for you are about to get much worse.

This is so disappointing!

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Hello @steem-bet.
Why did you 5x your token cap to 4,400,000,000SBT? I understand you want to make 5 games, but the way I see it is you unintentionally cheated all of your early adopters by nerfing mileage.
This should have been announced before you started the gambling. I hope you fix this situation and apologize.

Back down from your plan and stick with 880,000,000 SBT.

Alternatively you could give everyone 5x SBT on those earned already (please don't insult us or make us fill out a form or praise loyalty), but you are then cutting the SBT mileage rewards by 5x which will instantly slow down adoption of your SBT because mileage suddenly gets a huge nerf.

That is unless you somehow magically erase the blockchain or buff your casino suddenly so amazing people don't care that the mileage rewards aren't worth it.

Thank you for listening.

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Exactly! All these guys wanna do is dance around the question and ignore that they tried to be sneaky to us all. This was a bad move and exactly what we don’t need on Steemit. This is flat out wrong.

!bookkeeping SteemBet

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Hi @mk992039!



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I assume your non response to make this right means you would like me and my friends to make this to level 2? Dont make me be a bad guy, do the right thing.

!bookkeeping SteemBet

Hi @wylsacom!



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