STEEM-BET IS A SCAM! **BEWARE FRAUD** A lesson in Steem Blockchain Integrity and Transparency.

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Some of you may have seen a new gambling site pop up on the Steem blockchain called @steem-bet which is a "dice game" similar to @magicdice in the way its played BUT it is nowhere near as fair or transparent as @magicdice in the way the token or SMT is distributed. Some will even complain about the way @magicdice did distribution but at least they had a listed hard cap, a clear cut halving rate and clear cut dividend payments. Steem-bet posed as if they had all of these things but after taking 1000's of Steem in wagers they decided to dilute the SBT (it's their Smart Media Token) by a 5X MULTIPLE. This video explains why all of you need to stand up against stuff like this because if your not gonna care about this blockchain and the investment you have made.......who will??????? @steem-bet im only getting either make this right with the bets you took in good faith up until this point and give those players 5X SBT tokens and then continue forward with 1x for everyone else or refund steem or create 5 SMT tokens to make this right. if you fail to do this simple thing to restore your credibility and the fairness of this game to ALL PLAYERS, Your game is not "provably fair" until you abide by the posted rules of the game and how SBT would be earned before you changed and diluted it. You made a mistake and in the real world, mistakes must be made right ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO GAMING! I will do everything I can to spread this message, sabotage your game, and create on army of steemians who will join me and stop shady games, developers and crooked launches of SMT's like you did on our blockchain. I will never on it.....and then bank on it!

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Re-Steem this so others do not get fooled until they straighten this out and make it right to the players of the steem community who have supported them! Re-Steem for an UPVOTE from @broncnutz

I saw this coming from a mile away, even left some comments in the posts warning people and showing my disappointment in those that resteemed it looking for a quick buck, they should know better.

Resteeming this.

Thank you so much for supporting this....coming from people like you, this means a lot. It’s important to me to protect the blockchain the best we can and that often means we must stand together against fraud, deceit, non transparency and poor integrity. If you even need help flagging content that is harmful to the awesome blockchain we both helped build......count me in brother!

It's a gaming company with millions of users though!


Casinos calling themselves "gaming company" is enough of a joke already.

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I love to see how Steemit community is always alert about this kind of frauds, and we all keep fighting against it. This should be re-steemed by @steemit blog maybe?

I resteemed this to (currently) (2019.03.15, 13:48 CET) 947 followers.
Okay, most of them are inactive nowadays, because they left the Steem blockchain long (months) ago, but if only one or two people notice this, then it was worth it.

Good way of looking at it.

Resteemed. I love yout sense of justice. This community can be honest!

It was thanks to your comment on their post that stopped me from making a mistake.
Im not much for games like this anyway but it's a really shitty thing they are doing and THANK YOU for doing this and keeping the steem safe from asses like this scam game 👍👍👌

I’m always on the lookout. Steem it worth protecting.

Steem is indeed worth protecting 😉👍 and people like You make this place what it is... Awsome!
I'm here to stay and let's keep this a place clean from scam and people treating others badly.
Together we can change the world ❤️

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Broncnutttttttz! PREACH It! I knew something was up the day they announced! Resteemed this. We've all worked too hard not call out rogue services like this. In fact, I think we need to look into a solution around this as we grow bigger there will be more apps coming aboard!

What did we expect of a game that couldn't get even their tag right? Steem-bet is as scammy as scams come and it was clear from the get-go. Just one guy on his computer scamming supposedly educated people of their hard-earned steem.

Y'all be jumping in on things without conducting proper research just to collect tokens. You give them your steem for tokens that may never be worth anything in the future and you call that gaming? I'd send my steem to the @null account instead, it has about the same effect, with even better perks for the community.

lol.... SteamBet

That sucks and they made a huge mistake. I read the discussion between you and the team below the post and they seem to not (want to) understand the issue. That's even worse. Making mistakes is one thing, not acknowledging the mistake is even worse.

I've upvoted the link to this video under their post but maybe put some weight behind it yourself so it gets on top of the comment section and it's the first thing people see.

ATTN ALL NEW STEEM-BET PLAYERS: @Steem-bet has made serious changes to the amount of SBT tokens there will be, however they have taken 1000's in Steem bets under the token distribution rules of 880M tokens. There are now 4.4B tokens apparently. Please DO NOT use this Betting site until they are "PROVABLY FAIR" to every single person who has already played here. They must award all current token holders 5x the SBT tokens they currently hold and then continue the game at current payouts OR refund every single Steem they took in bets and then start over with the token distribution posted correctly on the website. This is not fair to players and I would like all your help to maintain the integrity of gambling type games on the Steem blockchain. Please give their team a chance to make this right and we can all learn a lesson from this and continue on this great journey with each other. Steem on yall!

Proof of Treachery

Straight from their website, I took the before screenshot on March 6th, after they announced the new amount of tokens. Resteemed.

I wonder if anyone from steem blockchain is using TheWayBack machine website, it archive's webpages and stores screenshots 😁

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No need, they have admitted that they changed it. We aren't digging up some sort of conspiracy. The excuse given was because they are going to have 5 games, they need 5x tokens now.... They were always planning to launch more games

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I'm steering well clear anyways hahahha :) have a great day!

I resteem because I really like dapps and think gambling is a good addition to the blockchain, the more the merrier.

But in the case of @steem-bet, they are dishonest and this needs to be a warning to other dishonest developers. Do not change the rules mid-game without careful discussion and consideration of the users.

We are on blockchain because we are sick of top down BS from corporations.

@steem-bet had over a week to address the situation and apologize, but nothing was done.

They continue arguing with their players. They don't admit that changing the token means it is unfair.

At the very least they are being stubborn and lying.
They also don't understand math and economics which is concerning for a casino.

To be clear, they didnt manipulate the game, they manipulated the loyalty rewards. Inflation is inflation, the stake isn't worthless. It is still wrong and they don't admit this.

I didn't even spend a lot of money. It is about the principle. I feel disrespected and cheated.

When developers act dishonest they should be called out. We don't want this trash on our blockchain.

They need to apologize and retract or leave this chain and stay away.

PS tag #steembet cause they use this category too.

So scammy... Oh P.S. There's 300 Billion Steem now instead of 300 Million.
#SorryNotSorry #InflationIsCoolWhenYouDoIt

Damn! Get at um @broncnutz.

You know how i [email protected] ......I know you don't stand for this type of nonsense either! Thanks for the support cuz.

They were pritty much sniffed out from the start when they claimed to have over 1million players already 😂

I think it was the intro post they did when they offered tokens to resteem, and then my comments (from my self included) we saying that we regretted to resteem it after learning more about them.

Fuck off steem bet! We dont need people like you here so just delete your own pk's and go elsewhere 😂

Nice to meet you broncnutz, resteemed it but I donate my upvote from you to be given to a hard working minnow that you recommend instead 😊

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@broncnutz, we are sorry about the injustice you had fall victim by the drama Steembet put on lately. We followed up all the conversation in their Discord server and found out you were even kicked for trying to make things right. You may not know that after you were kicked and people questioned the admins for the reason as you obviously did nothing wrong, Steembet admins claimed that because you were talking dirty for your losses.

Big big shame for them.

EpicDice is a new dice game on Steem which commits to outperform all the dice games available. While the game might look simple currently, development is actively running behind the scene including our in-house token to attract more volume in the near future. All bets will be respected and paid with tokens accordingly when it is available.

The team is in the midst of designing the token economy with ultra care, to aid the future sustainability of the Epic gaming brand, to share better profit to the shareholder, and of course, to not commit the same low-level mistake Steembet has committed. After all, fairness and integrity are what we all after in the blockchain space.

We admire players like you and @oldtimer not only stick with the mainstream, professional dice game platform like MagicDice(which we respect very much), but also supporting new gaming platform which is essential to for the healthy growth of the whole ecosystem.

We welcome all the players to try our game, criticism or support is all welcomed.

I already told @broncnutz that @epicdice is the realest game on the block (:

I just played it a little this morning.

OG Seal of Approval? (I will still play it no matter what 😜) this is probably the first dice game I would play even if they didn’t have the dividend concept

Thank you @bronconutz for bringing this news to us. I will resteem to my 800+ followers and @steem-bet ppl having twitter account also.we have to spread this news there also.
Thank you

Resteemed. Thanks for the warning

re-steemed. Not having this sort of nonsense go on!

resteem done friend. thnx for share this update......i always with YOu and i hope you always share this type post for us

Done, resteem .
Thanks for alert

Thanks for the heads-up !!

Done resteem. Ohhhh damn. Always pray for steemit platform. @broncnutz.

if you want a real scam list, here
@ava77 my first vid


Thanks for warning. Resteemed :-)

@broncnutz, First of all your efforts and actions are appreciable where you are spreading the awareness. And if someone promises something then it should be fulfilled. Stay blessed.

Doing my part to keep the @partiko/STEEM COMMUNITY safe!

Thanks @broncnutz


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Full support. Any dapp owners has to announce rules in advance and the adhere to them. No retrograde change go unpunished.

Resteemed mate! I was watching whats happend on discord and that is crazy😂
Thanks Lord i didnt play this game because i cant acess it from mobile. But since from the begining was fishy. I mean where are the millions of users they was talking about? These guys use to had 2 accounts playing. So where are the millions what they was talking?😂 By the way i am with magicdice. I have my tokens there and they project is at least working good.
I am sure steembet will be gone soon from steem.

Re-Steemed, thanks for warning @broncnutz.

there is many tricky crypto on the line, like substratum now! you cant sale it any ware!

Thanks for the info bro! I will definitely re-post this!

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Thanks for the warning. At magicdice I also noticed the fall of dyvident and today they created a promo post. Case? Another moonsteem. I noticed a drop in invested money in the invest pool. Still, they are losing. And at the end of drugwars. The foundation is voting for shit posts !! I do not like it!!

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Amen brother. Preach on and spread the word. I've avoided Steem-bet since we came to the conclusion last week that what they did is incredibly shady. They haven't answered our questions regarding the inflation and try to even justify it in their sneaky ways. What they did was absolutely shameful. May their casino go bankrupt and all their endeavours. Remember in one of their first posts, they mentioned they run something similar on EOS.

would you mind posting that screen shot you took stating a max of 880m SBT?

time to stay safe many thanks @broncnutz for sharing this the dapps will take advantage of scamming people

I got you cuz....they would have success. We will make sure of it.

Thank you for this Video! You are The Man!

Thanks for this piece of Information

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Se ve interesante esta información.

Thank you for creating awareness!!

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That why I stay far away of those gambling projects because is always the house who win!

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You are right. But like magicdice we the players also became the house😊 and that is cool i think. Me even for my small dividens i am happy. And hope one day it will be more popular than even my small amount of token can make much much better dividens.

But i also dont wanna play in the long run. Just until i can get some tokens for it😁 And just focusing to dont lose while i am collecting these tokens😊

But i really dont like this kind of business what the steembet made.

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Thanks bro

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Always glad to have these notices and updates thank you

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Thanks for the warning. I always thought something was up.

Thanks for warning!!! :-)

Well done for highlighting this mate.

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Damn. This should be rejected and should not be tolerated on the steemit community. No scam should he tolerated or accepted on steemit. Fuck them

I shared this in their discord and they're still trying to play it off like "What, you can just earn SBT, stake SBT, yadda yadda (Not a big deal we 5X'd the supply overnight)"... They're gonna crash and burn hard.

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thank you for the information, this will help us all not to fall into STEEM-BET

if you want a real scam list, here
@ava77 my first vid

Best thing is that anyone got trapped in any scam on steem informs everyone and thus how this community is more protective and feeling safe. Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

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Resteemed this article. Thank you for the information.

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