Steembay Auction -- STEEM Card Wallet hand made by Armadilloman

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Up for auction today...
Want to carry your cards in Steem style?

This is a 3 pocket card wallet. Guys or Gals can carry your cards all in one neat front pocket package made from top grain cowhide, embossed with the symbol of your favorite cryptocurrency.


Three card slots will hold 6-8 or more cards after it is broken it. Hand embossed, hand colored and hand sewn.

Win the bid on this wallet and I will make one especially for you. And, if you want I can make this as pictured or in a solid brown or black. I can also make a custom size for you so that you can carry your oversized ID card in the center slot.


Check out the process shots of making these wallets in THIS POST.


Shipping to US addresses will be $4.00 equivalent in Steem or SBD. International shipping will be $15.00 equivalent in Steem or SBD. Auction will end in 7 days and bid amount plus shipping will be payable at that time. International buyers will be responsible for customs duties should any apply and will need to supply a contact phone number. Questions? Ask away...

I make a lot of different leather items for the ArmadilloLeather shop on Etsy. I put new items up in the shop and take things down out of the shop all the time. I will be posting some these items on Steembay to give you the chance to own an Armadilloman original item for Steem.

Start your crypto fathers day shopping early!


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Well thank you very much!

Excellent work.

Auction Summary

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Auction Finished

Start: 60.000 STEEM

Auction closed at 2019-04-17 19:29:24 GMT
No bid

Auction Information

Start: 60.000 STEEM

Auction closed at 2019-04-17 19:29:24 GMT
No bid

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The #steembay Auction has finished without a bid...

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