What to do with 1000 Steem?

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I know I've asked this question before, but a lot of time has passed and I would be interested in your current strategies.


@steembasicincome is one of my favorites.

Let's be honest, is just a beautiful way of liking your own posts everytime you post something 👍

This is nothing bad, as you actually incentivizes yourself as well es the other person to post more often as well as drive a certain awareness to your account.

90% of my portfolio

Obviously invested in Steem Power to engage and receive benefits from my stronger voting power of Steemit as social media platform:

  • Voting importance which correlates with
  • Received upvotes and obviously
  • Curation rewards


Some even began their own strategies like @smartsteem pushing their own ecosystem with SmartPoints. Basically Steemit ICOs? I'll wait till I find something good with this one...

What's your strategy?



So I have almost all of my sp delegated to peojects. @upvotebuilders which gives upvotes daily.
@justyy which does the same.
@dustsweeper just gives steem or sbd after powerdowns.
I also delegate a bit to @tipu for their token.
Otherwise buying some tokens which also gives you upvotes could be a thing.

Or just pour everything into sbi :p

These are some great examples, thanks!will check all of them out as with @esteem ;)

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@plankton.token gives you upvotes and daily payout from hodling their token.
@solairitas is a nice project and it also gives you upvotes :D
@map10k and @maxuv is my newest tokens and they give upvotes, but not a lot currently.
@steem-ace's GG tokens gives out monthly payment for hodling.
@team-cn's NBC token gives upvotes and steem from hodling :D

Thats my list xD

Nice! Thanks a lot

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You're welcome!
Hopefully that can keep you busy for a few mins :p

I can tell you some tokens later when I have a break :p
And @esteem is amazing! :D

In the short term, Steemmonster Beta cards could be worthwhile. In the longer term, I would keep the Steem.

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What did you do with the 1000 steem? :D

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