LGBT-Party Contest, Craft a Joke for Steem Basic Income

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Humor is a large part of human interaction. Sadly, when a joke includes LGBT the punchline tends to be lackluster, and the joke is simply using the method of punching down and passing that off as humor. Humor can exist without attacking a group below you, and this contest is an attempt to convince the individuals on Steem to give it a shot.

The Objective:

Craft a joke that is LGBT inclusive, and has a reference to LGBT in some way. Then leave it as a comment below this post within the next 7 days.

The Rules:

  1. Only the first three submissions of each individual will be counted, and the reward will be determined based on the best.
  2. Each user must prove themselves to be an ally of LGBT or a member of LGBT, this is done by joining our discord server and passing our quick examination. Discord link,

The Reward:

Any user who adheres to these will win an SBI token, up to a maximum of 20 that will be given out.

Some info on Steem Basic Income here .


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When I go to dinner w/ a girl & the waiter asks ""are the checks separate or together?"
I assume he's asking "are y'all lesbians or friends?"

Hello lgbt-party!

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Link does not work.

My entry is here:

The men sat in a bar.
A bisexual man, a gay man and a transgender male.
They all lived inn a small town and discussed whre they could meet to find partners.

The gay man said most of them he met online amd that it was straight men that wanted tp try something new.

The transgender man said when he was at partys often straight men invited him home becuase the tought he was a girl. And he was fine with that.

The bisexual man said, well i like everything so why dont we all go to my appertement and have some fun.

I made this on the go, buti will come back flr aometging much better. Oleaae send a new link so i can join your channel.

Peace out


I have fixed the link

Two anthropomorphic gay deer walk into a gay bar. Now leaving, one deer says to the other, "I can't believe I just blew 50 bucks."

How much semen can a gay man hold? A buttload.

My Entry 1:
I must be using my straighteners wrong, I’m still a lesbian.”

Entry 2:
“I’m having trouble thinking straight.”

Why do LGBTQ+ people always look so fine?

Cause they've been in the closet for so long.

What Do you call a Lesbian with Long Nail?

U Cant spell disappointment without men

“I’m as straight as an aro.”

“I hope I don’t go to an insane asylum, I would never fit in a straight jacket.”

I dated a boy...
Now we're both gay

This one time my girlfriend was mentioning to me that her period was late and for a horrible second I thought I had gotten her pregnant.
But Then I remembered,
We are lesbians

During a preach, the priest said: "one great responsibility is common to all religions: to love the neighbor"

Then, two man sitting together kissed themselves. The priest noticed that and screamed "Not that way, sinners!", and one of them replied "God writes straight with crooked lines. "

Entry 1:
Such a double standard between men & women,
When men have sex with lots of women the're players
but when I do it I'm a "lesbian"

She(lesbian1):Stop Being a whole bag of Dicks!
Me (lesbian2): I could be half a bag of dicks would that help?
she(lesbian1): Yes
Me (lesbian2): Okay
Where should I put the extra dicks do they go bad
She(lesbian1): I've never really figured out what to do with dicks.

Entry 2:
We (lesbian) big girls just cannot live without our toys ;)

Entry 3
For Us(Lesbians) A house party means a lot of girls and a lot of Toys ;)

Friend: What do lesbians cook for dinner?
Me: They don't cook, they just eat out!

Just some perks of being a lesbian
Earlier I used to spend a bomb on batteries
But now my girlfriends fingers could outrun duracell any time

The worst threat in a an arguement
When you are arguing with your girlfriend
Me: "I swear to God I am gonna grow my nails out!!!"
She: Gasps "You wouldn't dare!"