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Complete 3 simple tasks to win 1 @steembasicincome share!



  • Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite fruit and why.

  • Task 2 - Tell me one thing you like or dislike about fire.

  • Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

  • (Optional) Resteem this post.

Winner of previous contest of 1 @sbi share each:

@erikah and @alexjay

There are 2 SBI shares up for grabs.

This contest closes 24 hours after the post goes live. The winners will be chosen randomly.

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you very much!

Thanks for the chance to win a SBI share with some fairly easy questions!

#1 - Turns out I have a hard time picking a favorite fruit. 🤷‍♀️ I'll say blackberries though because I have happy memories of picking wild ones to snack on when I was a kid wandering about with my dog, Charlie. Also, they're delicious but not something that I'm able to have all the time so it's an extra special treat when I get to have them.

#2 - I love the sounds fire makes as it dances. The 'snaps' and 'crackles' as it feeds and that 'whoosh' when the flames leap up.

#3 - tag you're it.gif
       "Tag @Omra-sky! You're it!" 😂

I like this contest and very good questions.. Not all easy though 😜 lol... I love fruitsalad.
But I Will try to answer.

  1. My favorite fruit is banana cause att work it keeps you full longer and I love The taste 😋

  2. The thing I like about fire is the relaxing warm feeling it brings and the spark sound.
    What I dont like is the smokey smell that sticks to clothes and hair... Lol 😜

  3. I tag @brisby ... Tag.. Your IT 😂😂Hahahaha

😆😆 You didn't say "no touchbacks", Saffi. 😎

OMG! I found a flamingo banana!!!

Darn it... I forgot 😂😂 Hahahaha
Look at me 😜 Im flamminging.. Lol

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😂🤣 Love it!!!

Hello @jznsamuel, thanks for the opportunity.
1.- One of my favorite fruits is the apple and I like it because it has a high content of fibers. And it gives satiety apart it is very rich in antioxidants,
Rich in minerals such as phosphorus, potassium or calcium.
2.- I do not like fire, it is synonymous with devastation and destruction especially the ecosystem
3 ..- @ c0ff33a

My answer for the question are.

  1. I like mango very much , Boz it's the king of fruit and we have to wait for it for 1 years for perfect quality. Which makes more tampting.

  2. When I was small I used to play with the candles and many times I got burn but I don't stop playing with it. I don't know I have some inner voice for fire. I like the flames and warmness.

  3. @bhattg

@adityajainxds #thealliance

My most favorite fruit is water melon because the flavor is sweet and when you eat it you get a really fresh feeling.
What I really like about fire is the shapes of the flames and the movement they make , it's like watching art in the making .
I tag my friend @jauregui98 .

Thank you for the opportunity @jznsamuel.

Task 1: "Tell me what is your most favorite fruit and why"
My favorite fruit, this is a tough one, because I love many fruits. I will choose grapes, becasue I never get tired of eating them, and the feeling of the grape membrane snapping when I chew is oddly satisfying.

Task 2: "Tell me one thing you like or dislike about fire."
I don't have a dislike towards fire. Fire serves humanity various good purposes. (This is a like.)
I do have a problem (dislike) with some peoples blatant disregard/disrespect for fire. If someone is "playing with fire" and it threatens my well being, then it's an issue for me.

Task 3: "Tag a friend's username in your comment."
How about it @akiroq?

Optional: Done!

Nice one @jznsamuel Thank you :)

Task 1
My favorite fruit is a pineapple (naturally ripened)

Task 2
I love cooking over a fire.
I don't like forest fires.

Task 3
Thanks @futuremind

Mmmmm. Pineapple 🍍

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Task 1.- My most favorite fruit is the banana. Not just because it's yummy, high in healthy vitamins and full of important minerals for the organism. But because I really like eat a handful of them as dessert on each sitting after the meals. But above all, I think I like bananas, because they are one of the few exquisite fruits that are not so messy to eat as to leave your mouth, hands & everything else like an authentic zone of war. Hahahaha

Task 2.- I like fire for it's obvious properties to keep you warm and give you the ability to purify the water boiling it and also to be able to cook your food among many other peaceful uses.
What I don't like about fire is its demolishing capability to quickly sweep forests, mountains, cities, populations, etc., reduced to ashes when out of control. Especially when that lack of control was originated by human irresponsability.

Task 3.- Let's tag to our friend @skramatters to see with what eccentricities he comes with. };)

Thank you for this intricate & singularly difficult contest @jznsamuel. :)

1 - The pineapple, because it helps me to purify the body, in addition to its rich flavor.

2 - From the fire I like very much the color when it is in combustion.

3 - @daysiselena

My favorite fruit is nectarines because they are juicy and delicious.

I love cooking with fire

@fitinfun looooves SBI and is super involved in the blockchain so I am tagging her.

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For me, I'd say...

  • Mangos, they are messy to eat, but so delicious!
  • This one i tricky.
    • One thing I dislike, living in a third world country with dodgy electricity, fires with multiple deaths are far to common here.
    • However camping without a fire and marshmallows just isn't camping!
  • @mumma-monza

Nice competition, thanks @jznsamuel.

I love apple because it is healthy and delicious.
I love the fire because the colour and the contrast of the flame.. and the thing dont like about fire is toxico.
@betzaelcorvo @theresa16

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  • My favourite fruit is mango, it's messy but wow is it really tasty. I just love the tropical vibe it brings and it's such a versatile fruit you can have it as is or make it into a juice or smoothy and it has such a unique taste.

  • I love fire because well its winter now so it's keeping me nice and toasty and gives me an excuse to roast a few marshmallows too

  • I'll tag @dkkarolien

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