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RE: Win a @steembasicincome share!

I like this contest and very good questions.. Not all easy though 😜 lol... I love fruitsalad.
But I Will try to answer.

  1. My favorite fruit is banana cause att work it keeps you full longer and I love The taste 😋

  2. The thing I like about fire is the relaxing warm feeling it brings and the spark sound.
    What I dont like is the smokey smell that sticks to clothes and hair... Lol 😜

  3. I tag @brisby ... Tag.. Your IT 😂😂Hahahaha


😆😆 You didn't say "no touchbacks", Saffi. 😎

OMG! I found a flamingo banana!!!

Darn it... I forgot 😂😂 Hahahaha
Look at me 😜 Im flamminging.. Lol

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😂🤣 Love it!!!

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