Winners 25th Edition Lyric poetry contest / 26th Edition - Prompt: hot

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Dear friends

Thank you for visiting my blog.

After successfully completing the 25th edition of the Lyric Poetry Contest I am pleased to announce that we now have the sponsorship of the @team-ccc team who have motivated me to join as part of them, thanks to the selfless support of the friend @wakeupkitty .

I have to emphasize that from now on we can use the #ccc tag to promote the literary creations that we present for the contest, an exception has been made by them since their rules establish that the length of the contributions must have an extension of +200 words or failing three original photographs. Also make a mention of them at the end of the article.

Next I will introduce the participants and winners of the 25th edition and then the call for participation in the 26th edition.

Results 25th edition

Today I am pleased to announce the winners 25th edition of the lyric poetry contest with the prompt cold. I appreciate the participation of my friends @wakeupkitty, @antoniarhuiz, @sacra97, @issymarie, @salvao, @mllg.

This is a participation of the winners:

* Winner @mllg

3 SBI and 100 Talent Token / Her poetry: Cool better than cold.

* Runner UP @antoniarhuiz

2 SBI, and 50 Talent Token / Her poetry: Insensible frío.

* Special recognition

The awards are on the way, I must point out that for the Runner Up prize won by @antoniarhuiz, my friend @lanzjoseg contributes with 2 SBI. Thanking him in advance for supporting the contest.

26th Edition - Prompt: hot

Human relationships go through periods of passion that we could call hot, another example of this is the climate change we are suffering on our planet that is supposedly leading us to live in hotter places. So we could give more examples of situations where the word hot is the queen of the situation.

Today I invite my friends again to participate in the new call for the Lyric Poetry Contest with the "hot" prompt, I hope it will please everyone.

Here I place the contest rules.


[Image design by @felixgarciap with]

Competition rules

Only one poetry is allowed, you must write a post using your own images or that are public domain related to your poetry

  • Reply below with your poetry. Deadine: 11:59 pm UTC, December 08, 2019.

That's it! But...

Also, post your entry on your own blog! Mention @felixgarciap and I'll give you an upvote and resteem your post.

And, collect a bonus point for each person you tag in your contest entry. More players, more prizes, more fun!

Languages: English /Spanish


Winner gets: 3 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

One Runner-up gets: 2 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse to resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

How I Will Select the Winner

Within 3 days after the deadline, I will read all entries and choose a winner, runner-up and special recognition. While I'll take upvotes into consideration, my selection will reflect my personal preference based on the entries you submit.


I am pleased to invite my friends @simonjay, @vdux, @antoniarhuiz, @marybellrg, @charjaim, @inspiracion, @doctorlibro, @rosanita, @janettyanez, @javert68justice, @aremontilla, @lanzjoseg, @javiermontilla, @delvapin, @aremontilla, @darkfemme, @josegilberto, @salvao, @zeleiracordero, @adncabrera, @hernan27 @lecumberre, @naylet, @mllg, @oacevedo, @isauris, @aurodivys, @maparari, @botefarm, @gaby-crb, @jadms2k18, @aplausos, @evagavilan, @johannfrare, @issymarie, @yohanys, @ntowl, @owasco, @avellana, @wakeupkitty and @hljott.


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. Frequently Asked Questions.

Waiting for your upvotes , comments and resteem.


Note: If you want your publication to be visible and recommended by @team-ccc and @club12 take the freedom to include them.



Amigo @felixgarciap, creo que hizo caso al decirle la edición anterior que si traía el calor podía hacer renacer ese amor que estaba helado.
Pronto traeré mi participación.

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Bien ahora con el frio de la noche debemos encender las estufas, asi que resulta apropiado el tema "calor". Gracias por tu comentario @issymarie.

Very good friends. Me like it

Gracias por el premio. Felicitaciones a la ganadora y a todos los participantes. Saludos @felixgarciap.

Hola @antoniarhuiz me complace tu participación el amigo @lanzjoseg te enviara los SBI como Runner Up de esta edición. Recibe mis afectos.

Gracias, bella.

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

También puedes seguirnos en el discord de RadioSteemit

¡¡¡Canal de discord RadioSteemit!!!

Apoyando las iniciativas de aporte positivo de nuestros miembros a la plataforma, te felicitamos por tu excelente trabajo, querido @felixgarciap. ¡Somos Club12!.

Muchas gracias amigos de @club12, vuestro apoyo nos da crecimiento a todos. Reciban mis afectos.

Wonderful contest @felixgarciap! Artistic poetic expression. Hoping to get some inspiration to join :)

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I am pleased @marblely that you liked, you also have beautiful pictures to include them with your poetic expression.

Thank you very much for your entry @marblely

Congratulations to the winners especially @mllg. Deadline is December 8. Better come up with something before I forget. By the way it is not hot here but freezing cold.
Can you use the #cc tag for your contest too? If you need some let me know. 💕

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Hi @wakeupkitty, thank you very much for your comment, you can freely use the #cc tag for the contest. Cheers

@felixgarciap I can no longer use the #cc. It does not activates with me. I informed @commentcoin about it. I think they did ban me.

My question was if you will use it for your contest. ❤️

I think that they don't always activate the CC token, they must have a criterion for it, they must not necessarily have banned you.
The person who wants to use it as a label for the contest can do it.

@felixgarciap You are the person who hosts this contest. We, the other contest hosts already use it.

I ask you: will you use it for your Lyric Poetry Contest. See @team-ccc the post "contests running"!!! It is mentioned who uses.

What criteria they can have? The only criteria is enough commentcoin or you are banned for a reason. That is what you can tell a computer. If people pay for a token the criteria can not be a max amount of posts that will be rewarded and you can not ban certain content either.

I feel uncomfortable if this happens. I answer questions people have but do not have the answer.

Hi! I like to see again, and to see you growing in the platform.
Sure!! I'll use the #cc tag.
Have a nice day!

@mllg Thank you. I can no longer use it. It does not activate with me. 😭 I think I am banned again or this is a bug for me alone. ❤️

Agradecida con ese apoyo a la poesía maravillosa que siempre nos brindas

Felicitaciones @antoniarhuizy @mllg.

Todos ganadores @wakeupkitty, @issymarie, @salvao.

Dejando por aqui mi participación:

Esperando que ahora acercandonos a la navidad contemos con mas participantes. Recibe mis afectos amiga @sacra97.

Muy agradecida por el reconocimiento, @felixgarciap. Es hermoso recibir premios. Son un estímulo para continuar.
Felicitaciones para @antoniarhuiz y los otros participantes, cuyos poemas dieron vida al concurso.
Pronto traeré mi participación.
Te felicito por todo el esfuerzo que estás haciendo para mantener el concurso. Son tiempos difíciles para la plataforma. Las alianzas son una sabia elección para mantenerse y crecer.
Un abrazo fraterno

Muchas gracias estimada amiga. Eres bienvenida tambien en el equipo de #CCC, esperamos tu nueva poesia, ademas tenemos en cartelera otros concursos del team-ccc que pudieran ser de tu interes. Recibe mis afectos.

Gracias por la invitación, @felixgarciap.
Ya deje mi nuevo poema y con gusto me acercaré a la cartelera del team-ccc-

Hmm...nice contest, Congrats to the winners and Welcome to #ccc community.

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Felicidades a los ganadores de la edición anterior.
Aca dejó mi participación.

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Congratulations to all the winners, especially @antoniarhuiz, Already send the 2 Steem to steembasicincome.

Transfer 2.000 STEEMto steembasicincome@antoniarhuiz

Professor, count on my support for the next one.

Greetings @lanzjoseg

Agradecida por la valoración @topfivefamily

Felicitaciones por tan bello espíritu de colaboración @topfivefamily

Hi @felixgarciap. Here is my entry. I wish all participants good luck and a great day. 💕

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Thank you very much @wakeupkitty, upvoted and resteemed.

@felixgarciap You are welcome. Happy day..💕

Aquí dejo mi participación para este "veraniego" concurso.
Espero lo disfruten.
Yo disfruté escribiéndolo.

Muchas gracias por participar en esta nueva edición del concurso de poesía lirica.

Buenas noches, me acerco por aquí para dejar mi entrada en esta oportunidad, casi al cierre, siempre me encanta apoyar esta bella iniciativa.

Lyric poetry contest / 26th Edition - Prompt: hot (Al calor de tu amor...)

Te abrazo con cariño, mi estimado @felixgarciap.