Gaming Gift Cards! Pay up to %30 With SteemBasicIncome Shares!

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Get your Steam/PSN/Xbox Live/eShop Cards in Discount. While getting SteemBasicIncome at the same time!


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Steam Gift Cards
  • PlayStation Network Cards
  • Xbox Live Cards
  • Collectors, Importers & Reviewers!
  • Benefits of @SteemBasicIncome Shares
  • How to Pay?
  • Your Opinion Matters!


As #OPgaming, #SteemGC, #Archdruid and even #Dlive proved. There are many of us gamers here on Steam and we love to buy our games. Especially from Humble Bundle! There are also gamers who pay for shares for @SteemBasicIncome and get upvotes for life.

So, why Not Both At The Same Time?

My service allows you to buy Steam Gift Card for cheaper if you sponsored me when you pay for your SteemBasicIncome shares (called SBI from here on.)

Steam Gift Cards

$5 Steam Gift Card $5 SGC

My Price: $6.00

$4.00 in STEEM/SBD + 2 SBI

The cheapest Gift Card avaible. The best way for unbanked Steemians to activate their Steem account and be able to accept friends and interact with community section. Won't recommend this one otherwise.
$10 Steam Gift Card$10 SGC

My Price: $12.00

$9.00 in STEEM/SBD + 3 SBI

Another option is to pay $12 in STEEM + SBI for $10 Steam Card. Not the best option but more affordable than the next ones.
$20 Steam Gift Card $20 SGC

My Price: $23.00

$18.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

$30 Steam Gift Card $30 SGC

My Price: $32.00

$26.00 in STEEM/SBD + 6 SBI

Playstation Network Cards

$25 PSN $25 PSN

My Price: $27.00

$22.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

Playstation Network Accounts are region restricted even though the devices (PS4,PS3,PSVita) aren't so be sure to pay for your chosen region Card.
£20 PSN £20 PSN

My Price: $27.00

$22.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

Any Other Reigion
Got through this link and tell me to your rigion card and I'll give you in a price relative to those cards above.

Xbox Live Cards

3 Month Xbox Gold Xbox Gold

My Price: $19.00

$14.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

$10 XBOX $10 XL

My Price: $12.00

$8.00 in STEEM/SBD + 4 SBI

$25 XBOX $25 XL

My Price: $27.00

$22.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

Any Other Reigion
I never used Xbox Live before, if it's region restricted search for your region here link and tell me which card and I'll give you in a price relative to those cards above.

Reviewers, Collectors & Importers

All the links above were affiliate links that lead to I like the website even though it's more expensive than usual because:

Play-asia Gift Cards

$10 Play-Asia Card $10 PA

My Price: $10.00

$9.00 in STEEM/SBD + 1 SBI

$50 Play-Asia Card $50 PA

My Price: $50.00

$45.00 in STEEM/SBD + 5 SBI

I offer all play asia gift cards with %10 being paid with SBI shares too. Great for Steemian gamers who like the advantages above. Buying from me will make the site a bit cheaper for you.

Play-asia Exclusives Include:


Benefits of @SteemBasicIncome Shares

For those not familiar with the community, it's basically an attempt to give every steemian a basic income, they get just by being active on STEEM blockchain. Once you have share(s) with #SteemBasicIncome you're upvoted for life. Each invite costs integers (1,2,3...) of STEEM.

Currently 1 STEEM gives shares to two people.

You and the person you sponsor are given 1 share for each 1 STEEM you pay, so paying someone with shares won't give them short-term returns (great for people here on the long-term) but if/when STEEM takes off we all get great benefits from this community!

By letting you actually pay %20-%30 of the price w\SBI I'm losing money in the short term. But I want to create something new, something only available at the STEEM blockchain.

How to Pay?

First be sure of the SBD/STEEM price at the time of payment I use either CoinMarketCap for my prices but CoinGeko should be good price calculator for you: (STEEM) (SBD.)

Then you have to contact me someway, please comment in the thread below what you're interested in. Then find me at Discord's SBI server, OPgaming Server or contact me at Steam (My ID) but if you choose the latter option, comment on my profile the reason of the add.

Well discuss the payment and I'll tell you my price as SBD at the time, delivery time varies but it should take at least 3 hours from your order. Please be patient I can be avaible all day long. But I try to be as fair as possible.

Then transfer the SBI part to @steembasicincome and give me proof of the transfer you have to put this in the memo:


Your Opinion Matters

What do you think about this service? Are you willing to overpay just because you're using Cryptocurrency? Are there any suggestions you have? I already plan on adding Nintendo & More Cards by the next time. Whenever it'll be.

I also sell games and had many buyers before,
I accept SBI there too:
Click here to view my shop!!

All these items are digital. All links are affiliate links, and gift card images are taken from Play-Asia with some edits.
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I don't quite understand yet how SBI works or the payment related to them... Do I have to buy SBI and then give it to you? I'm sorry, I still don't understand


No you just send STEEM (1 = 1 SBI) to @steembasicincome account, and then show me a proof, STEEM is valued at $0.67 now.

Oh, please make sure you put this in the memo:


Or the name of the person you're sponsoring, you can put even your name. 1 STEEM gives two SBI shares. I'll teach anyone the steps if they want to purchase from me.