Steem Business Alliance Open for Business - Join our Discord to be Part of the Discussion

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Governance Process Feedback

The Steem Business Alliance has internally finalized its governance process. Using this as a guideline, we want to invite the Steem community, from businesses to projects to individual members to have a say in how the SBA governance process develops.

You can see more about the general principles of the governance process


This feedback period will last for 3 months following which the SBA governance process will become a public document.

In order to do this, we have opened up our discord server so that we can start the dialogue.

What to consider

We would like you to consider the following main points when you come along to the discord:

  1. What can you bring to the SBA and business on Steem in General?
  2. What would you like to see the SBA do for businesses on Steem?
  3. How to best govern such a project?

Meeting Schedule

At present, the SBA meets every Wednesday. In order to account for the global scope of the Steem community, its projects and businesses, the SBA has an Asian Time zone meeting one week and a US time zone meeting the next week. At present, meetings are only open to members of the SBA.

  • Asian time Zone Meetings are on even numbered weeks, held at 0830 UTC, 1630 Hong Kong, 1730 Seoul, 2030 Aukland
  • US time zone meetings are on odd numbered weeks held at 1930 UTC, 1530 NYC (EST), 1230 PDT

This being week number 21 and therefore an odd-numbered week, it will be a US time zone Meeting this week (today, Wednesday 22nd May 2019).

See below for an image of the meeting schedule for the next few weeks.

Steem Business Alliance Meeting Schedule.png

Discord Link and Website

Please join our discord room to be a part of the discussion. Please click on the link below to join us and input to how this whole thing develops

Apply to join the SBA on our website

We look forward to hearing from you and your input into our discord server!


I am happy that with this initiative the true decentralized Steem blockchain is evolving. In time this will make the fundamental more stronger. It is good to see that we all are working towards the larger objective of Steem blockchain & its ecosystem.

Great update from @STeemba. I am an ardent follower and am happy with this resolve for a more frequent communication from the Team.

I've subscribed to your mail list as well as joining the discord group. I believe it's time we give Steem a truer business value it so deserves.

Thank you @oracle-d, @steempress, @steemhunt, @fundition and @utopian-io.

I believe in the future of Steem and wish a better module for integrating it into my business. I will be glad to be a part of this team.

“Steem Business Alliance”
“Governance process”

I still don’t understand where the experience/expertise is in this “alliance.” I asked a month or so ago about this and I received an answer that tells me there is essentially none.

What qualifications do any of these delegation-funded groups or the individuals in them have when it comes to operating a business, corporate or corporate-like governance, and vetting other actual businesses and businessmen?

It seems to me that there just happens to be a group of groups that are receiving generous delegations for unproven projects without revenue models, then trying to find something to do in order to justify their existence and delegation - and to make it appear to the community that they are somehow qualified to make business decisions and/or recruit or attract businessmen and investors.

Is there anyone among these various groups who has any real-world experience doing anything similar in the business world? Or are we supposed to just support random Steem users with no relevant expertise and hope for the best?

I’m not asking these questions to denigrate anyone involved. I’m asking because this “alliance” is acting under the pretense that they are somehow the business leaders on Steem (as the name implies), but which are mostly supported by Ned/Steemit delegations and have no business/revenue model.

We don’t need more amateur groups/projects trying to take up the mantle of commerce and investment if they have no clue what they’re doing. We don’t need them trying to force something that doesn’t exist today for what is likely a long list of good/valid reasons. We certainly don’t need them pretending to be the “face” of business on the Steem blockchain. Actual businessmen and investors will know better.

If you want to see another gem, check the last post from @ whatsup.

The difference is I was talking about an idea, for people to brainstorm.

I have no funding, no delegation from steemit, inc and I asked for nothing, certainly not resumes and applications. ;)

Nor have I ever asked for or received those things. I agree with both of you here though.

Saying the word business over and over again seems very odd, with no sign of any special business concepts or skills they would like to provide.

For what little my opinion seems to be worth - I think a reasonable question has been posed here - although it has come across a bit tough or complainy or something lol!

I'm also concerned a little this post is worth $150 USD??

Most of the post reward comes from the upvotes of the groups involved in this “business” alliance who have been given delegation.

Is there a steem WhatsApp group?

No, as far as I know.

Did you see my reply when you asked a month ago?

In short: Yes there are individuals in the SBA, myself included, with experience from building and facilitating a platform for businesses and relevant organisations to share best practice and build common resources. Some from oil and gas (@starkerz) and myself from the space sector. We are not, nor do we claim to be, an authority on how businesses ought to run. If it appears that way then we may have to do a better job communicating. However, we want to build a strategic alliance where different Steem-based businesses and individuals can work more effectively together to build and share best practice, tools relevant for business, and other complementary resources. I hope this helped clarify.

Do you have a revenue model? Or do you have any businesses that you plan to support that have a revenue model?

Everyone on here just wants to use steem to build without ever actually attaching much value to it. We need to create a sustainable business first, then integrate steem.

Did you see my reply when you asked a month ago?

Yes. It was your reply that made me realize how inexperienced this group is.

Yes there are individuals in the SBA, myself included, with experience from building and facilitating a platform for businesses and relevant organisations to share best practice and build common resources. Some from oil and gas (@starkerz) and myself from the space sector.

I don’t know what this means. Are you saying that you are businessmen that have operated and managed businesses yourselves? Are you saying that you have structured and/or participated in corporate(-like) governance? Are there only two individuals out of the five groups of people who might have some relevant experience?

we want to build a strategic alliance where different Steem-based businesses and individuals can work more effectively together to build and share best practice, tools relevant for business, and other complementary resources.

Well that’s the thing. How can you achieve that when this “business alliance” has so little experience doing it and apparently no contacts or prospects to reach out to in order to get started on your goals? And since there are so few (if any) actual businesses beating down the door to adopt Steem, you’re going to have to put in a lot of time and energy to find and “recruit” them. But again - how will you do that when this “business alliance” doesn’t know how to find, approach, and persuade businessmen to use the Steem blockchain for their business?

Has that even been addressed by any of the individuals in your group? Or are you just expecting the rest of the “community” to figure that out for you? Because, in that case, your alliance isn’t needed.

This explains a bit better what the group is up to.

For what its worth:

-I think its good your trying to do something positive. Its sounds a bit your just getting started and doing a discovery phase.
-Are there some intro post links or something to the key people running this; I think the other people whom are reasonably a bit upset with Steem at the moment and leaving comments have some points, although they are coming across a bit negatives/frustrated.
-I will see if i can hop in this channel thing later to discover a bit more and see if my experience and ideas are inline with the groups vision?? (which is still a little unclear - and possibly giving people doubts on business experience etc).


Nice to see a measured reply. It’s much appreciated and provides a more moderate view on this thread.

Mate, criticism is not a bad thing, especially when it is blunt and very straight to the point.

I dare say, a fully up front comment, without any tippy toeing around or patting on the back is something that I personally appreciate when talking about anything that I care about.

So, even if the up front tone of the comment may be too abrupt for many out there, try and look at it for what it says and not "how" it is said.


I came from out of nowhere specifically to give your comment a thumbs up, Jack. Because I am always listening and I am everywhere. ;)

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Good luck!

Small typo... US meeting should be 'odd' numbered weeks, you have written 'even'. Normally, I don't bother with this sort of thing... But this seem like an important Announcement!

Nice spot. Looks like it’s been changed

Very interesting publication

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Maybe it’ll help to see SMT tokens on Binance or Huobi or Bittrex etc. We have great potential and projects such as SWEET and others

Excellent initiative, will strengthen the Steem.

So I'm confused.

You want to get businesspeople together to help their own business or Steemit?

I'm an entrepreneur turned netrepreneur & could help with a lot of areas on your site & the design, & posting/commenting issues, but I have no skill set when it comes to crypto & math.

If it's to help other people's businesses, I'd work on Steemit first since I got the impression a long time ago that no one cared about everyone's complaints since I've been complaining for over a year & others have been here a lot longer than I have.

The word "Business" implies money, currency, or commodities exchanging hands. Unless I'm mistaken, this advertisement shouldn't be appearing where my feed is supposed to be, unless it's an important notice about Steemit's site functionality, and it isn't.
Why am I getting commercial spam? And how can I get my posts on every user's feed, front and center, regardless if they don't subscribe to me, or even have me muted?
If your reply is "just ignore it" or "just push the X each time it pops up", my response is, then you don't mind if I advertise my junk to you? I have plenty of messages I'd love to put on your screens, replacing your feeds until you acknowledge them.
These forced, unwanted, "featured" advertisements are a problem for Steemit. Please, set a good example for the rest of the community, and stop spamming.

I agree that it would make more sense for featured articles to appear more separate from the everyday user's feed. But I think having a "bar" at the top where Steemit can share the most interesting developments and additions to Steem that the users ought to be aware of.

I will give this a try

I am seen all Jeneral principles and also read its really interesting !!!

Great opportunity for those that have what it takes run a good business.

Excellent initiative. Have joined your discord room to further take part in discussions.

excelente publicacion

Great update @steemba. Amazing post 😁. Upvoted and resteemed

excelente publicacion

I signed up so I could promote it and hopefully join the force

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Esto no esta bien... lo siento..

I just found this interesting post, I tried to learn what has been arranged in a steem-based business alliance blog, I hope that future success will come for all steem users in running the steem blokchain business. I am sure that thanks to the encouragement of the communities who have joined, it will give a brighter light later. My personal initiative to be with you is already round ... and thank you for publishing this very valuable post @steemba ,

Resteem, 👍👍

This is a great write-up you have here... keep the spirit flowing

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keep up the good energy

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todo sea por la mejora de la plataforma y sus operaciones que los usuarios sin importar su índole puedan ver comodidad y calidad de este servicio.

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I joined discord server. I am Japanese Steemian.

Do you think a newcomer to this community can join and learn a few things by joining? Coz, i probably don't have a lot to contribute .