Steem and Me: 5 Questions Answered

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so here is a challenge by @snowpea, I read it on @snook page. no one nominated me, so I nominated myself.

What Are The Two Greatest Aspects of The Steem Platform?

First, the fact that Steemit brings together a host of people from different nationality and race, its amazing. Steemit exposed me to the world, a place where I can meet amazing people from around the world, build credible relationships and friendships and be able to contribute to someone's life. That simply is amazing. I made friends with even much more Nigerians and I found out, irrespective of what people say about us, irrespective of the bad eggs, Nigeria is still a big family. I met people who made me believe in this nation. people fearless and heartless and selfless. @samest and @marshalllife, @destinysaid @ejemai, @ifeoluwa88 and my favourite all time, @nairadaddy, thanks to steemit for bringing you my way.

Secondly, I always visualize myself talking to a great audience. But in reality, the only audience and fan or follower i've got is myself. Steemit gives me a voice and a stage, plus an audience. People read my post and comment on it. even if its one person, i feel so much excitement about it. Its amazing to be able to share what looms on the inside with others.

What are the 2 largest complaints I have concerning the Steem platform?

First, my largest complaint... its hurts me that savagery is not allowed here. Everyone is trying to be a good fellow because if you talk, the next thing is to get flagged.
People are afraid of giving savage comments except they have huge SPs. I wish @dan or any of the developers would incorporate a savage token or so. At least, it will keep steemit real and original not just butt kissers everywhere.
Steemit is about Originality and if you can't be allowed to express that even in form of criticism, it's all lies.

Secondly, the power is concentrated. I mean there are lots of valuable contents om steemit not receiving rewards because they have low sp.
Minnows struggle to get quality content and get easily discouraged when not rewarded.
Nothing demoralizes faster than spending hours or days, researching and documenting your creativity only to find 0.2$ for payout. it hurts.

What 2 moments are the most memorable to me?

My first was when i made a comment on @zizymena post and like 2 persons sent me steem for quality commenting

my second was when i commented on @nairadaddy post and he mentioned me in one of his posts. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. i was shouting in public and my eyes welled with tears because i was so excited. Haven't been that happy about someone i don't know saying something about me

What are the two most important lessons I've learned in my time as a Steemian?

wow..... i can write a whole post about this. But since you asked for two, i will limit it to two.

First, Steemit made me understand the concept of growth and value.
Steemit is a place for people to learn patience, its a place to grow and respect the growing process.
Steemit requires Grit. Hardwork sometimes gets discouraged, but consistency with or without results, tthat'sGrit

Secondly, Steemit taught me the importance of people. Not just that you need them for Upvotes, but they deserve your truth and sincerity.
I remember commenting on @meesterboom page one day, he is a whale, a huge one and my 100% was just like 0.002 or thereabouts.
I commented on His post and said i was a huge fan of his Because i really enjoyed His writing.
and he replied a fan that can't spare an upvote?
my upvote was worth nothing to him, but truly, He deserved it and that was my own test of loyalty to him. These guys might not need what you give because you need more, but in giving, the test of love and loyalty is aced.
i learnt to give to people who have more, but that have impacted me. Thats the heart of leadership, the pathway of growth

Out of my entire time here, what 2 posts am I most proud of?

here is one of my best, where i wrote about my steemit journey. find it here

and this second one, i wrote about women. i love it so much. women
wow and just going in search of my best post, i am 6months old

I Nominate:

i nominate @jeline @anjiba @samest @nikolina @zizymena @bookoons @julietisrael @warpedpoetic @jaynie @dee-y @flysky @gmichelbkk @nairadaddy @meesterboom


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Tough questions but you answered all so excellently....
I was also gonna do something similar but it wasn't this challenge. Maybe I'll just combine both but it'll be a bit difficult since the other is more personal than generalizing. All the same, thanks for nominating me.
You are witty and cool. And oh, I'd also go over-the-board excited if someone like @nairadaddy mentions me in his post, lol
I think I have commented quality enough to also receive some Steem in my wallet. hahahaha.
This was a fun read by the way.

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Steemit requires Grit. Hardwork sometimes gets discouraged, but consistency with or without results, tthat'sGrit

you have said so many great things in this post!! and I love each point you have made. I'm so happy you did this!!

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