Q & A Townhall in the Steem Alliance -- Wednesday Apr. 10th at 7pm UTC

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Voting on the remaining five (5) proposals starts tomorrow (April 10) and will last until April 17th.

We're holding a community Q & A Townhall in the Steem Alliance Discord at 7pm UTC (3pm EDT / Noon PST) so the hosts and members of the community can ask questions of the proposers who are present about their proposals.

None of the hosts will be on the proposal teams. Four have been asked. We're still waiting on two to respond so the co-hosts will be announced at the start of the Townhall

To review the proposals visit this link

Here is an opportunity to ask questions before making your vote. The Townhall will be recorded and posted ASAP afterward.

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I hope to be there when they clarify many doubts, this kind of activities are great

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If you have any questions for the teams, put them in this tread and we will tag them so they can answer on chain as well.

Thank you

Is it an open or secret ballot?


Just to ensure I cover the specifics of what you are asking (not sure if you mean the voting process or how the proposals on the ballot were selected, ill cover both).

Will the ballot and voting process be open to the public?

The ballot is open for all to see, will be done through the dpoll app and votes can be seen in real time. There are also full audits and filter settings that will be open for all to see. No secrets here 🙂

Were the choices that are currently on the ballot open to all or selected in a secret way?

All choices on the ballot (current proposals) came from the community themselves and everyone was welcome to submit any proposal they wanted. There were no rules about what could be submitted or who could submit them. There was no “selection process” that chose what ended up on the ballot or not. All that was asked is that they were submitted on a specific “call for proposals” by a certain cut off time and the initial call for proposals was made over 6weeks ago.

I hope that answers the question and if not, please let me know and we can clarify more if needed.

Thank you


Thank you for the detailed answer. But thatbdealsbwith auditing not secrecy.
A secret ballot means you know an individual voted but you don't know who they voted for. Ex you can confirm they clicked 'confirm' but you don't know thebchoice they made.
It is mostly done tonprotect privacy and prevent vote buying / influence.
For example if I say I voted for A but I actually voted for B no one can determine this.

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Ah yes, with dpoll you can see who voted for what in real time and therefore it’s fully open and nothing secret whatsoever.

While there may be some benefits to privacy by keeping it closed, as you mentioned, it’s then harder to audit.

The reason dpoll was selected is it gives a way that is very transparent to run this vote and the goal from the beginning has been transparency, which we wanted to provide in the vote itself as well.

Great question, thank you. and thank you for the clarification


Yeah I just checked myself.

I know there were changes made and Ibwas wondering if somewhat anonymous was one of them.

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