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Official Call For Foundation Structure Proposals


These proposals are for the actual structure of the community foundation and NOT for funding project proposals. We must first build the foundation before funding can even be considered.

The Working Group does not have any specific requirements for proposals, as we want to keep it as open as possible. But the proposals must establish specifics of how the foundation will run.

We have also included a Proposal Structure Example at the end of this post.

Each proposal should be based on the actual goal of the yet to be determined foundation though, which is to help to push Steem to the mainstream arena.

Proposal Process

  • Proposals will come in two-week rounds. Each round is a chance to get feedback and adjust the proposals accordingly. We expect that those making proposals will identify and act on opportunities to collaborate in an effort to create the strongest proposals possible.

  • Town halls will be scheduled at the end of each round to discuss incoming proposals and general direction.

  • Tentatively, proposals will be frozen in six weeks, and will be put up for on-chain election.

  • The time line can change if the working group determines that the process needs more time.

  • We ask that each group that will be writing a proposal to please let us know in the comments or in The Steem Alliance Discord Server.

Details Of The Proposal Process

The goal of these proposals is for us, the community, to come up with the most beneficial structure of this foundation that we possibly can. In order to do so, we believe we need to allow time for feedback as well as collaboration.

With this in mind, The Working group will be splitting this process up into (3) 2-week time periods or “stages”. With the goal being that these proposals will evolve and improve during this time due to the feedback they are receiving from the community itself. This also allows time for individuals writing proposals to be able to see other proposals and possibly lead to multiple designs being combined (by those designing them) to make something even better through collaboration.

This after all is not a competition, but rather the community coming together to try to build something that will be beneficial for us all.

Stage One (Feb 14th- Feb. 28th)

The goal in this stage is to start the planning of your structure proposal (if you haven’t already) while opening it up to the community as much as you can. By the end of this 2-week period we expect for each group to be able to present an overview to the public.

  • While all the specific details may not be known yet, you should be able to at least explain your goals, your overall idea of how to achieve them and a description of how your proposed structure would work.

Then you will make a post publicly to present your idea, and may begin to collect feedback from the community. We would also encourage anyone who would like to, to include a dtube video to “present” your proposal in your post. This of course is all optional but might help for more individuals to hear and understand your proposal.

At the end of this stage the posts will be gathered and put on the @steemalliance blog to make them all easy to access. We will also hold a townhall meeting to answer questions and ensure everyone is aware of the goals and process at hand.

Please use the tag #foundationproposal on your post at the end of each stage.

Have an idea, but are looking to collaborate? Use the tag #proposalcollaboration to help to find others looking to do the same.

Stage Two (March 1st - March 15th)

This stage is about getting into more detail and working on how you will actually implement the idea that you have brought forward. We hope you will be taking the feedback from the community and improving upon things based on it.

  • At the end of this period you should be able to present a more structured look at your proposal idea while also having enough detail to show that it is something that is in fact doable.

At the end of this stage the proposals will be gathered into one post and put on the @steemalliance blog to make them all easy to access. We will also hold a townhall meeting to answer questions and ensure everyone is aware of the goals and process at hand.

Please use the tag #foundationproposal on your post at the end of each stage.

Stage 3 (March 16th- 30th)

This is the final stage and in this time you should be fine tuning your proposal while trying to listen to beneficial community feedback and working towards improving your structure as much as possible.

  • By the end of this stage you are expected to have your final proposal finished and the details needed included. This will be the proposal that goes to the vote, It needs to be complete.

There will be an announcement for the “FINAL CALL” for proposals to be submitted with a set time and date for a deadline. After this pre-determined time, no more proposals will be accepted, and no additional changes can be made before the election starts. This will be the “freeze point” and then we will be moving on to the vote itself.

After the official proposals have been submitted, they will be gathered into one post on the @steemalliance post so it is easy to see these final structures proposals that will be included in the election.

We will then have a townhall meeting at this point to announce the final proposals that will go for a vote, as well as explain in detail how the election will take place. This of course will be announced on chain too, but in the spirit of open communication we will do so in voice, and then post that as well.

What will The Working Group be doing during this?

The goal for the group will be to gather these proposals in one place during each stage to make it easier for individuals to find, while also trying to “check in” with each proposal team to ensure their questions are met. Another goal will be to try to connect beneficial feedback to the groups themselves and act as a liaison to ensure that communication is openly flowing. We will continue with the weekly town halls but will have a “check in” at the end of each stage. At this time we will post the proposals gathered on the @steemalliance blog to try to get them seen as much as possible.

The Working Group will also continue to plan how the election for these proposals will take place and will update the public on that process itself.

Important facts:

  • Payouts of these posts will not have any relevance on any part of this process.

  • Feedback is only feedback and can be implemented or ignored by each group, that is up to them. Even though as this will be decided by a vote, we hope each group tries to listen to constructive feedback and use it to improve their proposal.

  • All groups will be able to submit a final proposal at the end stage.

Proposal Structure

In order to make this as organized and easy to understand as possible, we have come up with some open ended questions to not only help individuals build their proposals but to help the community be able to compare them. We suggest that a proposal address the following considerations, but they are not strictly required if they do not apply to the specific proposal.

Working Title - What is the name you’re using for this structure design?

Team - Who is a part of the design team of your structure proposal?

Overview/ Executive Summary- In a few paragraphs describe, in simple terms, your structure design and its purpose.

Purpose - What is the primary purpose of your structure?

Primary Benefit(s) (of this structure) - What are the benefits of your structure design? What problems does it solve? How does it benefit the community?

Mission/Vision - What are the goals in this proposed foundation and how will they be achieved? What Will it look like?

Organizational Structure - What will the actual structure of the foundation look like?

Foundation Members - How will the members of the foundation and their roles be decided? What will the proposed duration of the members service be?

Leadership - If the structure calls for a leadership structure; What will the leadership look like within the foundation? Will there be multiple levels of leadership? How is that specifically structured?

Community Involvement/Communication - What role does the community play in your structure? How will they be represented? How will communication be kept open?

Accountability - How will this foundation (under your structure) hold themselves accountable to the community? How, if any, will the community be able to remove members if they fail to hold true to the principles and mission put forth by the approved structure?

Fiat Legal Structure - What type of entity is it?

Foundation Funding - How will your structure be funded? Will it depend on fund raising, profit based ideas, donations, etc?

Project Funding - How will future projects be funded? What process will be included? What role, if any, does the community play in this?

Collaboration/Interaction - How do you see your foundation design interacting with projects like the coming Steem DAO?

Plan - Where are you in the planning phase of this foundation structure idea and what are your next steps?

Feedback/More Information - Where can the community get involved with your proposal of the structure of this foundation? Is there a specific discord server or account that they should be following?

Our goal is for this process to be as open as possible but also organized. We hope that by having the multi stage process it encourages collaboration, while also giving a chance for the community to give feedback on how individuals can improve upon their proposals.

This is the community's foundation, we just have to come together to build it first.

Thank You,

The Steem Alliance Working Group
@Ehiboss, @Eonwarped, @Inertia, @Jedigeiss, @Lemouth, @LLFarms, @Neoxian, @Reggaemuffin, @Shadowspub, @Travisung, @Twinner

What is the Steem Alliance?

The Steem Alliance is an idea of a community coming together to build a foundation with the collective goal of improving Steem as a whole.

The goal of this future foundation is to be the combined “face of the chain”, working alongside additional groups as well as Steemit Inc. to better the Steem platform together. With a main focus on helping to push Steem into the mainstream arena with focus on marketing, upkeep of, development of steemd, outreach and Steem events. Funding would need to be fundraising/profit based but also with large seed from Steemit Inc. itself.

The goal of this Working Group is to oversee the establishment of the future foundation while ensuring transparency, fairness and that the community's voice is heard. Once the foundation is established, Working Group is disbanded.


My first submission as per this RFP:


Link to announcement:

Yours truly,

Sadly, I'm not going to click on an insecure link off chain to view your proposal. Could you please provide it as a post, as per the OP's request?


If you want it, I'll send it via direct message to you in discord, but for me to put a 20+ page document in the works which shall change idk how many times depending on feedback into a formatted "post" is just not going to happen at this stage.

As is written in my post on the chain, contact me on Discord and you will get it no problems.

BTW, " a non trusted" link?


You really think that I would risk my witness campaign that is paid for in advance thru Feb 2020, for some BS phishing scam?

I fail to see it.

But OK.

I didn't say what you imply I said. Http is insecure, and it's an http link. The information sent across the web via http is not encrypted. Https is encrypted. That's not a comment on your integrity. It's recognition that your integrity isn't applicable to anyone that decides to intercept that data.

Sending cleartext on the internet enables anybody with the skill to fish with that bait, not only you.

Https isn't perfect either, but it's encrypted, and therefore considered secure for general purposes.

Fair enough, glad that you weren't picking on me.

look me up on Discord, or let me try and find you.

Whatever works


sent to your Discord inbox


well, this is about the most professional thing i have seen on this blockchain! you guys, have hit most points with this document! particularly with the list of items in the proposal structure. I am impressed! the only other thing i would do is ask people to submit how they plan to handle funding. for example, will their foundation be in charge of any funds at all? or will they only look after recommendations for funds to be released from accounts outside of the control of the foundation? (this would show true intentions of the proposers at least). Also, what is the threshold of petty cash spending that does not require approval from the stakeholders, steemit inc or the community?
last, at what threshold of spending should the foundation team in the proposal ask the community for permission to spend? (over 10k, over 25k, over 100k, other).
And a last thing that i would like to be addressed in each proposal is how disputes are handled, how are disagreements decided? how, if at all is leadership rotated? when are new elections proposed?
Will there be a 1 year plan, 2 year plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan with which the community can hold the foundation to account?
Also, what is the mechanism with which the community can hold a vote of no confidence?

bureaucratic fluff

Oh yes I'm aware of this but thanks anyway :)

Thanks for the excellent preparation. DeCentra Steem is a collaboration proposal to develop a foundation following the principles of decentralisation and self-governance, replacing hierarchal structures by rules and practices. No fantasy! Just application of modern paradigms of organisation! Have a look and join the team if you like.
Laloux graphic.png

Please have a look at Evergreen Funding as my initial effort to meet your request for proposals.


i propose an end to scams

But myriad passive income scams are your friend. What?! You didn't drink the Koolaid?

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i was meaning more on the 100's of millions cashed out by steemit inc and co already and not to forgot the business oriented scams that dominate the platform misleading inexperienced investors and destroying the economic progress of the masses

Great work but my enthusiasm has waned a bit.

I commented to @blocktrades about how I think the solution to the problems here are in plain sight. It's simple. End the bid bots and circle jerkers and usher in the era of Proof-of-Brain.

I don't think this is something that requires much of a convoluted onchain worker proposal system or off-chain foundation. It just requires influential stakeholders to have a collective ephiphany and do what needs to be done.

I fear that the corporate elitists may be taking y'all for a ride to buy time by feeding people hope. I'm not bailing on this chain and will continue working diligently for abuse fighting but I believe there is a good chance that everything that is happening is only delaying the inevitable.

I hope y'all prove me wrong.

They should eliminate stake weighted voting and have one account = one vote with AI weeding out users with multiple accounts. Wont happen the decisions are made by people with lots of SP and they benefit by self upvoting and circle jerk voting and renting out steem to bidbots. There are other ways that could be developed to profit off SP like just giving a percent of rewards to SP holders like interest on a bank account. I don't think radical change like that will ever come to this blockchain.

You seem to have little faith in actual intelligence and lots of faith in artificial intelligence. Personally I think this is backwards.

They should eliminate stake weighted voting and have one account = one vote with AI weeding out users with multiple accounts.

I don't think eliminating stake weighted voting is necessary or desirable but protection against Sybil attacks is of interest. It would be a tough problem for an AI.

I mean most users can identify patterns that indicate an alt intuitively but it would be tough to translate all that into code. Betcha whoever pulls it off is going be one rich son of gun!

It's an interesting idea to think about but not sure it could be done in a fool proof manner. Maybe. 🤔

Wont happen the decisions are made by people with lots of SP and they benefit by self upvoting and circle jerk voting and renting out steem to bidbots.

Think this right here could be the fatal flaw of the system. The ones that are the most ruinous to Steem are generally those that gain the most influence.

The bad is just too deeply entrenched that it seems a fools errand to try to fight at this point. Guess that makes me a fool!

I am careful though. I deploy my time but not really a lot of capital as I work hard for that shit unlike the rewards some many lazy assholes and vote buying participation trophy winners.

Because of these things, I see Steem more suitable as a hobby than a serious investment platform. It's hard to take serious when so many treat the reward mechanism as if it were a joke.

It's not all bad though. We got a handful of good people around here that I care about. I just hate our kind being at a disadvantage to these ever growing assholes seemingly with little scruple bypassing ethics for profits.

If I had a magic button to fork this chain, spontaneously manifest an infrastructure, and airdrop only to users that don't fit the douchebag patterns, I would do that shit in a second.

We can probably fix a lot of the issues on this chain but, unless we can fix the distribution, they are pretty much just Band-Aids over a festering wound.

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It was a mistake, in my opinion, to not have moderators who could actually delete spam, not hide it but delete it, and shut down bad accounts. Expecting users flag and use their own SP to get of spam is kind of idealistic. The whole "no censorship" thing has resulted in lots of problems. Once again just my opinion. They are are other pay you crypto sites that are development now that have learned from steemit's mistakes. Someone will do it right.

"...It was a mistake, in my opinion, to not have moderators who could actually delete spam..."

I have to pretty strongly disagree. Given how censorship has, and is now burgeoning, across the entire web, that kind of power to censor would certainly bite us in the free speech. Particularly considering the very abuse you guys are discussing, and much else presently impacting Steem.

The last thing we need are censors, because that will be the end of Steem, IMHO.

one account one vote wouldn't work most of the old top 20 witnesses have thousands accounts they used for farming you dont want increase their stranglehold unless you like to choke to death

Were those accounts to remain considered individual users, you are absolutely right. However, you neglect that was not the case under discussion. @ned, as well as folks here, have discussed means of discovering sock puppets and preventing folks from 'double posting' using them.

Were there a means of limiting folks to one voting account, which was the situation being discussed, that would no longer be a concern.

the problem with that is changes were made to the system to ensure against a solution to single person verified accounts and the powers that be dont want that anyways they collect rewards effortlessly from bots posting

  1. steemit inc has 100's of thousands of accounts to choose from since they were the main creator since the beginning, who knows how many are real( considering over 90% were made in one month very little + conveniently only opening up proper when bitcoin's price rose 10 times in 2017

  2. changes were made already to system to ensure accounts could be created free of charge (to high sp holders that is still costs the system to create)

  3. its too late to discover and discount sock puppets the majority of steem ever created already lies in the hands of those who created thousands of accounts heavily exploited the system created upvote bots to collect liquid rewards and sit in the top 20 witness forever would be impossible to change.

you really think someone will invest millions into a faux decentralized/democracy to change here to do what exactly? run their own scam

if you had millions to invest you could make your own platform a lot easier and quicker than trying to change another

Well, we seem to be at a crossroads that offers a path to an actual decentralized democracy, and the failure of Steem to moon heretofore presents a dilemma to those whales that have premined stake: either continue to milk at current levels (at best), or allow real decentralization to deliver actual distributed value to Steem and reap capital gains.

Capital gains is far more potentially emunerative than votevending scams for most, and the few satisfactorily rewarded presently yet will be further enriched if Steem moons. There's no downside to stakeholders for capital gains, and only reasonably expecting to continue to mine Steem via votevending is a motive to prevent actual decentralization.

The platform is not the hurdle to surmount. It's the community. Steem has tens of thousands of users, and that is the real source of it's value. Weku isn't creating the kind of returns one would expect if your assertion that simply erecting a new platform would be preferable financially. Neither is Steem increasing in value and exponentially enriching whales.

They are able to extract streams of wealth presently, but only some of them are in positions that consider that stream nominal, and all of them could benefit from capital gains - even if the cost of those gains was disenfranchising votevending.

There's certainly potential for support for both resistance and encouraging adoption, and nothing is cast in stone or determinant because we can't read minds of substantial stakeholders.


As I see it, those with vast amounts of SP (other than perhaps the odd few) do not understand the concept of capital gains. They can only see the revenue stream that is directly in front of their face and therefore do not want to alter anything that could potentially rob them of that revenue stream. They wish the status quo to continue until the entire platform has been squeezed of every drop of its life. Then they can take their money and look for another project to kill.

I agree, and this is because ninjaminers weren't investors, but nerds, and they don't understand how to build value and create capital gains.


why would they stop if they make money for free ?
they dont care about development or price they got the most value out farming rewards and selling votes and cashing out the last few years,
i highly doubt they will turn around and start burning what they've cashed out to support the platform,
there was a good reason for flags now we see the effect

You're absolutely correct. Despite the fact that the ninjaminers aren't investors, but techs, the fact that successful investing produces increase in the value of the investment vehicle remains. Extant circumstances indicate that sound investing won't result, but reason and experience may yet change the paradigm.

Either it will change, or Steem will be eclipsed by a platform that actually produces sound investment.


A person can only "ninja mine" if they have insider information.. which means they would have to work for steemit inc etc. The term you are looking for is "early miners" and they took a chance on steem and it worked out for some.. not sure how that can be used against them now. Many do quite a lot for this place. This constant need to blame high stake holders is really quite silly and not beneficial.

We have an opportunity to make a difference with this foundation. Maybe you could give some feedback on the proposals and encourage others to do the same. We can make any changes if we don't actually try, this is a chance for the community to make the changes that they have been vocally saying need to happen.

My only concern with a model like this, will anything actually ever get done? Looks like a lot of hoops to jump through and time to get even the smallest things done.

hey @jondoe, I would like to address your concerns but am not sure what "hoops" you are referring to? The process is set up to avoid hoops, encourage communication and give enough time for individuals to write a complete proposal. If you could give me a bit more details, I will try to answer the best I can.


I note that when looking to spend other people's money, great care should be taken. Would you prefer other folks take a less sensitive approach to spending your money on development?

Any ideas you have to streamline this difficult process are likely to be very welcome if they're effective.

Spend other people's money?! Not sure what you are talking about here. This isn't the development fund.

The structure of @steemalliance will both inform and depend on how such funds are sourced. No step in this process won't affect our wallets.

Look... Its important that the working group makes a decision on the process of picking individuals that will be in the proposal group that will make the decision on how many hoops will be jumped through and who will do the jumping..
We need to have the proposal about determining the process of proposing propositions as transparent as possible. That is the only way to grab the attention and interest of the community.
Do you feel me?

haha. Im sorry, i just come here to giggle at this from time to time..

If the "working group" (or who ever is still fueling this) cant figure out that Steemians/Crypto enthusiasts dislike "government type creations" like this one and long, winded, talks about procedural necessities before any action is taken, then there really is not much else that needs to be said except:

Yes, very well thought out and helpful comment.. well said indeed

Seems there will always be some that would rather not seek out information or be apart of the solution, burn it all down is a usual response from those types. It’s not surprising at this point, but luckily there are enough who actually want to make a difference to drown them out.

If steemians don’t want the foundation, they don’t have to support it.. it’s pretty simple actually. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add it to the useful pile.

I think it is helpful. You dont? 😇 I mean you might not like it but its still feedback. Haha
If i would shorten it... creating a political structure like this that wields no power to speak of is a dumb idea.

I said it months ago when the idea was thought up and i say it again....

Trust me... Thats the best feedback you will get on this whole post.

Yep, got it. Thanks again.

Simply put, we aim to prove you wrong.

Thanks lol :)

"By the end of this stage you are expected to have your final proposal finished and the details needed included. This will be the proposal that goes to the vote, It needs to be complete."

By the end of March? As in 6 weeks time?

How many members of the working group have corporate experience? Even deciding the jurisdiction that any entity should be setup in will take longer than that, let alone all the other details, such as the memorandums of association and other governance documents.

It's possible, but it will be another rushed job that will then involve years of looking back and wishing it had been done better, just like the ninja mine which led to the initial skewed distribution of STEEM.

Anyway, the job the being done by the WG is a difficult one, I would suggest taking longer to get it right.

This is the time line to get the structure proposals in, not build the foundation itself. There will be a lot of work to continue after that, alongside the foundation members and those whose proposal is chosen.

Everything you mentioned would come after this point, when we have a community backed structure and the actual “building of the foundation” takes place. We have of course not put a time line on that yet, as setting up a foundation like this will take time and there are many details that need to be considered. As well as many professional roles that need to be filled in order to achieve this.

The 6 week time line is simply to collect the proposals, as stated, not to facilitate every aspect of the future foundation or to have it up and running by that time.

Thanks @llfarms for the clarification.

You’re welcome! We will work on making that more clear going forward.

Thanks. You guys and gals are doing a great job so far!

Still time to add a new proposal?

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Thanks for your hard work unappreciated free labor group WG.

Resteem this article.

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Good work! Nice progress working group and thank you for all your time and energy.

You guys are clearly putting a lot of thought and hard work into doing this.


I hope that this will also help the simple Steemit users or Steem dApp users in general, the least ones on Steem ecosystem.

Wow. This is really it! Thanks. We know we have more to come, and steem is forever going to stay! #steem.

ترجمه فارسی همین پست در

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Thank you so much working group!!!! This is such a thankless job - but we thank you!!! :)

Good work WG!