Simple Theory and Proposal to Steemit for Desired End Game [email protected] Proposal

Due to having a computer crash on me with a proposal prepared that I could not recover, and being pressed for time having it get fixed I wanted to put out a fairly simple cut and dry recommendation in how to reward Steemit users in the future as an improvement from the current model.

Virtually all people feel great when they help others, that goes without saying, especially when they are in a position of holding a great deal of resources in any structured setting due to their feeling of goodwill towards the given system and will to improve the standing of others. But there is also an undeniable fact that people as a whole, especially on here, people generally are especially obsessed quite often primarily in how they personally interact within the system and how the ecosystem reacts to them due to this behavior. The following game theory will reflect heavily in the above statements.

Role Playing Based Avatar as a Steemit User
Categories should be considered in how each user interacts within the system to reflect the improvement and will of the user being met in each interaction/transaction on the Steem blockchain. The idea of having the culture end game desired result as a whole should be considered in the class of benefactor (the supporter of a given post/project), community (the Steemit collection of users as a whole and the collective interests of rewarding concepts or activities that enhance the overall brand of Steemit). The following categories and definitions of them are as listed in no particular order (weighting for each one mentioned later)

-Curation Rating: Similar to the concept currently on board this is a great way for others to spot up and coming talent and buying in on a post with their vote value to get a nice return on their vote value for continued value being built in the brand. This is a rating that is figured by unique votes that are given by each user. In my opinion the sliding scale for voting should be begin within the first 24 hours of posting, perhaps even the first 48, and then have another period later in the post life say hours 96-110 of the post age that votes placed in that time are at a full curation rate based on vote value assigned a multiplier based on the overall curation rating. The curation rating should consist of the following: 1-1000 based on unique votes by the account, plus 10% (a grace amount allowed for 10% of all vote value to go similar users) plus a bonus for all other categories of the user above the current platform average when the vote is cast. (Example, a user's curation rating is 99.00 [990 previous unique votes for posters on the blockchain], and their other ratings are each 10% above their averages, then the average overage of 10% would be added the curation score making the curation rating for this vote at 100.0, or 100% of the vote value based on voting power and vote value of the user, which would come into effect in the figuring of the curation value based on the vote. There would be no downvote curation. Also downvoting would incur an additional 50% expenditure of voting power each time done and would be subject to the same unique voting patterns for overall curation score/rating of the user's avatar at any given time. Unique voting pattern is based on a 7 day cycle, then resets after that period.

-Virality: This would factor in the amount of votes a post receives over the given time of the post, and could be subject to a "virality bonus" when voted within or even following the normal 7 day period as currently set. Meaning the votes received after the 7 day period would still gather a 10% value based on the vote value cast in the above example, plus be subject to a bonus if the users follow all the guidelines. Also, the post would incur a bonus (unsure of that amount at the moment-could be as high as 200%+ value due to interest created outside the platform) should the post link outside of steemit be clicked and voted by someone who is a prospective user on the platform . Each post that is placed outside of steemit should have a link account template that can be clicked when users outside the platform choose to upvote this with a pending account. Ideally it would reflect the promotion on the steem blockchain that post/user created in value for the user base. These new accounts generated on outside links that prove to be unique users would also take first priority within the user RC credits within the system, and be generated with the aid of Discord in programming original users in setting up a discord account within their parameters of gauging whether a user is a unique user or bot. Any account that is currently powering down is not eligible for virality bonus on their post.

Sponsorship: This is a way to have more high level users with a value of steem power within an account bonus on their helping another user on the base whether it be on the user base or in paying for post promotion for a post they may like that is not that user's post (bot upvote or other tracked transaction). A negative score is recorded when this user downvotes a post when their OVERALL Avatar score/rating is less than 55 (more on the overall score rating to follow). This feature would also allow a CO-SPONSORSHIP of a post by anyone who wishes to purchase votes for the given post, and split the payout based on their expenditure and overall payout total of the post (example, User A buys bot of x amount to co-sponsor User B's post then they receive a 50% bonus on what they spent on the vote result at the end of the post). This would also be freely available to any user for any post and can be done by multiple users on any post. Sponsorship of a post would be an option within the post as is upvote/downvote option already is currently. Expenditures for other users posts in this format also receives a 100% (2x) bonus in curation score on this post as long as the poster and this voter is not powering down, then either are already ineligible. Accounts that are powering down are ineligible for sponsorship and would have a greyed out option to select on the menu to begin with. Sponsorship can also be done purely with an upvote from this user based on their curation score in determining their curation return on the post and their SP is of a certain pre-determined by each level per amount of 1000 SP (or greater). Base sponsorship score is figured by total vote value in a 7 day period divided by the total expenditure in sponsorship multiplied by 2, then minus 100% downvote value, divided by 2, then divided again by original 7 day vote total score during past 7 day period.
As with all ratings these are not limited to be under 100.

Block/Content Origination: Score is figured by witness votes received, and original content created posting payouts plus any additional bonuses. All voters prior to being able to vote must have 20 witness votes cast prior to being able to cast their vote for any posts. Ineligible witness votes will be automatically removed and each voter would then be prompted to vote for another witness if their account has not already voted for their 20. Also accounts for new post/app creation on steemit. This is based with the idea of an original work being placed on the blockchain with at minimum proper credit being sourced to all representations within the post. Post creation votes should (ideally) be done in the spirit of the vote going toward the additional/new information placed on the post. Example, if user A does a post where they cite a graph, the commentary or the perceived value of the original work produced should be all that is considered for potential upvotes. Rating is figured by total witness and/or post upvote value times 50% 7 day (average as current value shows) divided by all upvote totals for 7 day period.

OVERALL Rating: Overall rating is calculated by a weighting system as follows:
Highest Level value multiplied by 150%*
Second highest value total multiplied by 90%*
Third Highest value total multiplied by 75%*
Fourth Highest value total multiplied by 60%*

Total divided by 4= Overall Avatar Rating

(*) Unless any and/or all are 10% the average score of the platform, then that score is kept as is

Total is taken to reflect the highest end value each user brings in each of the categories and allows for improvement on the lesser abilities. Rewards the most ideally that wish to improve their standing on the platform in an environment of growth and prosperity over the system across many plains and groups on the system and beyond based on the initial thesis above in the game theory with a checks and balances system of will and interest in a goodwill effort in improving the system by improving oneself at the same time improving and growing the entire ecosystem any given user comes into contact with. Thanks for reading, comments are greatly appreciated!

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hi @cryptkeeper17

While you have some interesting thoughts here, I am curious how this would translate into a foundation operating for the Steem community?

It seems what you are proposing is more about changes on how the platform operates which would require changes to the code and likely a hardfork. All of that is well beyond anything a foundation is envisioned for.


yes that was actually the thinking @shadowspub. Also the centralization of organic payout from those who promote the site was also intended, rather than the awkward means that is currently happening due to a lack of clarity of what the "core" of the community does and is or isn't supposed to do. Yes this would take multiple foundational efforts, but I am lost in the concept of organizing committees to repair a broken system, that needs to be repaired before anything that happens, that is why this was submitted in that vain. The foundation projects is nothing shy of very honorable and very well-intentioned heading the right way in theory but the core product is damaged and needs immediate attention before any additional branched out enterprises can do anything to help it at the moment. The idea was to provide input on those that are producing foundations in that the end game results were necessary in my opinion and these few concepts were examples of achieving that. I am very glad you posted the comment @shadowspub I respect what you do on here keep up your excellent work!