Thee things I love about Steem are as follows:

  1. Steem is community minded.
  2. Steem encourages engagement, interaction and collaboration
  3. Steem innovation-friendly.

These are deep truths




Hope- I saw many people here who still have hope because of Steem.
Independence - Steem can give us that independence that leads to freedom.
Knowledge - I learned a lot of things about crypto currency and how they can change our lives.

Steem to me is more than a crypto currency. I see Steem as an economy and I love Steem for the following reasons

  • Steem is a reward for brain value. Steem-based platform to me has much value than 10 other social platforms put together because Steem is a reward for humanity. This shows that Steem prioritises people over things and it is a beautiful characteristics.
  • Steem is growing and has a great future. With over 300 DApps built on the steem blockchain and many others on coming, I see Steem positioned for the future. While it gives a people-oriented transaction, the nature of Steem has paved way for more investments and onboarding of business outfits. This holds an amazing future for Steem which will soon become more popular than bitcoin.
  • Steem encourages collaboration. The need for community building and development on the steem blockchain is a powerful catalyst for collaboration which is not obtainable on other social platforms nor other crypto based blockchains. We can all agree that building effective communities is a product of good collaboration between individuals. This creates a good environment for inter-ethnic, inter-lingual and inter-racial come-together. This will foster unity and peace in the business world in the near future.
  1. Family and friends made here
  2. The ability to make money and start for free
  3. The exchange of ideas and thoughts with people from all over the world that allow us to come up with even more ideas ourselves
  1. For me, Steem means people, friends and community.
    You are the reason I love it here so much.

  2. eSteem is incredible and has been my access to Steem from the beginning. I can't imagine posting and commenting on posts without it and appreciate all the improvements that are constantly being made to the app and Surfer.

  3. Watching the Steem in my wallet grow each week by posting my photos and talking to my friends provides an incentive unlike any other available to me online.


Three best things about steem:

  • Steem makes one aware of economic values and fluctuations of the market.

  • Getting paid in steem for stories and photography makes one more conscious of organizing thoughts to put a post together.

  • Looking into my wallet and seeing steem grow because of my interaction on the blockchain.

Interesting topic... Three things I like about Steem.
I think the most important thing would be the social aspect. Being a great alternative to other social media platforms, Steem is the place where your content is correctly appreciated and most of the time, the feedback is honest.
The second thing I like about Steem is the sense of community. People around the world interacting and forming bonds is a great aspect of this platform.
Thirdly, you have the opportunity to learn and improve. As soon as you find your niche, following the content creators will definitely help. In my case, following and reading photography related posts, surely helped in improving my skills.

  1. Steem is my first and only cryptocurrency that I own and has changed my life. I know I would be involved in crypto world but have been delaying it and in January 2018 the time came for me.
  2. Steem brought me to Steemit and made it possible to reconnect with my old fiends and make new ones. This is very important to me. This platform gives people the opportunity to connect and share.
  3. Blogging through Steemit gave me the possibility to learn a lot. I've learned the financial part and I love it. This is my world even though it was hard at the beginning. The other very important thing is that I have the possibility to practice my English and learn a lot.
  1. Solving problems through the blockchain
  2. Building friendship across the borders with no barrier of ethnicity or color
  3. Serves as a means of livelihood for many
  1. Steem dapps which makes variety of ideas that can be posted on Steemit.

  2. SMT. It did not launch yet, but it's something to look forward to.

  3. Earn rewards. I am just honest about this. Parts of my earnings goes to voluntary works.

  1. It's perfect for procrastinating!
  2. Nobody knows what you are talking about when it comes to steemit but it sounds to everyone like a very clever thing!
  3. One day the early adopters of steemit are the rulers of the world!


First I am in love with the fact that the steemit platform rewards its users for their contribution to the platform, in the form of writing, images videos etc. It presents everyone with an advantage of earning by being at home.

  1. It's censorship , it lets people who's voice is being silenced to raise their voice and bring it out in the open , no one is being held back by any fears and it's completely uncontrollable by the government.

  2. I love how the sbd system work , where no matter what it will remain in value same to a dollar .

  1. Trying to tell friends/family about it, but they don't understand. BUT you know it's something that might just play a part in transforming the world as we know it, which is an amazing thing to be a part of.
  2. Rewarded for your content (an obvious one, but worth talking about)
  3. Reading posts from Steemians who are 1000 times smarter than me (isn't hard) and making me feel good about being part of this amazing community.

Innovative model, transparency, international.

1st: I love the fact that steemit, as a result of steem, has combined the idea of social media with the world of building cryptocurrencies. It has become a common ground for building and enjoying micro-societies and communities as well as enjoying the fruits from blocktrades. And that's the precise reason I joined steemit in the first place!

2nd: Steem is unique. A very refreshing take on the cryptoverse. It has combined a text based platform, blogging, for the lovers of reading and creatives, along with the chance to gain a financial profit from it. It is not the average "rich-quick scheme", but it never leaves the hard work of any individual unnoticed and unrewarded.

3rd: Endless possibilities. In a rapidly evolving world we live in today, it is undeniable that crypto is the next step when it comes to the economy. Just like how humankind has evolved from bartering to physical money to cards and wiring money. The result of such an evolution could lead to creating a mini-verse or possibly take the world into a different angle completely where online-cities become a thing. In this case, steem has already taken the first cruicial steps; succeeding in building the blueprint of what the world could become, someday!

  1. Globalization / Social networking
  2. Promoting original work
  3. Reward System

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The three best thing about Steem

  1. What goes up will come down, and by the same logic what comes down must go up. We have seen the potential of Steem already, need I say more?
  2. Steem has given us Steemit, and Steemit has given us so many new friends here. I don't think anyway would have expected that in day one.
  3. Steem might be a crypto currency, but with talent and creativity you can do so much with it. This is evident from the many Dapps and projects we have seen springing up and how it has opened doors and a new world to many.

Particularly for me, the three best things I find in steemit are: First of all the fact of mutual support in community, I think it teaches us and reinforces our values ​​of camaraderie, besides giving us the opportunity to make new friends. Second is the opportunity that gives us to create content, to write what we like to make our dream of writers is a reality. Third the rewards that help us to have an extra income, which gives us an alternative to achieve some financial independence. These are the three best things that I love steemit for.

In my previous post with the title Good Contents, Good Karma and Good Result. These 3 words represent what I feel while I'm with esteem.

First, I like esteem as the most consistent platform to reward and reward users.

Secondly, the Good Karma figure play an important role in developing esteem, you can see the results of esteem app as one of the top position.


Finally, esteem has a high concern for the esteemian. the proof is that esteem established #esteem-university. I myself often get notifications as good content providers when learning here.

3 Best Things About Steem

Well for me,
Steem is not all about having money and posting something to have amounts on your wallet and it's all about.....

  • Giving time on what you are doing and spending some time to share about the important things in your life on Steem.

  • Having lots of friends and knowing those awesome persons and bloggers that you haven't seen and talked before.

  • Givint love and respect on Steem would make us all bring it to the moon.

Have a great day guys! 😁

esteem becomes deep favorites make a post, because it's very easy access, hopefully esteem always can survive, to give service, @esteemapp,☺️

  1. The ability to earn rewards for micro tasks be it creating content in various forms be it blogs, images, video and monetize our ideas almost instantly

  2. That their is no censorship by a central authority that can push a certain narrative on us and self censorship is down to a community and individual level so we get a free market of ideas

  3. steem also allows for a new form of social media that’s not based solely on followers but also in monetary stake and interaction giving a more representation of social capital and influence

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Oceans evaporate, winds bring the steam above land where it turns into rain, thus steam is vital part of circle of life on Earth. That's a ONE. Steam was there for us to do the heavy work during early days of industrial revolution, in fact it still does to this day in many places. That's TWO. There would be no steam-punk, without a steam. That would be THREE. Hmm... more like three important uses of steam...
Oh, you meant Steem! With double 'e'. Right, silly me.
Ok, first best thing would be that it brought out people normally not at all interested in social media - like me - out of their basements and into the world. Second, due to certain coincidence it made me actually read the code, not just whitepapers, ideas and reviews, but the raw code itself. As crypto inversor I should be doing this for each coin, but let's be honest, who has time to do that? Third, it made me look around with more attention, with constant thought inside my head "am I actually doing/seeing something interesting? Would it be worth sharing?". Damn, those three points are more about what Steem changed in me - if the change is for the best remains to be seen :o)

Thanks once again for this opportunity. My three (3) best things about Steem would be;

  1. Zero Transaction Fee- The zero transaction fee makes Steem more valuable and saves cost for transactions.

  2. Fastest Transaction Rate: It takes 3 seconds for a transaction using Steem to deliver.

  3. Learning New Stuffs and Meeting New Friends- Since I joined the Steem blockchain I've learnt a lot of new stuffs ranging from cryptocurrency trading to DIY ideas. Also, I've made a lot of real friends that have been of helped to me.

3 best things about Steem:

  1. Real community, standing behind this blockchain and its currency.
  2. Many ways to join the Steem economy: DTube, eSteem, Utopian, SteemHunt, Zappl, Steepshot, etc.
  3. Rewards either for sharing your content or for sharing your wealth through the curation process.
  1. Steem brings more intellectual than facebook, twitter and other social media combine.
  2. Steem provides livelihood
  3. Friendship, community and relationships are formed here.

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The three best things here on Steemit are:

  • The Community: It is just amazing how the people from all over the world come together here and discuss about all the kinds of things and have fun.

  • The people themself: Everyone speaks always only about the community, but the people in the community make this community so great. I already met so many really nice people here with who I became friends with out even how they look like.

  • Last but not least the Steemfest: The Steemfest was an amzing event this year made possible thanks to @roelandp. It was just amazing to meet all the people you follow and consider as friends in the real life and have fun with them. I think if you have the possibility you should defenatly go to Steemfest, it is the best thing here on Steem.

Let's do this, I will be precise to give a valuable comment.

  1. It is an extremely fast blockchain.
  2. It has Dapp of the best in the market.
  3. Steem has allowed many people to change their lives. Steem has changed my life and that of many people I know.

Fast, Free, Scalable.

  1. The community!
  2. Being able to earn crypto with zero investment.
  3. The Projects and events... past, present and future!

There are so many awesome things about the Steem blockchain, but these three things are my personal favorite features of it :

1) The DApps on the Steem blockchain.

We got so many great DApps running on the Steem blockchain, and I'm not only talking about simple interfaces like Steemit, Busy, or eSteem. We also got some amazing things like Steem Monsters where you can actually play a real card RPG entirely on the blockchain, and you don't even need to pay gas/mining fees to play. This might sound pretty basic, but very few other blockchains are able to do this.

But we got so many more DApps, and we can ask and answer questions (Musing), share and find awesome products (Steemhunt), contribute to open source development (Utopian), stream video games (Vimm), share food recipes (dTaste), create polls (dPoll), gamble (MagicDice), and so much more.

While other blockchains might have more DApps in terms of numbers, a lot of these are shitty pyramid scheme games, casinos, and other very simple DApps that are just created to get a quick buck.

2) The communities on the Steem blockchain.

Very few (or no) other blockchain has such awesome, diverse communities. We on the Steem blockchain just don't talk about crypto: if you enjoy gaming, gardening, science, learning a foreign language etc. there are communities and places for you here. There are lots of friendly people who are willing to help each other out, and we also have the ability to monetarily reward these nice people who contribute to helping other.

I find that very few other places on the Internet has such great communities.

3) The technology behind the Steem blockchain.

We can't forget how amazing the Steem blockchain is from a technological perspective. There are few blockchains that can brag about having 3 second transaction times, and free transactions for everyone.

The technology behind the Steem blockchain is a lot better than most people give it credit for, so for this reason I put it on my third place on my three favorite things about the blockchain.

Free to own my self.
Free to communicate
Free from addiction by empowerment.