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It's 17th day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

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Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #17

What excites you about New Year 2019 and What's your New Year resolutions?


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Happy Holidays!

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What excites me most about new year is that I get to see another brand new year, with new excitement and happiness. New Year is the time I always get to see most of my family members, they all travel home and we all make merrys together.

Secondly, my new year resolution make it big on steemit and also move around freely with my sister's worries.
I also love to be able to help others with the little that I get.

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OK, here goes... I'm another person who NEVER makes resolutions. This year I think I will.

No. 1) Work on getting healthy. I was smoking pot. Waaay too much, and I've done it for years. I didn't see any harm, and indeed I have often talked about benefits I felt I was getting, but recently I've noticed how congested my chest feels. I was wheezing with every breath. I was becoming paranoid. So for me, this has to stop and I quit smoking five days ago, only to find it isn't as easy as it sounds. I started shaking, and feeling VERY nervous. I'm sticking to it though, and today is the first day I've started to feel better. I've also lost some weight and I'm walking more... so that's number one.

No. 2) Keep working on my own website. ( I've paid for it for two years and now I need to get a lot more content on there... and also figure out just exactly what it's supposed to be for! Learning Wordpress and continuing to improve my little site are a major goal and resolution for next year.

No. 3) Work on increasing my photography sales. I get some sales but they don't come often enough and I haven't made enough effort to make it happen. Next year I want a minimum of a dozen sales - one per month. I haven't had one since October - this won't come easy, but you don't know if you don't try. To a real pro, this would be a joke, but for an amatuer and aspiring photographer getting sales and making a profit are a huge challenge. Many of my sales at art shows and so forth have actually come at a loss, or only at a break-even point. I'm sure that overall I have only lost money up to this point, and that's not even considering gear... so there's number 3.

No. 4) Get in touch with some of my friends that I have lost over the years. I became too introverted and shy (from the pot?) and it has cost me in terms of relationships. This has really come to my attention over the past week when I learned that a dear friend is dying - and I ignored her for a year, and now it's too late. You cannot imagine the pain and guilt I am feeling over this, and so now I have to make some changes.

No. 5) ALL of this comes down to wanting to be a better and more successful person. So, while it may not be original, it's me.

Sincerely wishing you huge success with all your resolutions! It sounds like you have a great journey planned out for next year! ❤️

Thank you, Melinda. I don't like revealing this much about myself, but how else can you talk honestly about resolutions?

I've come to realize that not many people pay very close attention to my words, so I tend to write my comments to please myself. I love reading honest authentic comments.

Well, you got one ;)

Those are great resolutions, Keith. As for your No. 4...I think we all need to try to reach out to old friends before it is too late. This has happened to me twice recently when I thought of someone, never did anything about it and the next thing I hear of their passing.
Wishing you good health and much happiness. ❤️

Thank you, yes it's so sad when that happens. I've been just torn apart by the news of my friend. It is in fact what prompted resolution number 1.

I strongly believe that 2019 will be an amazing year for everybody. What I wish for myself? always, good health for the loved ones and myself and better times for everybody.
As New Year resolutions, in 2019 I would like to do a career change. Working in the hectic IT field started to make me feel tired and lost. Hopefully 2019 will help me find my dream job.
Also, I will keep the same old resolutions: loosing some weight, being more active etc. And next year I plan to achieve them. 😂

I feel you are right ...2019 will be amazing year for everyone. Wishing all the best for you and yours. ❤️

I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you!

Thank you, my dear Melinda. I hope 2019 will be a great year for all of us. 😘

For me it is all the travel that is to come. We are planning to attend the Steem Creator's Conference in Austin and then head out to Big Bend National Park, there will also be a trip to the Blueridge Parkway for the fall colors, and then so many other little trips that will help us obtain more counties.

As for resolutions, it is, as always, to a better person that I have already been, do for others more than I have done this year, and to love life more each day.


I hope you enjoy your trips a lot. Travel makes life much happier

It does, doesnt it? I know i am so thrilled when we get on the road.

I know you'll enjoy those trips a lot

Yes we do very much. So happy that we are meeting some awesome Steemians here in the US. Can't wait to meet them all!

Earlier this year I went to a meeting and I met a lot of guys here from Steemit. It was great it's wonderful to meet those friends that we have here at steemit ... You'll enjoy a lot

Your travel plans sound marvelous and I love your resolutions.

Thank you. We are hoping to take you all along with us. Haha

I'm ready! Let's go!

I'll you know when we come by.

I hope you do make it up north sometime soon!

I think 2019 will be a wonderful year. I hope to have my business to sell cakes because this 2018 was wonderful in the labor field and I hope that 2019 is much better. By 2019 I hope to help more people and be a more humble person and work on my personal growth.

I wish you so much success in the coming year, and I truly hope that things turn around for everyone in Venezuela.

Thank you very much Melinda. Many Venezuelans want everything to improve in our country

I think 2019 will be a break trough in crypto awareness. I mean big players will start to cooperate, and people will see the true potential.
My resolution is to quit my job, that make me sick and start doing what I love. I just want to start living a life :)

What's exciting about the new year is: we can celebrate together, especially with our family, friends and relatives. With joy, we can only enjoy joy once a year. Being able to celebrate the new year with a big family "family" is a very special welcome.

Welcome the new year to all eSteemians friends.

I’m not one who makes New Year’s resolutions but I always hope to have another year of good friendships and health. I always regret the things I didn’t say or do. I hope in 2019 to always be kind in my approach.
2019 will be the start of my 2nd year on Steemit. I look forward to exciting times on the blockchain...let’s make history!

I think 2019 will be an exciting year for all of us!

We all hope for a better year. And I feel this would be the case as 2019 is the year of the pig in Chinese horoscope. The little piggy is bringing good luck to everybody. 🐷

Upcoming new year giving better opportunity for me beacause last year i have very hard work but not giving good result so new year very big inspire me for big mission
Resolution for that hard work very fast success

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I really agree with your opinion @rjramesh because the family is everything for us. Whenever we need them there is always for us
Thank you

I generally don't do the whole n.y. resolution bullshit, but in general I'm excited to see where crypto goes in 2019 and world markets as a whole, should be very interesting (maybe in a terrifying way)

peace, stay strong

Its almost time to repeat "New Year New Me" 😂😂😂

The years are like a cycle when they finish and the other begins, many things open up, new opportunities, new businesses, another year of study, new jobs, and because no new relationships.

  • What most excites me is that I start a new stage of education in my life, I study industrial engineering, I study the sixth semester and I start with all the specialization subjects.
  • I am also excited by the good expectations of this platform for the year 2019, where most people commented yesterday on the contest Day 16 - Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Win prize everyday! That STEEM will go up in value.

  • I hope that all my goals for the year 2019 will be fulfilled and I will finish enjoying the rest of 2018 and that all the participants will have the same experience.

I am just excites to starta new year and making sure everything will be alright soon

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Good morning @esteemapp!
The most exciting thing to be happened this coning 2019 will be my home coming from working in Saudi Arabia for 20yrs and this will be my five years of not seeing my family.My last vacation.was 2013.My only son was stil.single on that time and now he have two beautiful daughters.What do you think I feel when.seeing my grandchildren for the first time?Please Lord my God,give me a good health and a good happy vacation.I am also excited to.visit my mom who is now a dialysis patient.And for another reason I will visit my beloved grandmother who died without my presense.So excited to see my maternal.grandmother too now 93 yrs old and of course my siblings.Please God bless us!

I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and for all of your family!

Thank you so much and so with you dear

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The New Year always brings so much hope! And like everyone I am so hopeful that it is going to be a great year for all of us!
My personal resolution is to to do all I can to make the world a better place!

what excites me for 2019 is the hope that my husband's plan for us to stay for good in my province with my family will come true. hopefully by next year , i can be with my family , especially my first born, he has not been living with me eversince and i miss him everyday, so i hope that plan will push through in 2019

New years resolution , to stay patient and always be grateful

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halo teman-teman #esteem semoga saja kita sempat menyambutkan tahun baru yang akan mendatang pada 2019 ini .semoga tuhan memberkati nya

Saya sangat senang dan gembira sekali bisa menyambut kan. tahun baru dengan berkunjug ke tempat saudar bersama keluarga.
Dan juga berkumpul dengan teman-teman untuk mengunjugi tempat-tempat wisata .dan juga bisa menghabiskan hari pekan bersama teman-teman
.karena tahun baru itu hampir sama seperti hari raya lebaran .dalam setahun sekali

Dan juga harapan saya pada tahun baru mendatang 2019 harga crypto kembali naik dan bisa stabil seperti semula yang pernah kita rasakan saat harga meloncat

Mungkin ini saja yang dapat saya sampaikan pada komentar kali ini .semoga bermanfaat terimakasih

selamat menunggu tahun baru semoga menyenang kan

We are positive about the New Year becaus it's like a new start and people are more open to new ideas, to try something different and maybe to become the next Steemit user
The resolution is to become a steemit dolphin and help new user with some good upvotes

Becoming a dolphin so you can help others is a great resolution!

thanks let's become a dolphin together so we can do a better job

I'm ready! Let's do it!

we are running a little contest if you like you can join:
Guess again

Thanks for letting me know! I miss so much here!

you are very welcome thanks for joining