[CONTEST] Steem2020 - what should Steem do next year & how will you help [120 STEEM prize pool]

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Next year is going to be a big year for Steem.

The arrival of Smart Media Tokens and Communities will be pivotal to the future of the platform.

Steem will be poised on the launch pad ready for take off.

But it won't shoot to the stars by itself. Everyone here will need to play their part - developers, community leaders, creators, investors, curators, gamers...

And between us there will be many different ideas about what should be done and what direction we should take.

Tell us what should happen on Steem in 2020 and win...

Here is your chance to put pen to paper, finger to keyboard or face to camera and tell everyone what should happen on the Steem platform next year, and most importantly how you will play your part to make it happen.

But I'm looking for more than vague ideas and frantic hand waving.

I'm looking for specifics - maybe even a month by month roadmap.

What should be done, who should do it, and how will it be resourced.

And how you will get involved and help out.

You might even want to set targets - for active users, for the new apps, for the price of STEEM...

It is up to you - but the more detail the better.

But keep it concise too - more bullet points than essays.

I'm looking for written posts in the range of 1000 - 2000 words, or videos of 5 - 10 minutes.

Tag your entry posts with #steem2020 and drop a link in the comments of this post or my contest follow-up posts.

I am not sure how quickly people are going to respond to this. I will announce a closing date soon but I will likely run it until SteemFest 4.


The prize pool is going to start with 120 STEEM...

  • 1st prize - 60 STEEM
  • 2nd prize - 40 STEEM
  • 3rd prize - 20 STEEM

If the contest gains interest and momentum I will look to increase the prizes, or if anyone would would like to join in as a Contest Sponsor please contact me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).


  1. Entries can be as written posts or videos.
  2. Entries should be in English, unless a translation is provided with a written post, or subtitles on a video.
  3. Entries can be by individuals or collaborative efforts.
  4. The closing date will be announced shortly but will likely be around SteemFest.
  5. Winners will be selected by @pennsif and any invited guest judges.

So here is your chance to tell world how you would make Steem grow through 2020.

And you can win a nice chunk of STEEM for doing so...

[ graphics by @pennsif ]


Brilliant and Nice contest. Very interesting. This my entry and my plan to the STEEM2020 https://steempeak.com/@wongbraling/build-steem2020-community

@pennsif, Kindly find my Contribution below.


Keep up the productive and effective work and stay blessed.

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Steem is gonna be very big come next year! In my honest opinion, I think the big players on steem should put their eyes on tribes precisely, one out of the many tribes I know is build-it, they focus on DIY and how-to tutorials. Guess what? About 80% of the things we ask google are "how can I do this?", "where can i get this?", or "how do i get this done?"... And we have thousands if not millions of users coming to google with those questions, if the big players on steem (won't call names) or even Steemit Inc itself can pay some attention to DIY or even to the Build-it tribe then we might as well onboard thousands to the steem blockchain who won't come for the quick buck but to find solution and perhaps become a potential investor.

Anyway I got some friends that might be a part of this contest @pennsif, @meno, @tarazkp, and @samminator. Good luck!

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assuming custom json was there from the start ... (despite that i only found it a few weeks ago) that means smt and communities were possible from the start ? or not ...
there's only one thing absolutely relevant atm : get rid of inflation alltogether, cap it and find a way to translate that into the emperors new clothes
b/c without that its doomed to stay low

Glad to make my Submission for this contest.

I care about STeem growth, the reason I make this suggestion.

Thanks @pennsif for the opportunity.

@wakeupkitty and @logiczombie, you could offer suggestions

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I only have one suggestion.

Start a marketplace (Steemarket) for artists, writers, musicians, and videographers and coders.

If people will work for steem, then the steem economy will grow.

If the steem economy grows, the value of steem will climb.

A marketplace (Steemarket) will boost engagement and the userbase will grow.

Feel free to take this idea and claim it as your own.

Oh, right, and make the mute function reciprocal so you become invisible to the people you mute.

Or maybe we could just promote #steemarket and ask people to post their skills and want-ads!

Thanks for the suggestion. I hope @pennsif is reading

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Great initiative, @pennsif!

Can I make a Portuguese / Spanish version of this post and spread it to the Brazilian and Spanish community?

I will be putting a new version up in the next day or two as the prize pool has increased - now up to 1500 STEEM.

So if you can maybe wait for that version that would be great.

Sure, no problem.

I hope next year steem grows a lot as well as the community.
I can't wait to write my post :D

Hi all, here our entry for this challenge/contest.

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Preparing a video now.

I look forward to seeing your entry. Thank you.

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