Steem 2020: My Submissions, My Roles

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With the developments surrounding the steem ecosystem, it is innevitable that year 2020 will be big for those who choose to identify with steem.

In this video, I have emphasized the need for Steem to acquaint more with the educational sector. Specifically, I think steem should:

  • Look forward to sponsoring Academic activities,
  • Incentivise Academic researchers,
  • Sponsor unique research reaches.

This will make steem to become a Research focus and we know how much value this can add to steem .

Ultimately, I see a platform like becoming a virtual Classroom where tutors and learners can meet and glean more value.

In the video, I have also elucidated how i am contributing to ensure these goals are met.

Many thanks to @Pennsif for calling for this. I hope all at the helm of affairs will consider the points raised in the video.

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@uyobong, These are really Productive Points and if implemented effectively then definitely will give effective and valuable results in regards to adoption. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Good point bro especially the education aspect. I believe learning never ends and it shouldn't be restricted to physical classroom alone.

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Yeah, especially now that transportation can be so costly, online lessons especially where you can earn becomes a better option.

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Yeah, one can comfortably do it from the comfort of his home provided there is Internet connection.

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Education is the most important aspect of our society and I personally think it is the solution to many fundamental problems. Good idea on using Steem to support education!

@tipu curate

Thank you for making the first entry for my Steem2020 contest...

Some great ideas there.

Do post a link to your entry in the comments on the contest post so others can read it.

hello , thanks

Thank you Brother @uyobong, I see some bright future for steem coming 2020. We need to work hard.

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