Streemian RSS Feeds Are Down. Here's Your Steemit Fix.

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Did the Great Steemit/Streemian RSS Feed Failure of 2018 happen to you?


It happened to me. And it made me sad.

Follow @libertyLOL and reSteem this post to help your friends. Also, keep following libertyLOL, I'm working on an eBook that will describe all of the automation I have in place.

I've got a lot of automation set up. When I posted on Steemit, I've got automation that auto posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Countable, Patreon, etc.

Since January 6th, 2018 all of @libertyLOL's automation stopped. It seems that Streemian has updated to "https API" instead of websockets. A lot of issues have occurred since they turned down the websockets on Jan 6.

First try "Cheat-Code" for a Free 5-post RSS feed

Use this as your RSS Feed ( replacing XXXXX with your user name.

A quick Copy/Pasta successfully turned turned my friend's Steemit blog into an RSS feed. (Also, if you're not following @mtnmeadowmomma, what are you doing with your life? Follow her now!)

This converts the H2 Entry Title Class that Steemit uses to create your RSS. Skip down below on how to make that URL more eloquent when you automate your Blogfeed...

If you're an 'auto-mater' and familiar with how it works (and its nuance), this should work.

Didn't work? N00nbTown? No Worries!

Ok, now...

Here's how to fix it:

  1. You want your SteemitBlog's RSS feed (proceed to step 2)

  2. Go to THIS LINK provided by

  3. Under the first field "Enter web page URL (required)" type in replacing 'libertyLOL' with your username.

  4. In the next section "Look for links inside HTML elements whose id or class attribute contains" input this value: "articles__h2 entry-title". Click PREVIEW.

  5. The Results should be the last five posts in your blog.

  6. Click on "Subscribe to Feed", then click on "View the Full List of Services

  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click"RSS Feed"

  8. YOU DID IT! It might not seem like much, but this is your RSS feed. You can pull the not-so-eloquent, but highly-useful RSS feed from the address bar.

  9. You're DONE! But I automate quite a bit through Feedburner. If you care to create a more elegant solution and transition any RSS feed into a simple URL check it out.

When @streemian failed, I just copy and pasted the "fivefilters" link created above into Feedburner and all of the automation started back up.

Check out @mtnMeadowMomma's better looking RSS feed here "".

Paste in the "Original Feed" and you can make the feed address whatever you want.

Also, you get analytics:


Resteem and spread the word. I love Streemian but I also love workarounds!


Any Advanced additions for fuller feed (and Images)?
Any Idea?
Feedburner is so buggy - i try out

At this point the feeds are only pulling title, main image and the first sentence or so. It’s sub-par to the full post (plus markup) that streemian conveyed.

I’ll give specific feeds a try. I’ve had no issues with feedburner, but a lot of issues with the Feedly and fetchRSS type services attempting to build the feed in the first place.

Any solutions for the full-text feature yet? I am seeking to implement my steemit posts in a wordpress site (with an offsite loader via RSS) and all it does with the current solution is the title yet...

I fiddled around a bit an found a service called Feed Enlarger that transforms the shortened RSS Feed from FIve FIlters into a full one, without ads etc. .. only thing I am missing now is the correct url to subscribe .. because when I use the url from the browser, it imports 0 posts...any suggestions?

Agreed. Using Feed Enlarger, I get the output with full content here but I can't use the URL in my browser as an RSS feed. Feedburner rejects it with the error:

Received HTTP error: "Forbidden" while fetching source feed.

Yes, it is unfortunate that streemian decided to discontinue their services. I really enjoyed the RSS feature. In addition, the ability to schedule posts was very nice. Any ideas where to go for that?

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman

To schedule posts? I do not. It was never a feature I used. Sorry.

There are also other ways to schedule posts, try e.g. AutoSteem

Streemian is back online. AutoSteem is okay but it only allows scheduling for a few days in advance and the numbers are all done on an hourly basis, which is not very convenient. Streemian allows you to set a date and time.

Any sources on the Streemian thing? I was also wondering if they implemented something like steemconnect, as until now, you would grant FULL permissions to your account when signing up for their services.

@spencercoffman I have just checked streemian, the RSS is still not online

RSS is down, scheduling is live.

this was useful to me, thanks buddy.

Very cool. I wonder if you've ever used for automation? It's a really powerful and free site that builds automation for a huge variety of social media, blogging platforms, bookmarking sites, etc. The guys at semanticseo teach this method, but I discovered it on my own before they were around. Anyway, interesting tool.

I do a LOT of IFTT. It's the reason I have a presence on almost every social media site. Everything is shared everywhere:

Follow libertyLOL on your favorite sites:

Steemit blog
Countable: Government Made Simple
libertyLOL's Liberty Blog RSS Feed

We also run a couple twitterbots which provide great quotes and book suggestions:

Liberty Podcasts
Murray Rothbard Suggests
Tom Woods Suggests
Jason Stapleton Suggests
Progressive Contradictions
Positive Libertarian Messaging
Taxation is Theft Bot

That's awesome! I need to get with someone on the whole bot building thing. Not sure I'm wanting to get that technical, but automation is where it's at.

Learned it myself through a LOT of googling...

Yeah, if I could find someone to help me with it, I'd be better off. I could learn it, but I really just don't want to. LOL

Check out some of the bot tutorials of @sambillingham or @money-dreamer if you want to get a good start

You guys should really check out Zapier , I bet you will love it.

Zapier charges for what provides more of and better for free. No thanks.

If you only have 3 apps connected once at a time, Zapier is completely free.

Why in God's name would you limit yourself to three? When IFTTT is free, for as many apps as you want, as many accounts as you care to make.

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