Steem Alliance, What Is it and Do You Want To Be Involved

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 Quick and Simple Facts:

The Steem Alliance Foundation

Steem Alliance Foundation quick notes! If you are already following this project you probably don't need to read this. Feel free either way. :)

What is it?

Steem Alliance is a Work Group to facilitate the beginning phases of a foundation or non-profit to benefit the growth of the Steem Blockchain. The Initial funding will be provided by SteemIt, Inc.

If you would like more details read this post.

Why you might care:

The Vision of the foundation is to fund projects with community support via the foundation or non-profit.What I hope that means is community driven projects funded by an active and accessible organization without the challenges of convincing and waiting for SteemIt, Inc's approval.

How can I get more info?

Please join the Steem Alliance Discord
and see

What are the next steps

Currently, interested members of the community are asked to provide feedback on the structure of the organization and how it will be organized.

If reading through proposals of how it should be structured isn't of interest to you feel free not to participate as I understand a limited number of people want to read proposals and vote on which is the best approach.

However, reasonable steps must be taken to gather feedback and give those with knowledge and interest time to weigh in and provide feedback.

It's totally optional to participate.

What do I need to do if I am unsure:

There is a deadline coming up for registering to vote, if you have recently heard about this project and aren't sure whether or not you are interested in selecting a structure at this early stage, go ahead and register to vote. Instructions here

My Opinion:

I want to support this project because I think multiple ways to fund projects and the ability to pay for development of the Steem Eco-system is a win. Having additional methods and funds available only provides more options. It is my hope this organization may choose to fund operations like Promotion, Marketing or even User-Experience Upgrades or Front-Ends and maybe exciting projects I haven't considered, at this stage the project is young and the benefits are still open to community input.

This post is meant to point you towards information if you are interested. If you know of community members that might be interested in participating please forward



You guys are doing great sacrificial work, it’ll take sincere kindness for one to join such group that work without being paid according to their job merit.

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I think this is a great leap forward.

Do you know of any whales kicking up a fuss about this being set up?

It strikes me that this could potentially limit their power on the platform.

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From my perspective, mild grumbling is about all I've seen from whales.

Doesn't mean they aren't upset, just means they don't tell me! :)

Any insight into overall timeline of when it is supposed be live and start funding/voting on projects ?

The community should be voting on what proposal to select over the next two weeks. My guess is up to a year for setup, but hopefully sooner.

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know, I did not know the project, I will try to read about it.

Thumbs Up.gif

Just voted. Will check the proposals later, hopefully.

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I also saw the summary of all the proposals earlier and a number of interesting ones to select from. I have been somewhat separated from the details but look forward to reading them all and helping with my participation.

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The discord link is broken.

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Thanks I'll grab a new one

I don't know if I voted already, I clicked the "absolutely" then filter, is this correct?

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The more ideas the better.
So far the promise is to start nerfing votes of people with more than 250k sp for voting on the proposals.
Personally im gonna divide my 10 million sp into 40 accounts so I am not affected, but I wonder about exchange operators.

Seriously though i am trying to understand the differences between the proposals myself.

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Yeah there is a lot to read and digest there for sure. Personally, I am not that concerned with the structure and more interested in having it up and running.

Awesome sounds good and I should look into it more

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