The First Decentralized Q&A Platform and it's on the STEEM Blockchain!

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What is a decentralized Q&A platform on the STEEM blockchain, rewarding users for asking and answering questions.

Release 1.0.0:

Now on the iOS App Store!

▶️ DTube

youtube is dead

ill have to check into this.....

this looks interesting

This is gonna make the game so much more interesting and rewarding @what-app

looks dope, cant wait to see how this works

It is good to have alternatives in all aspects of social media; especially ones that pay. I look forward to using this app.

It's awesome. I have answered a lot of questions on quora without getting paid. In the video, Whatapp looks great.

Nice app. Good luck with the Android app. I can't wait. Maybe it's a nice solution also for Q&A's of companies, brands etc.

I have waited for this apps release since it was first announced and I'm glad to see it in the app store! I just posted some questions myself. Great platform I think it will takeoff! @what-app

Downloaded this! Very innovative and useful to be able to get PAID for both asking and answering questions.

This looks like a great project.

My only potential worry is that the name of your service is similar to a famous messaging app on IOS and Android...?

Thanks for your concern but if you're referring to "whatsapp", I don't believe it to be a issue. What Q&A is different from whatsapp.

How are rewards will be decided?

Nice information, Great post!!!

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It is simillar to yahoo answer.

If i were to trust between my wife and this project, I'd choose my wife.
Because Wife comes first

you are creating great content....If you have the time, check out my content! Have a great day ahead!

Good work on steemit i like your post and i am new on it please vote me as you wish

greatstuff!!! :):):)

Thank you for sharing some of the most important information about DTUBE, thank you for your posting

Es un proyecto sumamente complejo

what is the purpose of this platform

Would love to try this one out, hope the android version comes out too.
Can we use in web ?
Great idea, will surely keep an eye on this. Good luck team!

This is just getting out of hand. The Steem blockchain is eliminating the excuse for poverty and being broke!!! Shoutout @what-app..

It’s basically a customer service chat room?

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