What - Decentralized Q&A App Now On iOS App Store

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Dear STEEM Community, we are excited to let you know that we've put What on the iOS app store.

What - Q&A

What is a decentralized Q&A platform running on the STEEM Blockchain that rewards users for asking and answering questions!

Download on the iOS App Store

Best Features

  • Ask & Answer Questions
  • Rewarded
  • Curation Rewards
  • Mark Answers
  • Swipe Tab
  • SteemConnect Integration
  • AskSteem Integration
  • Choosing currency - USD, GBP, EUR
  • Voting Flexibility

Marking Answers Feature

This feature allows the original question poster to highlight an answer listed. It will position the answer above other answers and will have a yellow highlight background color. Also when users are browsing through feeds, a snippet of the answer will appear under the question.

Mark Answer: Answer Options (Ellipsis) > Mark Answer
Remove Answer: Question Options (Ellipsis) > Remove Answer

(iPhone X)

SteemConnect Login

For ease and simplicity of using Steem apps, we've implemented SteemConnect into our app for best user experience.

Settings - Voting Choices, Currency & Logging Out

You can vote questions/answers by using a default vote percent (default is 100%) or being prompted to choose a vote percent for each attempt.

If you are more familiar with euros/pound sterling, you can change the default display currency of USD.

These can all be changed in the Settings screen.

Go to Settings (Logged In Required): Profile Footer Tab > Settings Icon

Note: SteemConnect auto logs in the user account that was previously signed in with. To force log out > log into https://v2.steemconnect.com/dashboard > Authorized Apps > Revoke ("next to what.app") > Log into What - Q&A as a different user

Android Version

Android version will be released in 1/1.5 weeks. Follow to stay updated!

Steem is revolutionary and we're empowered to play a part in the enhancement of the ecosystem by providing more ways for the Steem blockchain to be used. I (@shango) was planning to go Anarchapulco but couldn't make it so I decided on releasing the iOS version a week earlier.

Special thanks to @thekyle for AskSteem - Steem Search Engine




Email - contact@what-app.io
Discord - @shango

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This is really cool. But I just check it the android not yet done. Please make it snappy I can't wait to start using this app buddy.

I have been following this project since last year. Thank you and congratulations on the Apple App

Exciting! Yay for another app under Steem blockchain. 😄 Looking forward for the Android version and congrats! Upvoted and resteem and will follow for updates.

Looking forward to the Android version.

Will there be a web interface?


Thanks and yeah there will be a web interface coming soon, but for now we are focusing on the mobile versions.

This is actually a great initiative, I was thinking of it and I am happy to have found out you are also launching an android app soon!
I will keep my eye on it, to test and review it soon
All the best :)

Great work @shango . Can't believe how low the payout was on this post... keep it up!


Thanks a lot, really appreciate it :)

wow this seems so cool. steemit is full of such exciting things, events and innovation.😀😃🤗
really can't wait for the android version!!!

Really cool! Is there anything being done to aid in taking over market share from quora for stack exchange? I guess my question is, is there anything unique beyond being on steem (maybe that's enough)?

I think it is great that we have yet another app being built directly on top of the Steem blockchain like DTube, DSound, and DMania (I'm sure there are others). I'm pretty sure that 2018 will be the year of Steemit when it breaks through to the popular masses. Given that you don't need any crypto and any money to access it it is the obvious "gateway drug" that will get people hooked on decentralized economies.

While the Steemit user numbers may still be very small, just 40,000 active users per day - just a rounding error on platforms like Facebook - but we still lead the world in blockchain transactions and it is really not hard to imagine 10x growth this year, or even more. Can you imagine what will happen if advertisers actually discover the platform? A platfom where every upvote is completely transparent and on the blockchain for analysis. They can see how their promoted posts stack up against other companies. They can data-mine the crap out of the ant-hill of consumers out there. Anarchy! Should be loads of fun to see how it all falls out!


true quality comment :)

Oh wow! that will be amazing. Bring it on Baby!

Welcome to

This is a really cool idea! I have downloaded the app and so far so good. I think this is such an awesome aspect which adds to the Steem blockchain. Good stuff @what-app!