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Hey Steemit, vote2ico checking in again. I want to share a project you can all appreciate — this is the announcement for NeoBoost. Steemit users with an linked Ethereum Public address who upvote this post will receive NeoBoost tokens according to the payout of the SBD portion of their vote, And vote2ico tokens for the Steem Power portion of their upvote. All payments will be minus curation and after payout of this post.

For more information see this post

There are 10 more ICO’s in line after NeoBoost to be brought to you by Vote2ico, Thanks to Neoxian and Below is to not be considered investment advice, and is purely for education purposes. Please consult a financial advisor before any investment in cryptocurrency.

  • Overview:

NeoBoost will be live in 7 days this is merely a promotional distribution.

NeoBoost Contract: 0xaa0857228f16bc592c9473fc30ce4d304ce1f6b4

The remaining tokens are listed on etherDelta at this contract address:

Steemit is an amazing platform that rewards users for creating and curating content. This way only the best content gets on the page and to the top. There are no ads on Steemit, instead companies purchase Steem Power to boost post visibility on the platform.

It is very expensive to boost your post into the high visability pages on Steemit. Voting with 10,000 Steem at the current Steem price will only boost your post for about $1.00 — not nearly enough for someone to gain the visibility they are looking for. For comparison's sake, it currently requires almost 3 million Steem Power to boost a post to the top of the trending section.

‘Upvoting’ someone on Steemit is not giving money away. In reality, you are just voting on who earns the newly minted steem and steem dollars. When you upvote to earn a reward it is called a ‘curation reward’, which gains you roughly 25% of the value of your vote.

NeoBoost is going to be the advertising powerhouse of Steemit. Steemit currently has 450,000 users, and the user base is expanding extremely fast. Over the last 6 months, this userbase has grown by 102%.

Users will purchase NeoBoost Tokens from EtherDelta to pre-load their account on These tokens would be used to boost their posts to varying degrees. After entering their post URL into their account, they select how many tokens to spend on the post. Each token would represent 1% of vote weight so users could spend 1-100 tokens per post. Users would also be able to automatically select an amount of tokens to be spent on each post they make.

The NeoBoost network is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in how we interact with social media and aggregator sites — making the process of gaining visibility for your work easy and transparent. Providing a safe and efficient platform for all users and helping people leverage the power of this new medium is our mission and we invite you to join us on this journey.


  • Economics:

*12 million tokens will be created.
*3.5 million tokens will be distributed through vote2ico at current etherDelta ask.
*0.5million tokens will be be distributed to the core team for future development etc.
*8 million tokens will be listed on EtherDelta so that increased use, increases cost to prevent over voting being economically feasible.

*18 decimals

The tokens will be sold for 0.01$ initially with asks at every 0.01 increment ending at 0.5$ per token. The average sale price should be above 0.25$.



I just want to inform you about my thought about all thing:

I do not want to flag any of your post. I do not want to start a war. I am open to discussion, maybe I didn't understand something or maybe there is a solution for that.

Great post! If you're invested in Steem and Steemit you don't wan't the value of Steem to go to a bunch of probably soon wothless ICOs. And you also don't want Steemit's trending pages cluttered with things of no value to new users.

"you don't wan't the value of Steem to go to a bunch of probably soon wothless ICOs"

I'm not sure what you are saying. The steem & sbd that are generated are going to go to the author of the post that the user upvotes, not matter what. It's just that in this case the author is essentially giving back half of the reward to the user on the condition that it is used for the ICOs he is promoting. Those SBD are presumably paid to the ICO founders who then have it and will later put it back into the system, either by selling it on an exchange or using it in their steem wallet in some other way. If people want to spend their upvote (and yes, an upvote has value) on an ICO that might be a bust, so what?

Thank you for questioning me and sorry for answering late.. I could definately have written a better response but to clear things up here. I don't know if they will be worthless soon so that's just something that could happen and seems to have happened to a lot of ICOs. I shouldn't have written that because I'm not an expert on it.

As for Steem loosing some value to these promoted ICOs. Are you saying that this won't be a problem because they will keep those SBD to the same extent as someone who's invested socially on this platform? And use their voting power to promote quality content just as much as someone making content here? Because if not this would still be true right? Unless there's something else I'm missing like this somehow pulling in new users to invest in Steem just to buy ICOs with votes. What are you thinking?

how is this of no value to new users? new users dont like ICOs? who says? are pictures of trees of value to new users, for instance? maybe i'll tell you new users don't like tree pictures, so let's get rid of them! it's absurd!

You're right I wrote this clumsy. I'm not sure of anything but we should all atleast try to make value for new users here right? Maybe I'm wrong to believe that this won't be of as much value to new users as trending post where people actually voted on it's free content instead of buying things. Maybe the platform could be updated to separate posts selling things for votes from content that users just like. But that's atleast my argument for now. That this site shows more value to users without trending posts selling thing for votes, right now.

As I said I'm not sure but what's your argument? I know tree pictures was just an example to show how absurd it was to think that you know what people want to see. But if you actually had an argument for something like that I would like to here it and then make my decision on if I wanted to promote it.

I'm a totally noob, but I just was able to make my first personal wallet :) And I'm proud of myself :P I won't get much from this post, but still I want to leart and know how this all work. So here is my add @vote2ico:


Please add 0x5424eaf6776C1161b8a7a340515928E77A71B261

Don't add 0x5424eaf6776C1161b8a7a340515928E77A71B261

Sure, why not. I wont get much. Might as well try out my Eidoo wallet!

ADD 0x13D1f2880DfDf3828718dF554A97CF9d11bF8b42

Not yet listed on ED right?

There are tokens for sale in EtherDelta

Can you post the link please? I am to stupid to find them..

add 0x22A7362275c25e216FE9253a1a9C796E1241226C

Don't add 0x22A7362275c25e216FE9253a1a9C796E1241226C

add 0x1f12D6a2178BBCb97E547788EEa62e14651BE633

Add 0x9468b368dbac8333a01abe8dd147ff42e6dae2af

Add 0x029D5ff63F6283C32Cd18ae9b8Eb166dB0147e91

Add 0x56D7831582309Be36eA106314c6396A333196f74

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