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Hello Steemit!,
Glad to be here, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am vote2ico and I am here to share knowledge about up and coming ICO's. Its nice to meet all of you! There are currently 11 ICO's who have expressed intrest in our services!

Join us on telegram at vote2icoTalk:

Vote2ico is brought to you in part by @neoxian and

vote2ico aims to disrupt the initial hurdles to the ICO process, such as raising the first $1,000 required to advertise your ICO. By utilizing the existing Steem reward protocol, we can mix advertising, education, and crowd funding like never before. The Steemit platform has no ads. Companies acquire steem power to boost the value and visibility of their posts.

vote2ico’s Steem account will post announcement posts of up and coming ICOs This will not constitute investment advice, nor is this account acting as a financial advisor. Instead, this Steem account acts as a technical overview and educational resource for each ICO.

Steem users simply type “Add 0xMyEtH3R3UmWa1l3t” as a comment on any of vote2ico’s posts, and their wallet would then be paired to their Steem handle. The public Etherium address can be added retroactively to acquire tokens from past upvotes.

We reccomend for the etherium wallet address as it is the easiest wallet to use tokens with, You CANNOT use your bittrex, coinbase, ect. wallets, you must controll the PRIVATE KEY!
When a Steem user with a paired public etherium address upvotes one of vote2ico’s posts, the user will receive tokens being advertised in proportion to the SBD value of their upvote after payout. Example: An upvote payout worth $1 (about 35% of which would be SBD) would be $0.35 of tokens. So, if a token were $0.05, then that person would receive 7 tokens in compensation for her or his upvote.

Users upvoting vote2ico’s posts that have a public Etherium address paired would receive an additional amount of vote2ico tokens proportional to the Steem Power payout of their specific vote. This will act as the token generation event.

vote2ico will also be using many various upvote selling services to increase visibility, the SBD/STEEM reward proportional to their upvote will be used for future promotions and no tokens will be awarded. vote2ico will also start powering down from day 1, the Steem from this will be spent on upvote selling services and renting delegated Steem power to boost visibility.

ICO operators can burn 1000 vote2ico tokens per post to be advertised with vote2ico. They will be required to transfer +0.001% of the total available token supply to the operators of vote2ico to be distributed as rewards for upvotes. ICO operators receive the SBD from a portion of the earnings. All tokens unsold will be returned to the ICO operator.

Vote2ico also has a pool of 5 million tokens to be awarded to steemit influencers and or voters with over 50,000 SP who help promote vote2ico. To inquire about receiving these bounties contact us at [email protected]

5% of all tokens received will be held by vote2ico token, all tokens sold from this lot of tokens will be used to buy vote2ico tokens on etherDelta.

1 billion tokens.
Fixed supply.
18 decimals.

Token Generation Event:

5 million tokens - Advertising Bountys (steemit influencers)
75 million tokens - Core Team
10 million token - Listed at 0.01 on etherDelta(in 1-2 weeks)
10 million tokens - Listed at 0.02 on etherDelta(in1-2 weeks)
900 million tokens - Created through upvotes capped at 900 million.



I just want to inform you about my thought about all thing:

I do not want to flag any of your post. I do not want to start a war. I am open to discussion, maybe I didn't understand something or maybe there is a solution for that.

Thank you for making this video on your thoughts. I didn't really think about the negative aspect this can/will have on the Steemit reward pool. I put my address on here before watching you video. I am removing my eth address and definitely not taking part in this. I want Steemit to grow and the wealth to spread among all users not a handful of whales. It seems the community just keeps putting all their Steem and sbd's into the whales wallets thinking it's benefiting them. Thank you for opening my eyes on this. I strongly disagree with the vote2ico project.


vote2ico aims to disrupt the initial hurdles to the ICO process, such as raising the first $1,000 required to advertise your ICO.

How is having to raise 1000$ to advertise an ICO not a reasonable barrier of entry to taking people moneys / issuing securities?

I believe 99% of ICOs are either scam or garbage and don't want to artificially give them attention on Steem in exchange of future promise of monetary value.

Why wouldn't ICOs just buy votes to get onto Steemit trending page?

Given the vote buying situation, I have no doubt they'll find some greedy whale's willing to help them promote anything to the community for a quick buck.

I was beginning to write something along these lines... but you said it best... this is a terrible idea, and a net negative for Steem... I sincerely hope people don't back this idea...

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I'm not a BOT and my aim is to clear posts by spammers.

So many people always ask me if i'm a Hacker or a Cracker, as a matter of fact, I don't really care. You can consider me whatever you like - it's entirely subjective. I've been called a white hat, gray hat, and black hat, depending on the attitude and perspective of the writer, and it's not my place to insist that one or the other is correct. I encourage readers to reach conclusions from their own mind and feelings, not arbitrary segregation.

I do what I do, and leave it to others to document it - or not - in the way that suits them best. Distinctions like these work for role playing games, and it's kind of like asking "Is Adrian Lamo True Neutral?" - an interesting intellectual exercise, but with no particular relevance to reality.
So many people always think i only work for big companies, that i dont work for private individuals, For urgent requests for professional Hack Advice Or Hack Services, You can contact me directly via """""[email protected]"""". I'm also trying out a new beta ticketing system, which can be accessed at "Composite Hacks & Co"

So many people always ask me if I'm a self taught HACKER, As a matter of fact, I believe that it's specifically because I avoided seeking out help from outside sources or people that I'm able to do the things that I do.

I didn't start out with that idea in mind. It's just sorta how my learning developed. I was never interested in just getting an answer. I wanted to know why the answer was what it was. And the most effective way of doing that was by researching on my own. It still is.

Think about asking someone for help. What guarantees that they're right, or that they know what they're doing? You may think I'm a good hacker, but if I make a mistake and you're trying to learn from me, you've also learned that same mistake. The fact that so many security errors are repeated across totally different systems shows how mistakes can be infectious.

I'm not saying I never learned a single thing from anyone - I was always fascinated by hacker culture, but found myself in it rather than of it. I'm not really like most other hackers I know. I can't really explain how. I just don't know how to be like them. I'm primarily me, and being me is what I'm good at. So I learned in the ways that suited me, largely because it never occurred to me to do it any differently.

That's what hacking is. It's more about something that you are, not something that you learn. Though you learn some stuffs. If you have a built-in knack for something, a thing that drives you to do and to test limits in unexpected ways, and you're moved to do so by passion rather than pretense - whether it's cooking, computers, or gardening - you have the hacker spirit. The learning is pretty much a side effect of the drive to do something a little bit more impossible each time.
So many people always think i only work for big companies, that i dont work for private individuals,
For urgent requests for professional Hack Advice Or Hack Services, You can contact me directly via """""[email protected]"""". I'm also trying out a new beta ticketing system, which can be accessed at "Composite Hacks & Co

This is not a good way to advertise your services.

Please tell me a better way

Write a damn post that describes your services, then make use of resteeming services to get the word out, also paying vote bots to vote you up. Also, maybe actually being social and making friends, who can help vote and resteem you, and picking up followers the natural way.

Spamming a bunch of bullshit that's totally off topic isn't going to work. And if you are not smart enough to figure that out, never in a million years would consider using your service.

Oh. .thanks
I'm new here bro

and the community grows even more diverse

Would be possible for you to bring your spam somewhere else, I'm sick of seeing this crap!!!!!!

So many people are excited for this. I was at first glance as well. There are so many details missing I'm not sure anybody understands what's actually going on or cares? Everyone just posted ETH addresses and left because free tokens are free tokens. I thought this was a great idea at first as well and posted my ETH address and then removed it shortly after. These types of things are going to kill Steemit guys. We have to stop shoving our entire reward pool into the hands of whales. Once the entire Steemit stake is held by 1% things will be really familiar won't they?

If a couple of shit coins are worth more to you then the Steemit platform then proceed. I however think we should start developing projects that will better the entire platform instead.

Edit: (I'm upvoting my own comment to get exposure I feel it needs to be seen. Hopefully nobody has a problem with that. I usually don't upvote my own comments)

I am not sure, whether I understand:

So you are going to sell ICO tokens for votes?

Can you clarify something for me? Normally vote curation value different based on when you vote, and how many other people vote, and how big the reward pool is, as I understand. The poster and the voter get their proportional rewards based on this. Does this system take away the normal curation reward to voter to pay for the token, or is it using the post reward to buy the tokens for all voters, or both? Where does the steem go?

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Awesome info. In any case, it will be interesting to see development of your project.
I hope this ICO is social-centred and not money centred.

Are you familiar with CureCoin?

I invested in bitcoin and then found out about curecoin. Now I'm studied information about him)

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