INTRODUCING VIPER: Sound, video, and blogging platform using STEEM and IPFS

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Dear STEEM community,

We're really excited to finally bring this project to the public. Introducing...

viper logo


What is Viper?

Digitalization has driven major advances in the economy and society. This progress has had a powerful positive impact on the lives of people in developing and emerging countries. Today, more children are educated, fewer people suffer from hunger, child mortality has receded and a global middle class has taken shape.

Viper is a web application written in Javascript that runs in the browser which enables you to create and consume digital contents such as blog posts, videos, sounds, and online courses, created and curated by a truly awesome community which are rewarded with shares driven from the Steem inflation. Multimedia content is stored on the top of IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) along with the LBRY blockchain which are both decentralized and highly stable systems resistant to various issues such as censorship, network failure and natural disasters.

VIPER's primary objective is to provide a free and secure worldwide access to unbiased and quality knowledge related materials such as posts, articles, and courses in the educational and information sharing sector trough a pleasant yet efficient experience while fairly incentivizing content creators and curators using the inflation of the capitalized value of the network subjectively increased during the creation of their materials.

VIPER's secondary objective is to establish an open knowledge market and a transparent competition in the information creation sector as the cornerstones of digital growth stimuli, creating innovation-friendly environment and thus giving people the opportunity for social advancement and greater economic prosperity.

So if you're actually already familiar with Steem, you won't be lost at all, the base is very similarto Steemit excepting that Viper provide new features such as the integration of multimedia content such as sounds and videos and online courses based on chapter which are covering a much larger spectrum of services and functionalities along with a slightly more efficient and professional UI which aims to provide a better bandwidth between brains and the Steem blockchain in order to provide an efficient yet enjoyable reading experience. [viper-whitepaper.pdf]


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How Viper works?

Viper works on your favorite browser and keeps care of storing your private's keys very well encrypted using Triplesec, a post-quantum symmetrical encryption algorithm in order to keep your account protected from various threats. Viper also integrates a small database (Up to 10Gb) which permit you to browse Steem offline if you are traveling or if you have a slow network very useful for those who doesn't have a proper internet connection everywhere at any time.

Sounds and videos are mostly stored on IPFS, a decentralized file system, working with a great efficiency, stability and robustness. Since Viper can handle any web API, files can also be stored on LBRY, a multimedia blockchain platform which enjoys to be very stable and very secure against censorship, so your work is staying perfectly safe and most importantly, you have the full control over your favorites masterpieces. Viper split author's post reward and keep 25% in order to improve the quality of our service and continuously improve the general satisfaction of the community along with safely store your creations for post containing multimedia content. Viper's Steem power will be invested in bots providing the community both a diversity and pertinence booster and an extra reward for original and passionate content creators.

Viper's also permit to post some VIPs which are very similar to tweets except that the length is limited to 177 characters. Just like tweets, tags and users are automatically linked and images/sounds/videos are displayed in a fancy way. Let's post some VIPs!

VIPER stand for a better world with more equal opportunities trough a fluid access to high quality free worldwide education and unbiased knowledge materials while reinforcing diversity and freedom of opinion.

Best Regards,

Viper's, Vortex's, and Esteem8's team

Legal ownership: Affolter Matias

GitHub // // Feedback

Stay tuned!


This post was funded/promoted by @devfund using a budget of 900.00 USD sent to~20 voting bots.

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Thank You! ⚜

muy impórtante la acotacion sobre la destinacion del fondo.


Good luck to the new viper technology! The more STEEM users the better

Thanks for your complement ....


VIULY - analogue of YouTube based on blockchain.

The first decentralized video platform is based on blockchain technology. NOW PAY FOR YOU THAT YOU LOAD YOUR VIDEO. AND ALSO PAY USERS THAT THEY WATCH THESE VIDEOS. REGISTRATION -
What you need to get free tokens VIU
1 - Registering and verifying your email address, we get 50 tokens
2 - We create our own video channel and load the first video, for this we get 100 tokens
Total number of tokens 1 000 000 000
Tokens VIU is a smart contract blockchain ethereum
2000 token VIU = 1 ethereum
1 ethereum = 844 $

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

find it me very interesting, all of this, I would like to learn more about steemit.

Thanks for sharing the post I am here very new person want to learn a lot if some mistake I have
done please I am very sorry hope u seniors understand me thanks have a nice day

nobody's asking you

Thanks I am very new, this is quality post, I will definitely upvote. Please return favor


Well, that all sounds amazing... I love all the work that whales have put into the infrastructure and they certainly do deserve to be rewarded for their efforts (either by working, developing, or investing early) but it's often hard to legitimately agree with the autovotes some whales put on particular content.

Who are bot that upvote one's work. I've been troubled seriously

Don't worry dear--eventually you'll find a bridge over troubled water.

how to register this viper @devfund I got interested to try it out if there is a rule of thumb?

This sound like a very good project.. and the more platforms like this that come out the more choices people will have... thank you for sharing

amazing steemit post my steemit frined and nice comment

@devfund truly extraordinary
5 fingers for the creator of this post 👍👍👍👍👍😁


Great looking platform. Looking forward to giving it a whirl!

So. Essentially yet another steem frontend with a strange whitepaper and marketing budget.

Not really, LBRY and IPFS also are primary systems.
No marketing budget, quality and enjoyment is our marketing.

So quality and enjoyment delivered $800 upvotes to the post?

Whats your problem with how they spend their assets?

Yes man, bots has been funded by a few members of the community.
It is a free initiative in an open ecosystem, @devfund kinda like Steem's Mother Earth.

Honestly for the coding work required $800 is a bit undervalued. They’ve done some awesome work and imo it’s a good initiative. Everyone wants a slightly different so the more we have out there the better!

I agree. That's why I believe in showing to non technical people the real process, all the failing, all that have to be fixed how should be fixed. I did it once with a friend of mine and he told me "I didn't imagine all you have to do to create a program" and it was a really simple project.

We are talking about 663 sbd and 170 sp, the actual value of the post is closer to 2700 euros.

And I think it's good to have stuff like devfund to actually kickstart projects like this one.

Oh, that’s probably still a bit low for the dev work required but it’s definitely fair pay.

Does viper allow us to earn lbry credits aswell, is that integrated?because it would beneficial to link any dtube videos up to lbry as a secondary source of crypto, also have you considered doing a Snapchat style picture with filter app, open source filters that can be upvoted. I hate the fact that my favorite snap filters end up disappearing for cutesy ones. :/

and each one is a fishing net out in the giant ocean of capital.

this is a very good thing.

And 25% fee and weird key storage in a dB?

Wherever you are logged in, the website store your private's keys somewhere in a DB. Viper is one on the only app to implement post-quantum encryption algorithms to really secure your account.

I read the white paper; I publish in computer science, which method are your referring to, more specifically?

I also see the team read Stafford Beer's viable systems stuff; very good!

I like the interface; will there be support for typesetting mathematics? MathJax like Wordpress and MathOverflow, or something like Overleaf?

Privates keys are encrypted using Triplesec a triple-paranoid, symmetric encryption library.

Mathematics typesetting will be integrated in the editor for online courses using something like KaTex.

Who guarantees the security of private keys when stored off the Steem blockchain? That's likes saying, trust me with the keys to your bitcoin wallet.

Centralised storage is asking for trust in these services that they will not be abused. This cannot be guaranteed, by the service provider. It also makes it a target for hacking.

No, your keys are stored on your computer just like Steemit, we never touch your keys once, but most importantly you don't have to put your password again and again, since the encryption algorithm enable you to just put a PIN code with an even better security as comparing to Steemit.

It does not offer better security than Steemit, because the app still has to login in through Steemit security. You've only added an extra step.

I agree with @isnochys. 25% retention of post payouts to use this Steem interface, what??? I don't think so! Some one is looking for a very sizeable profit.

There is no need to store our private keys in your DB, that defeats the concept of decentralisation and security.

With the recent abuses of permissions assigned to platforms such as DMania and the like, these two points are are massive red flags.

Its a pity, because the interface at first glance does look like an improvement upon

Maybe enough just provide posting key? we need a clarification here.
And I agree. 25% is ridiculous. You should at least make it limited by time, or I won't even consider going to your network. Like, it's already not easy to grow your account from scratch.

I was just going to ask the same thing. While the offline-mode and key storage might be nice, I don't see any real reason to switch away from using Steemit and Busy in favor of this. But then again, I love having options, and it is great to see more alternatives. If everyone just keeps using Steemit, the blockchain will likely grow at a much slower pace, and we all lose on it.

Compare, try it out, choose what you want ;)
Competition is very healthy.

Yeah, I agree :) I might try it, but to be honest, a 25 % beneficiary is preventing me from giving it a real consideration. This is actually a lot of money, so I would not really be willing to give that away just for a very nifty features.

they might get a hefty delegation which will add extra value to post there...we'll see!: )

Probably some kind of minnow-booster as a diversity and pertinence booster system ;)

That's a good point. It will definitely increase the appeal if they get it.

Competition is healthy for sure, but with that 25% though.. Personally will play around with it to see if it's for me.

sorry i am new here what is whitepaper?


From the Whitepaper : Are you serious?

From the Whitepaper:

Tipping authors and promoting post will compose an important part of this system, users can support an author or an event by making a small donation. Gamification will promote this action. In order to make a small donation, users need to add fund to their balance, therefore, this system act like a bate that break the mental barrier of adding the first fund.

Gamification? Bate? Mental Barrier?

Adding fund should be easy as fuck...

Pass that bong to me, please...

The main strategy is to increase the number of visitors trough automatic process and then optimize each evolution of a users to get the best conversion rate in order to extract the maximum value from a user.

Enough for me, I skipp this one, what were you thinking?

You hjust made tldr of the month for me

Hahaha you made me lol quite hard. This project does sound a bit shady... The part that shook me was the "Viper split author's post reward and keep 25% in order to improve the quality of our service and continuously improve the general satisfaction of the community."

So VIPER takes both donations and a (fucking big) fee. What's the point here of using it instead of Steemit if we're gonna loose a quarter of our gains (and I'm not that big, those gains I'm making are not that big..)

Steemit takes 25% as well, as does dtube, and dmania.

Steemit does not take any fee. Some other services do "charge a fee" via the beneficiary system.

very good, to increase my knowledge, because I am still a beginner

Have you seen @steemit 's wallet? Also if you notice when you get a 50/50 split your steem power reward is much lower, between the 25% curation reward and what you are paid out it does not equal what it it is supposed to. @steemit collects part of your steem power reward. Not that I blame them they created the site.

You are wrong.

When you use 50/50, this means that your total payout, lets say $10 will be distributed by following scheme:

  • Maximum 25% will go to curators (People who upvoted you and created $10 payout)
    remaining 75% will be split 50/50 SBD and Steem
    Since SBD is booked to be dollar equivalent, it will give you exactly 50% of 7.5 in SBD or 3.75 SBD. The other 3.75 will be paid in steempower. If steem value is $3.75, than $3.75 will be 1 Steempower as payout, or if steem is more than 3.75 than steem will be paid as steempower.

No hidden fees

So if this is the case, can you explain his wallet? and how he can afford to fund every new account that comes to steemit?

The funds in the steemit account were acquired via mining. No one is charged a fee and neither does Steemt Inc collect beneficiary rewards. I am guessing you are new here. This platform is run on a public blockchain where ALL the transactions are visible. I recommend that you do some research before jumping to conclusions.

Probably pre-mined and contribution from random users. I don't see anything that will suggest anything you are saying looking at his wallet.

It certainly isn't 50% of the USD value of the total paid out. It is VERY skewed to favor SBD on payouts. We had to create our own sheet to get the real 50% payout.

This is because the system recognizes SBD as being worth $1... In the case that SBD is worth $1, then yes, you do get exactly 50/50 of whatever the post is valued at on the Steemit interface. But, when the SBD price is higher than $1, then the value of your earnings (should you sell/convert your SBD) will reflect this inflated price.

As @furion pointed out, Steemit does not take a fee. You might be thinking about the curation "fee" where the curators get 25 % of the pending reward. This will still be happening on Viper as well, in addition to the 25 % cut they take.

It's true that other sites also have beneficiary systems, but it's often not 25 %. I think 10 or 15 % is a lot more common.

It is similar to Dtube and Dsound. We might probably lower the fees to 15% for blog post only and keep 25% for multimedia content. We'll adjust the price as time is moving forward but for now it roughly is 25%.

Have you seen @steemit 's wallet? Also if you notice when you get a 50/50 split your steem power reward is much lower, between the 25% curation reward and what you are paid out it does not equal what it it is supposed to. @steemit collects part of your steem power reward. Not that I blame them they created the site.

This is just wrong, @infamusfiend. Steemit does not get a part of the Steem Power reward. The reason why less than 50 % of the reward is from Steem Power is because the blockchain still treats 1SBD as 1USD, while it is clearly not.

@imfamusfiend you need to do more research on how steemit does post payouts, read the whitepaper. You're spreading incorrect information.
Also on another note, I cant see the differentiation factor of Viper. And from those snippets of the whitepaper i just read, it gives me the impression that the creators are not professional at all.

Wow. Bro. You enlightened me! Didn't even know that and I've been here for 3 months now..
Well I'll try this VIPER platform out

i quite agree with you there, i dont know about others anyway14612602_1282785158431079_6076784238713475333_o.jpg

Yes, viper's system promote donation and support for donations, the mental barrier as we are talking about is the lack of simplicity.

The terms are a bit rough as we see as it is, the marketing is designed to be the most efficient possible, and protection systems are designed in order to keep and maintain a "positive" order and control along with a lot of competition.

Meanwhile, attracting users, and providing a useful and enjoyable experience is the essence of our advantages. Think of it as an engineered stream of excitement.

cave to cave

lmao I thought whitepapers were supposed to be formal and professional.

Looks interesting. I love seeing new applications on Steem.

There seems to be something unique about this app(Its obviously got the attention of the big guns here based on the vote value this post has got) but I cant seem to figure out what exact problem this app solves, I will keep thinking about it .

I facepalm whenever I see these categories on a new frontend.

What do you mean?
Your ideas are welcomed.

They are just stale categories d we should have more interesting categories maybe show some links to some popular new future Communities? Like Earth Porn, GirlsGoneWild TwoXChromosome, Videos etc etc those will be HUGE on steemit when we have communities (substeemits )

You should soon be able to favourite categories and NSFW will probably be possible to enable in settings along with more diversified NSFW categories.

Diversity // Quality // Pertinence

One of the main goal is to provide a better diversity in the ecosystem but default categories are the trending ones.

I think playing with the timeframe (shortning it) would make different tags come up.

Then you could have a rising tag list, which would be the delta of last week # of posts or $ in a tag.
Lots of things are possible the steemit default has been abused and is now almost static and meaningless.

Looks amazing I will try it out too!

Once 0.001 breaks all hope will be gone. :-(

Thanks for your trying ...

Wow! We have another way to log into Steem! Well done!

Interesting to see new interfaces to the Steem blockchain
Keep up the good work

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