Follow Friday #1; Norway Edition

in steem •  2 months ago

The Follow Friday tradition here on the Steem blockchain is something that I have enjoyed reading, and I have even found a lot of new authors who I follow by seeing recommendations from other authors I like, but I have never gotten around to actually doing one myself. But now it's time to change that once and for all.

For the very first Follow Friday by @valth, I will be doing a "Norway Edition" where I will recommend some of my other favorite Steem bloggers from Norway. So check out these people if you found some of my blog posts about Norway interesting. I will do another topic for the selection next time, so keep an eye out for that.

@siggjo -

If you enjoy photos of nature, landscape, incredible buildings, and whatever else Norway has to offer, then @siggjo is the Steemian to follow. One of the things I enjoy most about his posts and photos is that he always writes a few paragraphs about what you are seeing in the photo. So you will not just be looking at a random house, but also get some of the history behind this particular house. I learned a lot of history and other cool facts from his blog.


And don't be intimidated by the fact that it looks like his posts are in Norwegian; he also translates all of them to English as well, so anyone can read it.

@susanne -

@susanne is a Steem veteran that has been on this platform for over 2 years now. I'm sure a lot of people have already seen her blog, but it's still worth pointing it out to those of you who have not come across it yet.

Susanne is a big globetrotter, so you will get to see posts and photos from all over the world if you follower her. And she sure knows how to make healthy food that looks delicious as well.


@harkar is another blogger from Norway that has some breathtaking photos of the Norwegian nature. He seems like an avid hiker to me, and you will definitely see a lot of photos from mountain trips if you give him a follow. He lives a lot further north compared to me, so I always enjoy seeing the photos from this part of the country when they pop up in my blog feed.


@harkar joined the Steem blockchain pretty recently, so I'm sure he would be glad to get some new followers, so make sure to check out his blog.


@fredrikaa is a well-known Steem user already, so I bet most of you have seen his blog already. Despite being a Norwegian Steem user, he does not currently reside in Norway, so don't expect daily blog posts about Norway from this guy. He is still a very interesting person to follow, and right now he works full time on the @steempress project. This is an add-on for Wordpress that allows bloggers to cross-publish their content to both their website and their Steem blog, which could be a huge part in getting new people interested in the Steem blockchain.

Other than writing and working with @steempress, he also writes a lot of interesting stuff about space and space technology which is definitely worth reading.


@flatman is another great Norwegian photographer that publishes a lot of beautiful photos from Norway. Follow him to see amazing photos of animals, mountains, nature, plants et cetera. Just like @siggjo, @flatman also tends to write a few paragraphs to go along with the picture, so you will also learn a bit about the thing you are looking at.

He is also doing weekly contest where you can guess what you are seeing in a photo, and win some Steem if you are correct.

That's it for today

As said above, this is the very first Follow Friday by @valth, and I will return with another handful of authors for you to follow next week. There will be a new theme this time, so there will be another focus instead of just Norwegian bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed the post, and make sure to check out the authors I suggested above. I'm sure they would all appreciate a new follower.

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I totally agree with you, @valth
Two authors from your list I already read: @Siddjo and @flatman

These authors have very interesting photos
and fascinating descriptions of them.
I really like their blogs about Norway.
And recently Siggjo began to publish interesting
photos from Iceland, I recommend everyone to read about it.

I like your idea of announcing interesting publications!
Wise decision. I sincerely support your initiatives!

Else I recommend the blog @Solbadans

Also an interesting author and writes about his travels.

@Karja , @camilla @heidimarie


Thanks for promoting me in this comment @Singa
I appreciate that you like my pictures and blogs from Norway.
Thanks also for recommending my recent post from Iceland.


I like your messages, @Siggjo!

Awesome initiative @valth :) You promoted some very interesting people from your region here. Let me just add two more - @karja and @photovisions. They both take and post breathtaking photos of the renowned Norwegian nature.


Thanks for the additional suggestions; I'm not familiar with either of those two, but I will check out their blogs!

Thank you very much for kindly words in your post @valth.
I also agree with @phortun about @karja and @photovisions. 👍🏻

You people do talk funny 8-).

I did follow two of them, thanks for the heads-up!


Hehe, I can see why you think that. Ironically I've always found dutch to sound very strange :P

Great initiative to support the high-quality content! Especially in your big community!
Thank you for this @valth and keep going!)


I'm glad you liked it, @sustainit! :)

Hi my friend...
So, are you a promotor right now?
Have a good day my friend @valth


Hehe, I guess so! Have a good day you as well.

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Great and valuable content @valth. Good job!!☺💚


Thank you :) Did you check out any of their blogs?

Wow! Tusen takk for at du har nevnt meg og skrevet så mye fint. Skikkelig fint gjort. Kjekt å lese om de andre også. 💥💥💪🏼 Heia Norge!

Thanks for introducing us to these great steemians... I will for sure pay they blog a visit on your recommendation...

Wow, I just followed all these people you just mentioned, and I even noticed that some of them actually blog in Norwegian on Steemit. Cool, interesting, and I will for sure read both their Norwegian and English articles! :)

Takker for hyggelige ord :)
Veldig kjekt å bli nevnt i andre sine poster.

Thanks for promoting me in your post @Valth
I appreciate your kind words about my post from Norway.
I also like to hear about other person posts you recommend reading.