Report for 11.01.2018

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Report for 11.01.2018

Give thanks, we could recruit one more member during the last days:

let's welcome


Our members until today:
So we have 29 members right now and reached over 442 SP ;) and I am going to boost e.g. power up again soon !
I am so happy to see our list grow - Thanks to every one who signed up !
Voting Power is around 80% - I adjusted the votingweight according to numbers of posts published by the members per day... People posting often will have somewhat reduced votingweight...
Please also support your fellow users in this pool ;)
If you want to find out what to do to participate please check out

We are not too sure how long it will be that tiny entrance fee of $1 SBD.
As our account grows there will be more Steempower = higher voting worth = higher entrance fee !
And remember - we are looking for high quality content and we reserve us the right to decline entrance requests if there are spammy accounts.
As well as we reserve us the right to kick your account off our list if we find fraudulent content or your account is flagged by the community.
But don't worry about that too much right now. To be kicked off the list there must be some hard transgressions like reward farming etc.
Our main aim is to attract Newbies and people with low SP to boost there post and to bring it to broader audience as it could be quiet hard for newbies starting of in without any supporters as well as for longtimers producing high quality content but still not gaining the audience they deserve.
The memberlist will be published regulary to give you some promotion on your account on top. If you don't want your account to take part in this public promotion you can tell us and we will conceal your account's name !
Also it is our aim to attract some whales, dolphins or minnows who would like to give back something to the community by donating Steem or SBD or delegating SP to our account.
You can tell what you think of that idea in comment section and don't forget to follow to be up to date regarding our work !

Thanks for your support !

Right now we not welcome NsfW content on our list. Maybe we will start a seperate list for NsfW later but you can be sure the current list will be kept "clean" regarding NsfW.


I would like to participate in this! Thanks!

Your blog would be accepted ;-) Please send in $ 1 SBD one time registration fee to @upv4life to reserve your spot on our lifetime curation list ;-)

Why are you upvoted only 60℅

Because you do more than 1 post a day and it would be unfair against the other members - anyway, there aren't 100 % upvotes right now and maybe I will have to correct it down especially for members who are posting more than 1 post a day to keep the voting power above a certain level...

Dear,I am posting only one post per day..

Big Thank you and much love bud <3

How can I join? Here is a post I made, it says on your intro post about this, that you need to share a link before you ask permission to register, so here it is:

Not a link to a post, but just some reaction here as reply so that I can check your blog if it is appropriate and not just a fund-exploiting fake account ;-)

But your blog would be accepted - please send in the one time registration fee of $ 1SBD to @upv4life and I will put you on our lifetime curation list ;-)

Hi, I would like to be considered to join.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Yes, your blog would be accepted - please send in one time registration fee $ 1 SBD to @upv4life to reserve your spot on our lifetime curation list.

Transferred. When will membership be active and when should I expect to see my first upvotes?

I put you on the list so from now on you will receive upvotes ;-)

Hola, deseo unirme , ¿Como hago para entrar?

I don't habla espanol - but as far as I understand you wanted to join ? That would be possible - please send in $ 1 SBD @upv4life to join.

Very interesting! I would like to be considered to join, please ??

Yes, your blog would be accepted - please send in one time registration fee $ 1 SBD to @upv4life to reserve your spot on our lifetime curation list.

Done! Let me know, thanks!

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