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Who's that Pokemon?!?

It's difficult to answer who I am, but let me tell you just the basics about me and probably more if my brain can handle it. Hi, my name is Karen Belle, first of my name, second princess of my household, doer of nothing, master of unknown and a dialysis patient. My friends call me Koi, because I love fishes. I love kois. Kidding aside, yes, let me first tell you that I am sick with Chronic Kidney Disease. Technically, it is called, End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), a stage 5 kidney failure. As much as possible, I do not want to sound negative for an introduction. But I have to, because that fact limits me in many ways. But I want you to know that those limits inspire me more than they hinder me. I have brain fog most of the times, I might be wrong with many things like spelling, grammar, and a lot of things that involves thinking... which is basically everything. The illness has badly damaged my memory, so I am sometimes disoriented even about the things that I used to do, like technology.


I have always been fascinated with technology. In fact, I took computer science until third year in college until I lost my scholarship because I wasn't able to comply papers from my school. At the same time then, I broke my computer while I was having it dual boot Linux and Windows. My mom got furious because back in circa 2000, the computer was the most expensive plastic in the house. I could not afford to continue the course without scholarship and a computer. My mom was so anxious to make me graduate so I just took a very "human" course instead and finish it to have that piece of paper called a diploma. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, something that felt meh and boring to me because I wanted something else. But anyway, life went on, you don't have to like a course to have a degree, you just have to pass and graduate.

After I graduate, I had my child, my one and only daughter, Kim. It was not a planned pregnancy, in fact, I am a single mom and proud of it. Today, I can no longer have a baby because of my illness. I am so happy I had her when I was young. At least I have a kid, I passed on my awesome genes to her. (Narcissism detected) She is 11 years old now. She's as tall as me and we have the same shoe size, I guess you can say she's very much an upgraded version.


My first job was a no-brainer, but I had to have it because I had a baby to feed. I did not know what to do with my life after college and a friend referred me to a BPO company. I applied and got a technical support job for Roadrunner, an ISP in the US under TWC. It paid well and it involved computers, so I liked it. Besides, networking is one of the things I do good. I enjoyed the work for 3 years and got bored with it. So, while working, I enrolled and went back to school and got another degree. I got an education degree, because this is something my mom wants me to do. Yes, when you are young, you let people tell you what to do and I guess that's fine for as long as you can get your heart into it.

I got totally bored with that job, so I transferred together with my friends to another tech service by a big tech company that starts with the letter M. We were their people for their various product lines, from OS's, software, hardware, and different technologies, even their cross over technologies with the Macs, we were trained for it. Whatever they have new, we were the first people to be guinea pigs. It was tiring because we were multi-skilled and we were forced to understand their new technologies in bootcamp and compressed crash courses. We had to report countless bugs and fixes that works for too many errors and everything. It was too complex and tiring but it was something I loved doing because I loved computers and I learned a lot from them.

I ended the job with the M company because I was showing early signs of kidney failure. I had to stop working during the night shift and I had to find a less stressful job. I was already in and out of the hospital. I spent 3 years with the M company and gained a lot of friends. I worked with mostly men because in the tech world, there are more men than women. Fact!


I was a bum for 6 months, before I got accepted by another company that services another big tech company that starts with the letter O. This company is the mother of Java, if you know what I mean. I was not a programmer or any hardcore entity for them (but I wished I was) but they thought I had it to be a technical trainer for their POS (point of sale) product line. I stayed with them for a year, and also had fun until the disease went full blown on me and I got hospitalized.

On the first quarter of 2016, I just got so pale and had to be hospitalized because I was so weak and couldn't sleep for four days. I had difficulty breathing, too. I was covered in hematoma, I thought I had leukemia. I got hospitalized twice, 2 weeks each time, and all my life's savings were drained. They ruled out, it was kidney failure, end stage. I was so dumbstruck, why would I be end stage? how come I cannot be stage 1 or stage 2? Why would it be stage 5 right away? Even my doctors do not know why. So, I just stopped asking. I just accepted it the way it is and tried to pick up little pieces.


What I was before Steemit?

I have been with the illnes for 1 year and 5 months before I knew of Steemit. I was preoccupied with the illness and depression. My regular week would be a routine of staying home and going to the dialysis center 2-3 times a week. Twice a week when we don't have enough money. Three times a week when we have enough. At home, I stay in my room whole day with my smartphone, playing Clash of Clans. All my friends have abandoned the game but I keep playing because it makes my mind busy. I love the game, it helped me go through depression, I think it is worthwile, even if my friends are not active anymore.


If I am not with my smartphone, then I am with my laptop, checking my emails. Trying to check if clients have accepted me in Upwork. They sometimes check me out for interviews but they back out the moment they know I am sick. Sad fact. I don't want to lie about my condition because I know sooner or later they need to realize I cannot overwork when they demand over times or something. I have had some luck getting microjobs in other platforms but never with Upwork. Microjobs such as content creating and SEO for some subsidiary of the big company that starts with the letter G. In Upwork, too many people have the same skill set as I do so I have accepted my fate that I won't sell there. It's a tough competition, tough market. I would probably be appreciated only if I accept a pay of a dollar per hour and I don't want to do that because it would not be enough to pay my metered internet service.

Other times, I'm just sleeping whole day. There are really times that it's a bad day for me, like even gravity is heavy. That is what I call my, "furniture mode." The whole day, I just blend on my bed inside the four walls of my room, I look like a piece of furniture. Even taking a bath is hardwork.


When I go out, I'm just in the Dialysis Center. That's on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I bring with me my VR googles and earphones. For four hours, I have to be hooked to the dialysis machine so it will clean my blood. I'll be sitting on the Lazyboy for 4 hours and I can see other dialysis patients having their sessions beside and across me. Some of my fellow patients do not make it through, they die of cardiac arrest and have all sorts of things going on. Some of these things I experienced as well, like hypotension and hypoglycemia. In hypotension, my blood pressure could go down to 60/40 and I will faint and will be revived by the nurses. With hypoglycemia, my sugar goes so low, if you don't know how it is, it feels like being battery operated and then you suddenly go empty. I bring my VR goggles and watch privately whatever movie or clips I wanna watch so I can avoid the sight of other patients suffering. It makes me anxious and I am traumatized and it saddens me when one of my friends in the center passes away infront of me in a session. At least when I am busy with watching in the VR and with an earphones, I do not see and hear the commotion. It is an escape. I call it defying death with fun. The nurses often joke that I bring the VR so I can watch NSFW stuff, and that's funny but thinking about it, yeah wickedly possible. But no! LOL [Sighs] Sad life, but you have to make the most out of it in any way you can.


How did I get here in Steemit?

I was out during a storm and I was stranded in the city of Tacloban after I had my dialysis session. I could not go home, so I booked in a hostel and met @meetmysuperego whose flight was cancelled because of the storm. The storm lasted for 2 days, we enjoyed each other's company talking about life and anything under the sun until we talked about Bitcoin investment which we both do. She told me about blogging in Steemit, she thought I can do it. This was last December 15, 2017. I think, I did not join Steemit until the 20th and it took sometime for my account to be approved which is understandable, people are discovering the platform. Gold rush period for Steemit, hoooraaay!!! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO MY FRIEND @meetmysuperego for making me a Steemian.

I made a post about how I became a Steemian, it is my first post ever: https://steemit.com/steemit/@mermaidvampire/first-post-the-ground-zero-of-my-steemit-journey


What have Steemit done for me, so far?

I have only been active in Steemit, in the last 8 days, so far. After I saw the UI of the platform, the transparency, openness, I got so curious about it. Plus the fact that everything was alien to me... yet so familiar. I have been sick for a long time, I have forgotten who I was. I have forgotten technology. The brain fog made me forget a lot of things but as I go through posts in Steemit, it was all coming back bit by bit. I was having this weird feeling of freedom and rediscovering my past, a person I used to know.

I have checked the Trending posts and what I saw was @surpassinggoogle's post regarding being "human" again. I had to read it twice because I was kind of understanding what he meant, it talked to me in a different level. How Steemit let's us get in touch with the human side, showing raw talent, real people and their stories, about being flawed. About being uniquely worthy of appreciation whatever we are and wherever we are in the world. It sounded simple and common sense but it stirs you into your very core and it just re-orients you to how beautiful technology can be for humans like us.

Being sick has made me little, weak, flawed, and many other imperfections. It has turned me disabled. I LOST EVERYTHING I HAD EXCEPT FOR MY MOM AND MY DAUGHTER. Believe it or not, people want nothing to do with me. They are probably thinking I would be asking money from them to support my treatments or whatever. Weird, but that's happening. My siblings do it, some "friends" do it, too. There's nothing I can do about that. We cannot do anything when people don't want to be a part of our lives anymore.

Even if I have accepted the illness to be a part of me, it still affects me tremendously in many things, emotionally and psychologically. Specially when it comes to social interactions. I have very low self-esteem, low confidence, low morale. Name it. But when I read @surpassinggoogle's words of encouragement to join the platform and be of significance here despite being #untalented it made me hope that I can do what he thinks people can do here. Despite my flaws, I can be welcome in this world. When I make art, blogs or anything behind my computer and show it to the world in Steemit, it does not matter that I have a balding scalp because of hair loss, an acne breakout because of hormone issues, it doesn't matter that my skin is getting darker and darker because of blood impurities that the illness causes on my body and many many many more of these flaws.

It was liberating and hopeful. Something that I needed after dealing with isolation, depression and neglect from other people for awhile now.

I also met an awesome group of Steemians called #steemitachievers. @meetmysuperego introduced me to them and since then I have learned a lot of things that I would never have known myself since I literally knew zero about Steemit after I signed up. On my first few posts, I had a lot of mistakes, too many run on sentences and it seemed like I was just speaking not writing. With the group, I was able to see how people make their posts so they can easily be understood. I am still learning. And I will continue to learn and keep trying to be better like the others before me in Steemit Achievers who are very helpful and generous.

What made me decide to be active in Steemit?

Let's face it, I am dying. Old age is probably something I can't experience, thus I want to leave a LEGACY. Before Steemit, I tried hobbies like fish keeping, I told myself, I do not have money and possessions to leave my daughter so let me leave her with the breed of my pet fishes and let her continue the line even after I am gone. It will remind her of me and my grandkids will see it. I enjoyed keeping betta fishes and kois but the doctor told me I had to let them go because they might cause me infections and that's bad news. It was very sad to give them away. Heartbreaking.

After that, I have been into Bitcoins. I was thinking, with bitcoins, though it's late for me to try it, at least I will leave my daughter something. It might not be much but it won't be difficult for her to get it. Unlike if I leave money in the bank, when I pass away, my daughter has to be of legal age or with a guardian and a lot of papers to get my small amount of money. That would be cumbersome for her unlike in Bitcoins.

I decided to be active in Steemit at the moment, because I see the potential to earn and it does not conflict with anything that I am doing currently. Steemit is something I can do from my phone, my computer, at home, in the dialysis center. I have checked the pros and cons of it and I do not see a negative aspect. I cannot have too much of Steemit since I have a metered connection, so far. I have a limited budget per day that I can only go online a few hours in a day so I cannot be made unproductive because of too much Steeming. IN THE STEEMIT WORLD, I CAN BE ME AGAIN. I can be someone loving the technology. IN STEEMIT, I AM NOT DISABLED! I am excited to experience all the possibilities that this platform can make me experience.


What do I think about Steemit?

I think it is some Wonderland. A utopia. A Narnia. Asgard. Hogwarts. Name it. All the places where magic, fun and the impossible happens. I know there are dangers of it. I have been exposed to the tech world so long that I know how dark it can be if you are naive but I'm up and ready for it. This is a fairly new platform, bugs, exploits and what not, would be around. Countless changes, major changes in algorithms every now and then could happen and I need to keep up. Fluctuations of the market for the crypto side of it. Too many things to think about but I don't want to stress on any of that. I want to focus on making good content and making friends and hopefully I can earn a little that I can save for my Kidney Transplant.

Please read my struggle in getting a kidney transplant here and check out if you can help people all over the world to get a kidney through helping the UCSF Bioartificial Kidney Project: https://steemit.com/steem/@mermaidvampire/kidney-for-karen-and-everybody-who-needs-a-kidney

I have seen hope of making it possible to save for my transplant through Steemit. I know it is ambitious. Blame @maverickinvictus for it. He made me join his contest in making a Vision Board. Before that, I did not have any dreams at all. But @maverickinvictus, my fellow Steemit Achiever Steemian made me envision myself this year. I have nothing in mind really, I just want to be able to be back on my feet again to be able to fund my medications and help my mother and hopefully a future kidney transplant to make me live better, longer.

Here is my post for the contest of @maverickinvictus: https://steemit.com/maverickboard/@mermaidvampire/my-2018-vision-board-personal-growth-and-health-improvement-and-a-kidney-transplant-fingers-crossed

What are my expectations of Steemit?

I don't expect much because I don't want to be disappointed but I expect it to be a portal for good relationships with real people who are willing to help one another. I expect it to be full of art, humanity and goodness. I do not expect heaven in it. I know the dark side of the interwebs and Steemit being an online platform, there will be some shades in it but I hope I'm spared from them if I just focus on myself and get better at my own blogs. I cannot dwell with any negativity because of my condition. As much as I can I will avoid the things I know nothing about to just to be safe.


How am I doing in Steemit?

I am not sure how I am doing. I have been active in the last 8 days. Steemnow tells me I could potentially earn $10 in Steemit currency for all the posts I had in all 8 days. And I am so happy because I would not earn that anywhere else since I do not have a job or anything. I do not plant to withdraw it. I plan to save 90% of everything I earn through the platform for my Kidney Transplant. The other 10%, hopefully, I will pay for a better internet service so I can be online all the time and be able to contribute more to Steemit and help other newbies and everyone in the platform. The best thing about it is I am having fun and learning, it does not feel like I need to work it to earn. But of course, technically I need to have time and effort to make good posts for it.

I won third place for the #maverickboard, the contest. That was something I did not expect because all the other entries were more artistic, colorful and vibrant than what I had but I'm glad I made it to third place and finally earning my very first SBD!!! Oh my God, that felt awesome! I'm not gonna spend it. It will stay in the wallet for good luck, I do not remember winning anything my whole life. I think I just admitted I'm always a loser. LOL


What contents am I going to be posting in Steemit?

I am going to to be posting about Technology, Life, Health, Dialysis, Single Moms, Backpacking, Staycation, Food, Travel, About the Philippines and more. I will work on my contents for them to be socially relevant, make an impact and inspire others.

What do I pledge to offer to the entire Steemitverse and how can I help the entire ecosystem from the small fingerlings to the awesome big fishes in it?

I can offer good, relevant, informative posts. I promise to try to learn the ins and outs of the platform by myself and not be spoonfed by others. I'll also try to learn with other people in the process, specially my fellow #steemitachievers. I will study the mechanism of how you can help mentors that other people look up to like @surpassinggoogle. He is an inspiration to everyone. Very sincere and appreciative of newbies and I like the thought that he has a heart for posts coming from my country the Philippines and people from other countries as well that are active in Steemit. I see and understand his passion to make the Steemit world peaceful and succeed and in the process make people have a strong faith and believe that we are making a good future out of this. I will study and make sure I help support their campaigns for the benefit of everybody in the Steemit world. For Steemit and beyond!

I want to fulfill my life's purpose. It feels nice to be part of something no matter how big or small. It feels so nice to build a legacy. To leave something beautiful here for future generations to witness. Something that will live on even after you're gone. Something that people will see and recognize that you were some speck in the universe that made a mark. A star they'd look up to. Technology is definitely the bridge to the future. Social media x Digital Economy is the future and we are laying the foundations of them now in Steemit. Cheers!

Notepad ++ is telling me it's almost 4, 000 words. Wow, I feel like I can write like J. K. Rowling. LOL. This is too long to read. Sorry. If you got this far, thank you. It feels good to be heard. And I want you to know that this is my first time to introduce myself in the interwebs. Facebook, deactivated my old account because I was anon in it. It did not have my name, I only used Ka Ren. There's just so many things Facebook doesn't like. Good thing, Steemit came up with better.


Let's rock!


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You know I was floored with your entry on the #maverickboard

Now you came up with the most beautiful introduceyourself post i have ever read.

Each stage of your life laid bare with the emotions of what was going on your head, your heart and your psyche back then. It was as if to take us back to those moments.

On the contrary that you felt that people would get depressed reading your story it actually made me feel hope.

That same hope reading your vision. Blame me all you want for making you think of your 2018. That it could be more than the dialysis, the games, the movies and being on furniture mode.

I know all of those things, I have lived through all of those phases and in a way Steemit gave me my salvation and hope to experience life once again.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I am so glad to have met you. Together let see that life is indeed beautiful.


Good job @maverickinvictus for curating this work. Indeed she's a talented writer


Thanks, @gratefulayn. Did you know that you are my very first ever Steemit friend ever? hahaha Other than @meetmysuperego who invited me to be here in Steemit.


I am glad I met you, too @maverickinvictus. And thanks for being a ball of positive energy, sunshine, wisdom and everything awesome here in Steemit. I look up to you and you do not fail to impress me with every post that you do. I'm a fan and I feel honored with your feedback. Thanks for the constructive criticisms. Keep shining, keep Steemin'!


Lol would you believe if I said that I have a darkness in me that almost swallowed me and left me bruised, battered and broken.

That I lived in a hopeless state of inertia and fear.

That in my low self esteem retreated from the world in general and went out wearing a mask.


Life is a choice. Sometimes we can doubt our selves and be lost and confused with many things. Just learn from what that darkness has taught you and never again doubt that you can choose better things and shine. I love masks, in fact, I have a collection of them... just coz sometimes I want to be Batman. Hahaha ;-)

You write so good and I feel your struggle because I am sick these days. But if we have succumbed to the earthly expectation, we are always afraid to experience these struggles. I was very depressed in the previous week when the doctor said that my case is getting worse, but I surrendered everything to God who is the powerful healer. I am hoping for your recovery. We #steemitachievers are very proud of you for making this soulful introductory post. What you earned right now is not enough. Ahhaah, you're one of those who earned big in their introductory post. God bless you. We are here for you.


Thank you, @lebron2016. Thanks for all you do at Steemit Achievers. I'm sad to know you are ill, too. If you'd take an advice from someone sick herself, please work hand in hand with your doctor. Fix diet and lifestyle, there are a lot of adjustments when you are unwell, it will be necessary sacrifices and trust me, they are worth it. Our life, our health for that matter, is worthy of every little thing we got. And always stay positive despite the challenges, besides, negativity will get us nowhere. Thanks for dropping by my page, I appreciate it very much. Took me awhile to comment but I want our fellows Steemians to know I read all their inputs. Thanks, friend. Keep Steemin'.

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@ned @tuckfheman @stellabelle @berniesanders @acidyo @bethalea can we maybe get this woman a little help?

She seems like a tough cookie that could do with some support!


sir @business thank you so much for calling teamsteam for a help. She really needs help.
God Bless You


Thank you @business God bless you


Thank you @business. You're so quick to like and comment! Thanks for the kind words. We do become tough when we are left with no choice but be tough. Best regards.


Thank you for helping sir.


No worries, I hope this post makes trending. She deserves all the help she can get!


@business thanks for helping her she's my kabababayan meaning same place


Thanks, everyone. I'm so honored. May we keep bumpin' each other here in Steemit. You are a cool bunch. See you around, keep Steemin'!

I used up all 4000 words in the post but I wanna add more, I'd like to thank @long888 for encouraging us #steemitachievers to have a formal introduction in Steemit. I appreciate his mentoring and support for the team. Thanks a lot. You are an inspiration.


Upvoted po, hindi ko po inixpect na ganyan pala kagayan mo. But im so proud of you, you are a fighter. God bless po


Thank you, @delpha. Sometimes we become strong because it is the only option we have. God bless you, too.

You made me cry the whole time I read your blog and even until now that i am writing this comment.i am trying to control my emotion because my wife whos sleeping beside me might wonder why im crying.

I might be violating some rules here but i cannot help my self to beg for help, i beg you please, @surpassinggoogle, @blocktrades, @curie, @paradise-found, @jwolf, @sweetsssj, @adsactly, @purepinay, @firepower, @ocd, @beanz. Please spend time to check this amazing blog written from the heart, please kindly share some love, and tell the others to share their support too. Thank you very much!!!!


It took me a few days to reply because I do not know what to say, I am so stunned with the support of Steemit Achievers. Thank you, guys for believing in me. I had a big doubt in my head if I really wanted to introduce myself in this platform but you showed me how important it was to establish a connection by introducing yourself. Now, that I have done it, I strongly feel that I did the right thing and I am so happy I did. I listened to your advice. This would not be possible without you. I will never forget that my first ever $100 post was boosted by you. Thank you @long888, I'd be eternally grateful. All the best to you, always. I cannot thank you enough.

Inspiring post! You are really a brave woman and a great mother as well. Despite of your sickness you still thinking the future of your child. Thanks for sharing your real story. God bless!

And I read all nearly 4000 words of it. 😄

Let's face it, I am dying.

Please do not say that. You have soooo much ahead of you and even when you think these people have purposely left you, there are still others who chose to stick around and continue to fight with you! They long to see you better one day.

Keep fighting, karen. God bless your heart! Hugs to your daughter.


Thank you for checking me back. I appreciate this. God bless you and your family, too.

  ·  last year (edited)

this introduction of yours made my eyes shut for a moment and say a prayer. Lord God you are our healer please help her. God bless you mam.


More than anything, I need and I appreciate prayers. Thank you so much. I'll see you around here in Steemit. Thanks!

Upvoted from 200% to 250%

Good post

@red-rose like it






Thank you, Samer. I feel honored to know your name. Thanks so much for appreciating my post. You upvoted me more than I expected. I hope one day to return the favor. I know you are busy, that makes me feel honored that you want to share my post in various media. I cannot thank you enough. All the best to you, keep Steemin'!


sugar - take care, you are a nice friend and i wish you really higher prospective future in your life
love you


love - here is the link in my blog shared in many social media too



Thanks, Samer. I appreciate this so much. Love, from the Philippines. -Karen


Dear Friends

Hi - Samer father died today morning time and Samer is in hospital since 2 days back, heart attack and he has pain in the chest, I am abu Wada his friend managing his account for the time being till he is recovered and returning back
Please, do not worry, if he does not vote your posts of the last few days, please be advised that , he will vote another with gift freely, once he is back

for me , i do not know how to vote for each one of you, so please for give me, and I am sure once he is back he will vote or refund you back

sorry for inconveniences

thank you


No worries, I'm sure people will understand. Please extend our condolences to his family and we hope he gets well soonest. Thanks for informing us about his state, you take care, too. Thanks.


thank you my friend i have returend back and i really thank you for your kind support and good wishes..

god bless you

samer red-rose

your post is being upvoted

Wow! You write so well, seriously.


Enjoy the vote and reward!


Thank you, @charlesmackenzie. That made my day. See you around, keep Steemin' on.

Upvoting you with all my power!! I wish I could upvote even more heje


I wish I can do the same. I'll upvoted your comment with my and my brother's account. Thank you for the support, that is deeply appreciated. See you around Steemit @cobmaximus. All the best to you, always.


Hehe it's ok! The best of you as well!

God is good all the time, just have strong faith my dear...each one of us sufferring different sad bad things in life, I lost my Son in a horrible way..ni sa hinagap hindi ko maisip kung bakit...but steemit cheer me up, back my ngiti sa labi...@surpassinggoogle I might says an Angel like Miguel Arkanghel na pinadala ni Jehova to open our eyes mind and heart that still meron pa ding taong mabuti ang puso at may malinis na budhi at pwede nating gayahin to help others too. Kapit lang sister, hawak kamay tayo steemians. Take care and get well soon.


Thank you, yes Faith does wonders, we must never loose our faith in Him who sees us all. He hears us when we call, always. His will will be done in my life, I'll keep holding on. Indeed, @surpassinggoogle is using himself as an instrument for people to envision a better tomorrow with the help of the internet in a way that does not discriminate regardless of who you are. Genius!

Cool congrats ^_^


Thanks, Carl! Amping.

You can do it. God bless! @surpassinggoogle this fighter needs help.


Thanks for resteeming my post @jimcustodio, and for calling me a fighter. Coincidentally, I am listening to "Live Like a Warrior" by Matisyahu. I always listen to it in the morning, just to psych up. Hahaha! I look up to @surpassinggoogle, he seems an inspiration to a lot of Steemians and he is doing a very impressive job of helping people around here. I'd like to thank him for uplifting people in Steemiverse. Kudos!

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow ur too good ,the best introductory post i have ever read here so far.i think ur good and ur going to do well here in steemit ,i want u to zero ur mind about the stage u are in and be a hot fighter u are,i dont believe in the report of man but God.if u can write all this that means you still have more years to live ur life ,keep ur self busy with steemit and watch urself do things u didn't expect u can do .i see u being healed love u lots


Thanks so much @kelgreen. I'd do as you say, thanks for the positive advice. I will keep trying to make something here in Steemit and I hope to see you around. Take care always and all the best to you. Keep Steemin'!

By far the most wonderful 4k introductory post I've ever read! Life is too short you just have to learn to live and love it. You have a loving mother and a beautiful daughter, ma'am. Everyone is lucky in their own way. The delayed flight served its purpose. So happy that both of you bumped to each other and here you are now, fighting again the depression and living your life the way you want it to be. It may not be a hundred percent but a part of it like using your knowledge in technology and such. Utopian.io is right for you, you're in the right place. You are such an inspiration ma'am, a fighter.

Praying for you and your family! God bless!

Followed and upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you for your appreciation. I will try to give the same quality posts or better in the future. It's never too late to learn something new, I will definitely check utopian.io in my free time to know what it is. Thanks for dropping by. Your kind words make me feel valued here. Take care and all the best, always.

I have been reading some of your posts, and I commend your strength and courage. You have been a source of inspiration so far. Please continue to inspire others by continually sharing your story. And btw, I really like your writing style. Such great talent. :)


Thank you for always being a commenter on my posts, I appreciate it so much. I will keep trying my best here. It's a new world for me, but it's the kind of world I like so I will keep writing to hopefully inspire others. It feels good to be appreciated and hear or read it, thanks a bunch. This makes my day! All the best to you, too.

For the family whom I know is so scared of what is going to happen. I really feel their sadness because I have been on their shoes once. My Mom had a liver cancer. She gave all her strength to be with us on Christmas and New Year. But her illness can't be treated anymore. Sad to say, She left after the Holiday. We still thank God for giving us the time to be with her.

The thing is, you still have your time to fight for your life. Be strong because God is powerful and He will cure you. With all of us praying for you. I believe that God could hear us. I believe you are a good soul. Just trust in Him. God bless you

Having bad liver for a almost 2 years now.. Thank you for encouraging. Everything will be better. God bless.


I'm sorry to know that you have an illness as well. As an advice, I would tell you to work hand in hand with the doctors and modify your lifestyle and diet. Hopefully it will fix your liver and you will be healed. I wish you well and see you around Steemit. Thanks much, always choose to look at the bright side. Negattivity will not get us anywhere. Keep Steemin'!

yey! happy to read your posts @mermaidvampire. so inspiring!

woah! wame masabe! God really loves you @mermaidvampire just remember that God loves you so much


Indeed, he loves us. We should remember that. Always look up and know that a king died for us and he is our father. Thanks, @jackielouvarquez

I can see a warrior and a champion. Stay strong! God bless you!

I read all 4k words without losing interest even once. Such great talent won't go to waste. I know there are big things ahead. Grateful to you for sharing your story. God bless you.


God bless you, too. Thanks I appreciate you letting me know that. Hopefully, we grow here in Steemit and accomplish things for the world to see. Keep Steemin' and see you around in this platform. Thanks, again.

Amazing intro. looking forward to following and connecting with you!

Oh my gosh. I have no words. Let me just cry in my corner for a bit. . . .

Okay. Phew.

I have never meet you but when you’re in the steemitachievers group chat, you were like this bit existence that I can’t help but look up to. You sound so intelligent and I am always amazed.


yeah.. she is..napaka active nya sa gc at you can sense na napaka charming nya na tao... yung tipong iba eh.. Thanks for sharing ur inspiring story in life. @mermaidvampire


And you will never expect she's fighting life.. Nakikita ko lang sa GC strong @mermaidvampire..

Stay chill. You're awesome!

oh no! but i saw cracklings on thr picture.. so sad to hear maam that u are suffering kind of illness. huhuhu


hahaha good observation, I was low in sodium that time, I was allowed by my doctor to have cracklings it's one of my favorites. Thanks for the support. Take care, @jun2


God bless you always! keep fighting maam!

You made a great choice joining this awesome community.That will make you for other platform You’re going to have a great time here. Keep Steeming!

Just continue to steemit and you will get your kidney transplant.
I myself was unlucky enough to be a dialysis patient for 14 years before enjoying what steemit had been doing now for me. If only cryptos were to came much earlier.
You will do good here.
God bless and keep you


Thank you, @cryptopie. You inspire me a lot. Yes, I heard that transplant should be done sooner than later, before complications come. I have just been on dialysis for a year and a half and it's tooooo difficult. I'm just being strong for the people that wants me to stay. I bet you know how it is, for sure. Thank you for dropping by, good to know that dialysis patients here in the Philippines last 14 years. Here in Eastern Visayas the longest is 6 years, because the treatment is more costly than in Manila and we do not have as many agencies that support patients here and very few centers, so less competition. I wish to last long like you, with or without transplant. Thank you for believing I can do this, it helps a lot. I wish you the best in everything. I will include you in my prayers. May God give us miracles.

@meetmysuperego is a heaven sent! Thanks for coming into steemit and sharing your story. i read the entire blog..

Sissy hope you will not sick anymore.We are here #teamachievers always willing to support you!!!

nice! followed and upvoted you..kindly check my posts too..thanks! and have a good day!


Thanks. I will, for sure. I appreciate you dropping by.


parang d nya binasa ang post mo ah.parang scroll2 lang

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
Be sure to follow my account @zoewilliamson
Best of luck to you!

Such a great post. You know how to captivate a readers attention! Thanks for posting and being so positive. I look forward to seeing what you post next! Best of luck in steemit and life!

Wow! This post moved me and it showed how strong a person you are. I was broken when you said that you lost many friends because of your illness and being in your situation is never easy. But you are a fighter and despite your limitations I know you can achieve anything!
More Power! and My Prayers are with you!

welcome @mermaidvampire :) you're 4,000 words are all worth it. read it all throughout. let's hangout longer

Hi Karen, what a heartfelt post. I will be praying for your health tonight. This is a great post and I did not think it was 4000 words long as I was reading it. I stumbled upon your post when I was browsing the steemitschievers hashtag. Keep on fighting, keep on praying. A miracle is not impossible. :) God bless you and your family <3

Hello @mermaidvampire - Just be strong and keep on praying that God will heal you. It's him that we will trust! I wanted to recommend to you the supplement that I am promoting which is the Peruvian Purple Corn but before that you have to research about Purple Corn thru Google and Youtube for your reference for your decision.

It helps a lot of patients with the same situation as you! I hope you will have time to research about it and decide maybe it can help you just like what other people who was healed by it of course with the help of prayer.

You can reach me on Facebook for more details!


Thanks for the concern and for the support. I deeply appreciate it. See you around here in Steemit. Best regards.

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Thanks so much for the support, @long888! Much appreciated.

Hi everyone, I used up all my Voting Powers to Upvote all the comments. I also used another account (Kakin) to upvote them to show my gratitude for all your attention and support. I hope to return the favor one day. This is a big deal to me, since it's my intro post thus, it is the post that will be focused on my being an individual and I appreciate it so much that you cared to read it. I cannot thank you enough for the warm welcome. See you around Steemit, everybody and keep Steemin'!


Hello Ka Ren, aka @mermaidvampire! I've read all the 4k words of your post and even almost all the comments, so I've come this far here on your post. Honestly I paused and whispered a prayer for you and @cryptopie who is also a Steemian with your same situation. I'd like to welcome you here in a very positive platform with lots of positive people. I know you will do well here, and I pray that this post will become trending and the Whales will notice you and somehow help you with their supports of upvotes and even donations for your dream of Kidney Transplant. If that would happen, it will be a great Headline for Steemit to the world.
Above all, I still believe in Miracle...May God heal you instantly and may God bring you all the resources for your speedy healing and recovery! God bless you and your family...!
P. S.
I've noticed that our mentor @surpassinggoogle haven't voted your post yet. You may wish to reach him on discord here and drop your post there.


Thanks for the suggestion and for the kind words. I'm going to follow you and hope to see your posts soon. I appreciate it so much when people include me in their prayers, that's just so thoughtful and good for people to be concerned of others' situation. Thank you so much. See you around here in Steemit. Keep Steemin'!

Nice merma!

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Welcome to the community. Yiu have a hell of a life story, so will be able to write a lot here on Steemit.


Yep, been to hell and back and back again ten times. I'll try my best to be a source of inspiration anyhow. Thanks for dropping by.

Beautiful post a writer at its peak . Welldone


Thank you, @syedliaquat

Thank you