Hello @theaustrianguy!

First of all, thanks for the effort you put into the welcoming service! 4 days ago you found my introduction post and helped me boost my start here at steemit. It made me instantly beliveve in Steemit as a wonderful community. Where else would you get so many welcoming messages, and even get paid for making an introduction? I think these posts will boost the number of newcomers to steemit. Just think about the effect when I tell my friends that I made $50 for my introduction post. I should show you a photo!

I am waiting to get my delegated steem back, when I do I will make an delegatin to @welcoming!

1. How many posts should I resteem per day? 10? 15? 20?

I have many times been thinking about unfollowing @welcoming as it overflows my homepage. I would say at maximum 7-10, but not more than three at once, as have been said earlier.

One idea that comes to my mind is to resteem the 7-10 best introductions, and then make a simple post with links to the rest of the posts. (like: These new users is also worth checking out: Abraham link. Benjamin link. Charlie link.) This will give you the opportunity to share more than 10 posts, and give us the opportunity to still follow @welcoming, and upvote new steemers as we do not have to let the frustration over all the new posts from @welcoming make us unfollow @welcoming. This sounds like the top five which also is posted, but it is not. It would be "The rest of the posts that didnt get resteemed :)

2. Should I also vote on introductions I don't resteem?

I think you also should vote for those you don't resteem, but only the posts you think are "real". (that might be self-evident...) You could do as the idea mention in question 1, and the also upvote those you put in the daily list. If you do not want to make such a list that is understandable, but I think upvotes would be nice either way.

Thank you for the long and well thought answer :)
I am glad you are one of those I could support and make believe that this is real - I am even more glad to see you are thinking about delegating some power to @welcoming and therefore can help others to receive such a warm welcome as you did!

Of what has been posted so far, I will reduce the number of resteems to max 10 and max 3 per hour or so. Of course I am not a robot, so numbers will be fluctuating. I hope to hit it about right so that nobody feels annoyed by this service!

And I also started upvoting some other good intros with 20% each.

I am not yet sure about making daily post though, will need some more thoughts on that!

Anyways, thx again for the great answer and the though of delegating to @welcoming!

Cool! I am just happy I could help :) I got to wait for my other delegation to get back after the cool down...

Just one more thought: If you start posting with welcoming it would be more easy for people to start auto-voting on welcoming, and therefore give @welcoming more power to vote for new-comers. I love the ability to auto-vote, as that keep my steem power so I may use it for my own as well :)

The idea with posting via @welcoming instead of @theaustrianguy is a great idea for various reasons, I will definitely implement that.

I will post about the changes in about 2 hours!

Thanks so much for the mention @theaustrianguy, i find myself at times the bulk of resteems can sometimes feel out of place / fill up my feed quite quickly. I feel like there should only be say 10 resteems a day from the top 10 you found throughout the day but still go on curating introduction posts like you have and keep spreading that support!!! I feel using a lower vote percentage is a good idea if you will still be going through and curating more posts making sure the voting power is still going to good use.

Also i would also like to spread my thanks to @transisto as well for his massive delegation

Also a little shameless plug but if people would like to check out the witness server i run check that out over Here and consider voting for @cryptwo as a witness

Thx for the support you do with your delegation <3

i might additionally like to unfold thanks to @transisto as properly for his large delegatio

I think you should pay yourself a small salary and buy a delegation with the extra money donated / earned from posts and curation rewards.

Delegation are cheaper than they cost because most people using them often try to abuse of it and get flagged.

I don't think anyone would ever flag your introduction posts, so it would be the best way to make use of extra reward generated.

Will put some thoughts into that, I will let you know when I have come up with an idea of how to or why not ;)

Would also be interesting what others think on this!

I could use half the STEEM made from the weekly updates to rent some more power for example :)

Absolutely allow yourself a salary by upvoting your introduction posts! I allow myself one full power self vote a day as my "payment" for trying to use my delegations wisely. We can aim to be altruistic while still reaping a little bit of benefit.

As for renting a delegation, that is entirely up to you and how you want to invest in the future of Welcoming. I have rented delegations a couple of times, and didn't really see that it had much impact on my success or failure as a curator. But that could just be me. Some people find great success with renting delegations. Honestly, I have not looked at it since the SBD run up, so it may be more profitable now than it was when I tried it... I don't think @transisto would steer you wrong. hahah

Oh man! I wished this had been existing by the time I first wrote my introduction to steemit, but this is a great initiative!

I know I still don't know a lot, but I'll be sharing some thoughts coming from a newbie.

How many posts should I resteem per day? 10? 15? 20?

10 per day seems like a good number already. Given the smaller number, @welcoming will be encouraged to really select the best potentials.

This can even be further divided into time frames depending on how many people manages the account. There can be 2-3 posts resteemed every 6 hour interval. This will allow for more spaces between resteems.

Should I also vote on introductions I don't resteem?

As a newbie, every upvote means a lot. This can be inspiring for us to strive better, and produce higher quality posts. The impact depends, but maybe there can be some criteria in place. Example would be a tiered approach.

[1] Excellent and high potential - Resteem and upvote
[2] Medium to high potential (or maximum resteem reached for the time interval) - upvote
[3] Low to Medium potential - a wink?
Or perhaps some encouragement via comment
[4] Spammish - boo! Downvote. Lol. Just kidding. Maybe some comment to further educate the newbie.

Anyway, just sharing some thoughts. Thanks!

Great thoughts ;)
But I have a better alternative for [4] - Report it to @steemcleaners and get it flagged. Meanwhile you will get a small reward for reporting it! I released a Video about this yesterday, it's only two minutes long! Watch it ;)

First of all, great job! I follow welcoming and found a few real gems thanks to it.

As to the questions: I would keep the resteems low (between 10 and 15) and spread the upvotes wider onto more posts. The resteemed posts are getting more attention anyways and therefore more upvotes. Giving more people upvotes increases the chances of them staying on steemit :)

Bin heute auf englisch unterwegs, damit möglichst viele meinen Kommentar verstehen und antworten können :D

I would also keep upvotes high, to continue to encourage users to stay on the platform, but a lower resteem makes the validity of such posts more credible :)

What is wider for you? Like 10-15 resteems + 10-15 upvotes additionally?

I would say rather 10 than 15 resteems, and up to 20 upvotes more. More would stretch the votes too much.

This is a great contribution to the steemit community. It always feels good and encouraging to newbies when they are welcome. I am just knowing about @welcoming. I will follow you and make sure to upvote resteem post. Thanks to @transistor and @juicy-shark for the support.
A thought to share with @welcoming, only first introduction post gets resteemed. What other support can be offered to the newbies after their introduction post to keep consistency on the platform? Any plans on that? At least some sort of support for a while until they gain a stand on the platform.

Wow, thanks for putting so much effort into this!

My opinion:

  1. Keep the resteemed to quality posts that way @welcoming stays top quality.
  2. Definitely upvote other "honorable mentions" with smaller SP.

I agree with @spencerryan
Quality introduction plz resteem, I look for them every day.

Ok :) Same question as to others: How many resteems per day do you think are ideal?

10-15 resteems seems like a good solid zone to shoot for. Although most don't know about @welcoming when they start, for those that wait to make their intro post, keeping @welcoming limited is going to increase demand/desire and it's also going to push them into creating a higher quality #introduceyourself post benefiting both them and the community!

I definitely like the idea of upvoting other posts that dont make it to @welcoming for sure!

So glad to see people like you, @juicy-shark and @transisto making this community a better and more exciting place!

How many resteems do you think I should make with welcoming?

If you want me to be completely honest I feel like you have a great sense of judgment. Since I follow welcoming sometimes I feel overwhelmed with too many posts - and since I love to welcome everyone (just like everyone did to me, and return the favor) I feel like 10 quality posts resteemed a day is perfect. But like I said, you have great judgement. I also feel like upvoting those you don't resteem is also a nice touch and incentive to keep newbies encouraged to keep going!

You're doing amazing.

Seriously I think you should not have a limit and resteem as much as you want. I mean there are days and there are days. I think you know what I mean. Of course you should vote for posts even if you don't resteem them - but just if you can find something that you like or you have the feeling you want to help this person.

In my humble opinion you shouldn't be strict. Just do whatever feels good for you and how much time you want to spend for it. I mean the service is very helpful and altruistic anyways

What do you think?

It's not gonna be a strict rule - It's just gonna be a number I aim to stick around ;)

I mean the service is very helpful and altruistic anyways

Glad you feel that way :)

thank you for making so much effort to change a lot. My voice is not important to you, but still I think that you need to do 10 resteem but only the best ones that you find. Because many newbies who make very good content, but because of the system, they are not seen by others and it is exactly 10 per day, will be more than enough
for the intro it is necessary to vote, but only for those that are really real, and not feykovymi and the main thing that would be in the post it is clear that the person really tried and did everything himself, rather than copying from someone more successful.
I believe that by such actions you can really influence the current situation on Steam, because what you do will not remain unnoticed. Thank you

Thx for the answer!

My voice is not important to you

I appreciate every well made answer ;)

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